Ninjutsu Techniques in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can be unlocked and equipped by the player as they progress the game.  They are performed by pressing the attack button a second time after killing a target with a Backstab Deathblow (either by sneaking up on an opponent or by use of the Vault Over skill in combat). Only one Ninjutsu can be slotted at once, and they generally cost a large number of Spirit Emblems to use (a small icon next to the Prosthetic Tool icon indicates whether you currently possess the required Spirit Emblems). Acquiring all three techniques unlocks the "All Ninjutsu Techniques" Trophy/Achievement.  In order to unlock the Ninjutsu Techniques, you need to defeat certain bosses; note that two of these are mandatory bosses and one is potentially skippable. 

Ninjutsu Techniques

Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu


Ninjutsu technique that turns the spraying blood of a victim to smoke.

Acquisition: Acquired upon defeating Genichiro, Way of Tomoe at Ashina Castle.

Puppeteer Ninjutsu


Ninjutsu technique that manipulates the victim like a puppet.

While this technique is generally used to transform an enemy into a temporary ally for combat, it is also occasionally used to overcome certain non-mandatory "puzzles" over the course of the game.

Can be used a second time on the same enemy to reset the duration of Puppeteer on them.

Acquisition: Acquired upon defeating the Folding Screen Monkeys at the Senpou Temple – Main Hall.


Bestowal Ninjutsu


Ninjutsu technique that wreathes a blade in the victim's blood, extending its reach.

It is possible to activate this technique in preparation for tough bosses/minibosses if there is a regular enemy sufficiently close to the boss area.

Acquisition: Acquired upon defeating the Headless Ape at Ashina Depths  (requires defeating the Guardian Ape in the Sunken Valley first). As this boss can be skipped, acquiring this ninjutsu is optional.

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