Hidden Walls in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are secret doorways in the game that connect two locations or have treasure behind them. In order to activate them, you must use the Interact button to hug against a wall to pass to the other side.


 What are Secret Doorways?

These ninja passages are special shinobi doors that can be pushed against to rotate, revealing a room or walkway on the other side. Some Hidden Walls lead to important treasures such as Prayer Beads, whilst others are connections between main areas of the game.


All Sekiro Hidden Walls List


How to find it

What's behind it?


Ashina Outskirts

Near the optional boss after the Chained Ogre boss fight, locate a broken bridge with a readable warning poster. Navigate further (keep an eye out for a ledge to grab) until you locate a cave containing a Headless miniboss. Run past the Headless and the door will be at the end of the passage.

Alternatively: From the Shugendo Sculptor's Idol, progress along the path until you reach the bridge. From the area near the tree surrounded by pinwheels, look down below and locate a ledge. Jump towards the ledge and grab it, then progress towards the left and up the jump walls. Kill some geckos and enter the broken temple wall, kill the crawling enemy, and the secret door will be close by on your left.

Shortcut to Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo and the Demon Bell's Temple Idol.

Hirata Estate - Hirata Audience Chamber The Shinobi Wall is in the house before the idol. When moving from the idol toward Juzou the Drunkard it'll be on the right side of the house down a hallway. hidden walls2
Ashina Castle Upper Tower - Antechamber Idol Go to the room where you can jump up through the ceiling. Go against the far wall with Samurai armor, stand between them, and hug the wall. hidden walls1
Ashina Castle - Kuro's Room Idol By the staircase leading to the room where you fight Genichiro. Shortcut to Dilapidated Temple  
Mibu Village - Water Mill / Wedding Cave Door Underneath the house where you can eavesdrop. You can get underneath the house by crouching to the right of the stairs. The door will be to the far left on the floorboards above you.

First floor

Second floor 


Outside across the river

Behind the house




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    • Anonymous

      When moving away from the Audience Chamber idol towards Juzo the Drunkard's location, the hidden wall is on the RIGHT side of the house. If you are facing the house from the outside (e.g. moving from Juzo to the idol), it is on the LEFT side of the house.

      • Anonymous

        Just dropping a mention. The door behind Ako's Headless is actually open from the get-go for early access to the Demon Bell. However, the temple door leading to rhe rest of Mt. Kongou is locked, which is a shame.

        • Anonymous

          In Ashina castle, there is a hidden wall by those two samurai facing eachother down the staircase from the buddha bonfire before the ashina samurai miniboss. It leads to lord genichiro early

          • Anonymous

            Before the Demon Bell, there's a hidden wall on the left with a shortcut to a Headless, which connects to Ashina Outskirts.

            • Anonymous

              There is one in Ashina Castle, right up the stairs from the 'Upper Tower- Antechamber' Idol. On the right side room there is a samurai suit and some swords displayed, the poster behind it is a hidden wall.

              • Anonymous

                there is one under the house of the priest of the mibu village just before the fight against the ghost corrupted monk and/or the last idol of the ashina's depths zone

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