Location Ashina Outskirts
Deathblow Markers 2 (Ashina Outskirts, Ashina Depths, Sunken Valley)
1 (Ashina Castle, Fountainhead Palace)
Status Abnormality Terror
Weakness Divine Confetti 
Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella (with Projected Force)
XP Ashina Outskirts (Ako)
NG: 812
NG+: ??Sunken Valley (Gokan)
NG: 2640
NG+: ??Ashina Depths (Gachiin)
NG: 1840
NG+: 3680Ashina Castle Tower Lookout (Ungo)
NG: 1960
NG+: ??Fountainhead Palace (Yashariku)
NG: 2840
NG+: ??
Reward Ako's Spiritfall (Ashina Outskirts)
Gokan's Spiritfall (Sunken Valley)
Gachiin's Spiritfall (Ashina Depths)
Ungo's Spiritfall (Ashina Castle)
Yashariku's Spiritfall (Fountainhead Palace)

Headless (首無し, Kubinashiis a Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Mini-Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named, and have 2 or more health bars. This means they require at least 2 Deathblows in order to kill, they are generally much more difficult than normal enemies, and they drop some of the best loot in the game.

The Headless are large, pale-bodied apparitions with no head, from which they get their namesake, wearing only a fundoshi. They wield a large glowing purple blade they use to attack with.

The Headless are highly resistant to normal blades; the most efficient way to kill a Headless is by using a Divine Confetti which will allow your blade to harm them for a significant amount of damage. The Headless surround themselves with a black mist that stops those near them from sprinting or dashing, this can be dispelled by attacking them consecutively and dealing enough damage with a Divine Confetti empowered blade. Their attacks and abilities inflict the Terror  status.



Headless Location

  • Ashina Outskirts (Ako): Found near the Underbridge Valley Idol. Head back up and along the cliff until you reach a small shrine with a note. Use your Grappling Hook to jump across and then turn back to the cliff. Jump across and grab on to the ledge and shimmy across it to the left. Then drop down and head inside the cave to find Headless. 
    • Alternate Route: Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo : From the Bell Demon's Temple Sculptor's Idol, go back to the room with the centipede enemy, and then press up against the rotating wall (has a figure of a man) to fight this Headless.
  • Sunken Valley (Gokan): From the Under-Shrine Valley Sculptor's Idol. Turn around and grapple across the gap there will be two rifleman to kill. From the rifleman double jump and climb the wall across the small gap. Jump up another wall then hug the next wall and shimmy across the ledge. This is a previously-inaccessible location in Ashina Outskirts. Run past or defeat the three phantoms and dive into the body of water to the right. Follow the cave until you can surface. The Headless will be in-front of you in the cave. You cannot reach this enemy until you obtain the Mibu Breathing Technique Latent Skill.
  • Ashina Depths Hidden Forest (Gachiin): Hidden in the mist on the lower level of the Hidden Forest close to the buddha statue. From the monk at the Buddha Statue, grapple to the tree opposite the buddha statue, The Headless will be below you. NOTE: It is recommended to wait until you have defeated the Mist Noble and cleared the area of mist and Spirits. The Headless will remain after clearing the mist.
  • Ashina Castle (Ungo): Found at the bottom of the lake near the Lookout Tower just prior to the Old Grave Sculptor's Idol. You cannot fight this enemy until you obtain the Mibu Breathing Technique Latent Skill.
  • Fountainhead Palace (Yashariku): At the bottom of the Great Carp's lake to the right of the Flower Viewing Idol.



Headless Rewards



Headless Notes & Tips

  • IMPORTANT: Without Divine Confetti, Headless fights can be much more difficult.
  • IMPORTANT: The Terror Status Abnormality can be cured with Pacifying Agent. You can unlock Fujioka the Info Broker who sells them if you continue on until Ashina Castle before facing Headless and similar enemies, or find these across the world. 
  • It is recommended to not attempt a Headless fight if the player does not have at least 2 Divine Confetti and 2 Pacifying Agents, at the very least.
  • Mottled Purple Gourd can be used to reduce Terror build-up significantly.
  • Loaded Umbrella and specifically Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella  can be useful for Headless fights as its deflect prevents any Terror build-up. The Projected Force skill, when used in conjunction with this version of the Umbrella, will add the Divine Confetti effect, eliminating the need for it.
  • Malcontent can stun Headless, allowing you to get free hits in, but only three times per fight.
  • A known bug when fighting a Headless is that if a Deathblow  is preformed on it right as it starts to turn invisible, it will remain invisible until it is killed or the fight is reset. This bug is also present if Malcontent is used to stun the Headless right before it starts to turn invisible.
  • The bug can also follows if he appears behind th player when he's invisible, he will strike down the player and shove it's hand through the rectum to grab and pull their head backwards.
  • Headless are one of the few enemies in the game that you cannot use Stealth Deathblow on.
  • Parrying the sword swings of a headless 4 times in a row will cause it to disappear and reappear behind you to attempt a grabbing perilous attack which is easily avoided and highly punishable.
  • The underwater Headless' fights are considerably easier for these reasons:
    • They require 1 deathblow instead of 2
    • Your movement is not limited by the mist created by the Headless' above ground.
    • You do not need Divine Confetti to fight them. This is possibly due to the fact that you can't use most items underwater.
    • It is possible to use Divine Confetti prior to going underwater, which makes the fights fairly trivial.


