Ninjutsu Techniques in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can be unlocked and equipped by the player as they progress the game.  They are performed by pressing the attack button a second time after killing a target with a Backstab Deathblow (either by sneaking up on an opponent or by use of the Vault Over skill in combat). Only one Ninjutsu can be slotted at once, and they generally cost a large number of Spirit Emblems to use (a small icon next to the Prosthetic Tool icon indicates whether you currently possess the required Spirit Emblems). Acquiring all three techniques unlocks the "All Ninjutsu Techniques" Trophy/Achievement.  In order to unlock the Ninjutsu Techniques, you need to defeat certain bosses; note that two of these are mandatory bosses and one is potentially skippable. 

Ninjutsu Techniques

Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu

bloodsmoke ninjutsu

Ninjutsu technique that turns the spraying blood of a victim to smoke.

Acquisition: Acquired upon defeating Genichiro, Way of Tomoe at Ashina Castle.

Puppeteer Ninjutsu

puppeteer ninjutsu sekiro wiki guide

Ninjutsu technique that manipulates the victim like a puppet.

While this technique is generally used to transform an enemy into a temporary ally for combat, it is also occasionally used to overcome certain non-mandatory "puzzles" over the course of the game.

Can be used a second time on the same enemy to reset the duration of Puppeteer on them.

Acquisition: Acquired upon defeating the Folding Screen Monkeys at the Senpou Temple – Main Hall.


Bestowal Ninjutsu


Ninjutsu technique that wreathes a blade in the victim's blood, extending its reach.

It is possible to activate this technique in preparation for tough bosses/minibosses if there is a regular enemy sufficiently close to the boss area.

Acquisition: Acquired upon defeating the Headless Ape at Ashina Depths  (requires defeating the Guardian Ape in the Sunken Valley first) and finishing it off with the Mortal Blade soon after it dies. As this boss can be skipped, acquiring this ninjutsu is optional.

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    • Anonymous

      I've been testing this for a little bit. For some reason my first use with it only used 2 spirit emblems, the 2nd use used 4 spirit emblems. My guess is the 3rd will max out at 6 and it will be 6 from then on. Either that or it's randomly somewhere in between.

      • Anonymous

        Ok, I just used it again and it used 4 spirit emblems this time. Does it go up 2 every use until 6 then? So weird. Btw I'm comment below.

        • Anonymous

          ninjitsu is like Fromsoft giving you 3 options with the labels of boring mode (bestowal), easy mode (bloodsmoke), fun mode (puppeteer)

          • Anonymous

            Ok this guide actually messed me up so badly!!! For the bestowal ninjutsu, it should be clarified that to get it, you need to kill the Headless Ape WITH the Mortal Blade! If you do this fight before acquiring the mortal blade and you kill the boss, you will not get the ninjutsu, and will have to wait until your next playthrough. THIS SERIOUSLY SHOULD HAVE BEEN MENTIONED

            • Anonymous

              why is there so much turkish on this specific page. not complaining exactly just seems wierd that there's a lot of turkish discourse on this specific page

              • Anonymous

                Oyunda ateşli silahlarda var kılıcın yanında ateşli silah olmaz oyunda ateşli silahlarda istemiyoruz

                • Anonymous

                  Hiç bir büyünün olmadığı kalleşçe goze toz veya başka birseyin atılmadığı sadece yerde dövüşulen sadece kılıç balta yakın dövüşün olduğu okların bile kullanılmadığı bir rpg oyunu olsa bu oyunlari oynamak ne zevki olurdu be

                  • Anonymous

                    Rpg oyunlarında kalleşçe goze toz atmalar çatıya kaçmalar çatının tepesinden atlamalar düşmanı yanına çeken kısaca büyü istemiyoruz dondurucu yavaşlatıcı düşmanı zararsız hale getiren büyüler kısaca hiç bir büyü oyunda istemiyoruz sadece yerde dövüşelim hiç büyü olmasın oyunda göze toz atma olmasın göze havai fişek atma olmasın mertçe dövüşelim sadece balta kılıç olsun ok bile olmasın böyle oyunlari oynamak ne zevki olurdu be

                    • Anonymous

                      Oyunda bir tane düşmani yanımıza çekme diyorsunuz ben 3 tane aldım göze toz atmalar çatıya kaçmalar çatının tepesinden atlamalar büyüyle düşmanı yanına çekme bunlar aksiyonun içine ediyor dondurucu yavaşlatıcı büyüler düşmanı etkisiz hale getiren büyüler kısacası oyunda hiç büyü olmasın ok olmasın sadece kılıç balta olsun sadece yerde dövüşelim mertçe böyle oyun olacağına silahlı oyun oyna daha iyi büyüler göze toz atmalar halatla çatıya kaçmalar aksiyonun içine ediyor

                      • Anonymous

                        I am in NG+3 with 14 attack power. In my experience, I realize that I use bestowal ninjutsu very rarely, mainly to start the fight against Headless ape in Ashina depths (by using the chimp above the arena). Then I though that the puppeteer ninjutsu was OP but actually, not really… Or you have to be very patient waiting your puppet to fight. I use it mainly : against one of the ninja miniboss puppeting the other shinobi in Ashina Dojo; against one of the miniboss sniper by puppeting the canon guys in the poison arena; and then to fight the last ashina Spear just before the last boss, I puppet the gun soldier lying near the miniboss to have some help. Finally, in my opinion the best ninjutsu is bloodsmoke. Against powerful squads, this ninjutsu is crazy good. With 18 emblems you can sneak-kill 4 people and then you can finish the last one in 1v1. Very useful against the ministery Deadly squads at the end of the game, but also against monks in sempou temple when they are all agregated. Besides the sneak approach, it can save your life if you are on pressure, you can try this ninjutsu when you kill one of the opponents. Useful again against the bandit squads of Juzo in Hirata Estate.

                        • Anonymous

                          Personally, puppeteer all the way. It's the cheapest and the most fun to use and that's really all I need.

                          • Anonymous

                            (Playing on steam) I finished the game and got all the techniques but the trophy isn't unlocking, any idea why?

                            • Anonymous

                              On my 2nd play through and I didn't get this after battling the headless ape & mate, even after beating the normal guardian aforehand.

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