Headless Lore

  • Lore Theory: It is implied that the Headless are apparitions of the warriors the sugar candies are named after. This can be inferred by the first line of text in their respective Spiritfall items: "Fallen, headless spirit of..."
  • Lore Theory: If the Headless executes a successful grab, it is possible it pulls out Sekiro's "shirikodama" - a mythical ball said to contain a person's soul, which is located inside the anus. This behavior is from another mythical Japanese creature called the “Kappa,” which could be found in water. This may explain why there are headless underwater as well.



Headless Strategies

Video Strategies

--The first Headless video Strategy--


Strategy Write-up

--Regular Confetti Strategy--

For this fight, you'll need Divine Confetti to deal damage to this boss. To start the fight, you'll want to jump and land as near as possible to the enemy to deal some damage while its "waking" up. Attack him as fast as you can because the enemy won't be attacking soon even though it looks like it's winding for an attack. During the fight, Headless will cast a mist around him that will slow you down. To negate the effect, just keep on attacking him and that will disperse the mist around him. Headless also has an attack where he goes invisible and reappear behind you and does a grab attack. So when he does, turn around and start swinging that will pull him out of invisibility. His attacks are slow easily and deflected, he also does a sweep so beware of that.

Fighting the Ashina Outskirts' Headless is best reach through from the Demon Bell Idol located in Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo. Right before starting the fight buff yourself with the following: Divine Confetti to deal damage, Pacifying Agent to resist and remove terror, Pellet to minimize health damage, and an Ako's Sugar to deal extra attack damage and posture damage. The reason for the Pellet is coming from this specific way may cause the Headless to attack early although it seems to be uncommon. Alternatively, popping the Pellet create a small buffer window where if your deflect wasn't perfect it will recover your last health. Jump into the center of the arena staying close to the direction you came in so you can quickly lock-on the boss and attack. You can get about 4 attacks in before you need to start deflecting. Most of his attacks are slow that you can chain deflect into attack and repeat until his posture is broken. Deathblow him and pop another Pacifying Agent to remove your terror bar. Repeat once more until he is defeated. The headless may teleport in which case he will almost definitely be right behind you so attack the air behind you to get some early hits in. The Headless likes to chain his teleport into a grab so jump away of dash. The mist he creates will slow you down so it helps to be aggressive to negate the mist altogether. Even attack power 4, this boss shouldn't take too long. - 


--NO Confetti / NO Pacifying Agent cheese strategy--

 First, to execute the cheese we need to understand a bit about the way the Headless act. Here are somethings to remember:

  • Headless will never start an attack if you are behind them. "Behind" is actually quite generous here as it seems to be the full 180 degree back arc.
  •  If you are behind a Headless and if it has not started an attack it can do only one thing: turn ~180 degrees. The direction he turns depends on if the player is to the right or left of the Headless. The amount rotated is always the same, approximately 180 degrees, only the direction of the rotation changes.
  • Headless will always telegraph their teleport ability. It will start with a normal horizontal swipe. If the player is close enough it will be followed up with the large long lasting 360 degree swiping attack. At the end of this attack the Headless will go invisible and attempt to teleport. It will try to prioritize behind the player; however if the space behind the player is blocked then a seemingly random location near the player (including the front) will be picked. If the player is inaccessible (grappling/on a branch/etc...) then the Headless will cancel the teleport. After a successful teleport the Headless will always try go for his grab attack.
  • Headless will only do his ranged homing attack when the player is at a far range or if there is something blocking the line of the site to the player.


All that is needed to execute this cheese understanding 1 and 2. By getting right behind the headless, you can control his movements to perfection with room for error. Whenever the Headless turns he gives a small pause which is enough time for a single attack. Simply attack and then rotate with the Headless. Since you are behind the headless he will never start an attack. To keep this up you will need to hold down the sprint button consistently due to the slowing mist. The only hard part about this is determining to which direction the Headless will turn on his rotate. It will always be towards the player, but it can be a bit hard to determine when you are right behind him. If you are not behind Headless when his rotation ends, he will begin an attack.

The challenge is getting behind the Headless consistently. 3 and 4 help with this. The teleport can be baited by standing just outside the mists range. The telegraph is very apparently once you realize it requires a series of very specific melee swipes to occur. Once Headless teleports he will attempt to do his grab attack, if you are moving forward when he teleport he will always miss and continue to try to grab for several seconds. During these second you can run to the left of Headless (his right) with ease and get behind him and start the cheese.

The teleport is the safest way to begin the cheese strat, but if you can get behind headless during any attack you can start the cheese. Once his attack finishes he will be 100% predictable as long as you are behind him. I found the vertical swipes to be the second easiest. Just make sure you don't get to far to have the headless start range attacks. Maintaining the cheese will take bit of practice to keep it consistent which you may need to do for the harder headless (The one in hidden forest took me about 20 minutes at 4 sets of beads and 2 memory upgrades).

TL;DR: Stay in the 180 degree arc behind Headless and do a single attack, then move, to ensure you are always behind him. This strategy was posted by u/treemakesagame to r/Sekiro on March 24th, 2019. This guide has not been edited other than for formatting, spelling changes and readability for the Sekiro Wiki.


Video Strategies

--Underwater Headless Video Strategy--


Strategy Write-up

--Mottled Purple Gourd, NO Confetti / Pacifying Agent Underwater Headless Strategy-- 

For this strategy, simply use the Mottled Purple Gourd before the fight starts. No additional consumables (other than perhaps a healing gourd) are required (On the Headless with an extra apparition, kill the apparition first. Do not relent, do not move away from his melee and kill him asap even if it kills you provided you have a Resurrection).

The trick is to never leave melee, ever. Be on the offensive, always. The moment it looks like he's channeling anything or about to do a big swing (be it the Perilous Attack or anything that remotely looks like any kind of channel or cast), dash-swim through it so you end up behind him. While he's channeling his stuff, you can calmly swim back and hit him in the back (or use the time to heal). Mottled Purple Gourd will ensure you cannot die of Terror even if you make a mistake and get hit. Rinse and repeat.




Headless Image Gallery 
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    • Anonymous

      27 Jan 2020 20:52  

      ANyone noticed that they could actually jump? Very slowly, as if they were flying and then they smash the ground. It happens to me just once after NG+6, in the forest. Now I Wonder how to trigger that, to try a mortal blow when he is in the air. Someone tried this?

      • 12 Jan 2020 05:22  

        Important tip that's only briefly touched on in the strategy, using the pacifying agent/purple gourd before the fight will buff your resistance to terror, rather than letting the first lot of it stack up faster.

        • Anonymous

          07 Jan 2020 15:27  

          when you have 10 attack and Malcontent you can just use divine confetti, then Ako and stun lock them, pretty easy

          • Anonymous

            31 Dec 2019 23:28  

            If you're having a hard time or ran out of confetti, just get upgraded umbrella (Phoenix's Lilac) and destroy them. No confetti or pacifying agent required. Will need Projected force skill to attack after deflecting.

            • Anonymous

              24 Dec 2019 15:42  

              I decided to take on all the headless right after I got to the palace. The underwater headless are a cake walk if you just swim around quickly and get the occasional jab in. The others I used confetti and akos sugar to beef up my damage and drang a purple gourd to half terror then I charge in get as many hits in before I need to deflect. Perfect deflection is crucial but it's okay to take 2 hits and get out then top off health and purple gourd then get in and start deflecting with 1 hit in between. Their posture builds quickly this way untill I get one deathblow. Then I switch to using the umbrella after dropping his health to about 75 percent and focus of deflecting with it. Shortly after another deathblow and sqiritfall in my inventory

              • Anonymous

                04 Dec 2019 19:03  

                This is no boss. This is yet another one of Myazakis terrible ideas after he wasted himself with vodka from his Dark Souls Money. > Make a game that builds upon posture and dodging in ALL fights > Remove both features and call it a hard boss fight. Did the ''Lets put 300 enemies inside a poisenous swamp and add 300 holes to die in'' aka the DS2 team work on this boss?

                • Anonymous

                  28 Nov 2019 05:01  

                  I think it was adopted from the Chinese headless warrior named pan gu, who died in a war, lost his head, but his eyes are on his belly now... Which is more disturbing

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Nov 2019 03:43  

                    I dunno about everyone else, but I've come to appreciate the Headless lately. One guy below says that they are counter-intuitive to how the game plays with deflection and movement (i.e kiting an enemy) being the bread and butter, but they are actually one of the best designed, if not the best, mini-bosses in the game. Headless are basically the hard skill check of the game, with the 1st soft check being Genichiro for many. Genichiro is a challenge for people both new to the game and those looking to unlearn their turtle mentality from Souls. Headless does that while also adding 4 layers of pressure; 1st, your movement is taken down a notch; 2nd, every deflect that isn't perfect lands Terror and chip damage; and 3rd, you need at least 2 Divine Confetti to beat him, assuming you can get perfect deflects. On top of all these is the 4th layer; eerie sound design and haunting fight animations, which sets the ambience for what it's like to fight an actual yokai, which put him a league above O-Rin and the Shichimen Warriors. What I appreciate greatly here is that the devs basically designed this guy as a half-troll, half-deserved speedbump to players who run around like naked madmen from Souls speedruns and use hit-and-run tactics cancerously. People who don't like this fight also probably didn't realize you can still jog if hold down the dodge button. And even though he is uber slow and his attacks are well-telegraphed like Gyoubu's, you get punished for not deflecting perfectly or panicking. So fighting Headless is, in a way, fighting without Kuro's Charm with extra steps. Some advice for people to help make this fight easier. Once you get the Pheonix Lilac Umbrella and learn Projected Force, it becomes possible to kite Headless, turtle his terror, and wittle his vitality down without Divine Confetti or Pacifying Agent/Purple Gourd. If you combine this strat with Divine Confetti and Ako, you'll melt through him like cheese. Noteworthy combat arts for this fight are Night Jar Slash and Reversal, since they allow you to gain or close the distance calmly (unlike mashing jump which makes you panic), and Ashina Cross, which closes the distance and, at the cost of 2 SP, deals a truckload of damage when combined with Ako and Divine Confetti, up to 1/6th his health. Aside from all that, you just need to keep your distance when he teleports so he won't try to grab you when he reappears. This will force Headless into an idle state that lasts long enough to get 3-6 free hits before he starts attacking again. From there, it's just a matter of learning his timing to break his posture.

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Oct 2019 20:14  

                      I think the reason the Yashariku headless spawns with an illusionary double is because he had a stillborn twin

                      • Anonymous

                        06 Oct 2019 10:06  

                        can't dodge, can't block, no time for items, no way to stun, can't stealth, can't counter, can't win. I beat Genichiro on my first try so it's not like I'm playing the game wrong. I turn and hit it when it teleports, so i don't get hit with the ass rip, but that doesn't matter because I just can't outlast this thing. If i try to heal or remove terrror i get hit by it's long, relentless attack which never stop and it's invincible power makes me too slow to gain any distance. I'm beginning to think that most people that say they beat it have not actually beat this thing, they just skip it and say they won.

                        • Anonymous

                          16 Jul 2019 20:53  

                          I really dislike the Headless. And it's not because they're difficult. I dislike them because they run counter to what Sekiro's combat seems to be about: movement and deflection. When deflection isn't viable, you win with movement. When movement isn't viable, you win with deflection. But neither are viable against the Headless. They limit your movement and deal a ridiculous amount of Terror damage through deflections. They just seem like the wrong kind of enemy for this kind of game.

                          • Anonymous

                            21 May 2019 11:36  

                            If you're one of the land ones, using the Phoenix Lilac Umbrella with Projected Force makes it trivial. You get your full jog speed while its deployed, making it much easier to avoid the bulk of its attacks, and any that do land will not deal any terror damage. When it disappears, make sure the umbrella is deployed and you have plenty of space in front and behind you, then just start walking forward and immediately lock on to the headless. The grapple only occurs if your back is turned and he's close (at which point it's nearly impossible to avoid). This pattern will loop pretty easily and you'll make pretty short work of the Headless as long as you don't waste any spirit emblems. You've plenty of margin of error if you have the Ceremonial Tanto before fighting the Headless on land.

                            • Anonymous

                              16 May 2019 00:42  

                              The underwater one is ez af, literally just spam the dodge button, swimming in a very wide circle around him, then dodge into him for 2 or 3 hits following any of it's attacks as it just stands there for a few seconds. The grab only lands if you're physically in the whirlpool, just circling around constantly as mentioned above will prevent any hits. As a side note: everyone knows that the headless actually, literally anally fist you if they land their grab attacks, but have you guys taken the time to look at the underwater grab? The vaccum sucks your ass to it's hand where you see Sekiro struggle, it's much more graphic. Idk if the creepy giggle still happens, but it still puts the thing up it's ass.

                              • 09 May 2019 10:24  

                                Without Kuros charm and with Ako's spiritfall was able to kill them VERY easy with only 11 attack power. If you're having trouble deflecting attacks jumping backwards works extremely well.

                                • Anonymous

                                  08 May 2019 01:40  

                                  If the Headless can extract Sekiro's very soul from him, then it means that along with ennemies wielding Mortal Blades, they are the only ones who kill him for good if you game over to them.

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