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Player Character

Sekiro (隻狼), commonly known as "Wolf" (狼, Ōkami), is the protagonist of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Unlike in other FromSoftware titles such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, players cannot customize the player character as freely, being instead set on a course to experience Sengoku Japan as the "One-Armed Wolf" shinobi, Sekiro. 

Sekiro Information

A shinobi who serves Kuro, the Divine Heir. He is highly skilled, with many combat arts and abilities at his disposal, and mastery of blocking, deflecting and attacking. Along with excellent vision and hearing, he is able to sneak around and perform effective Deathblows on Enemies. At the start of this story, he is defeated by Ashina’s commander, Genichiro, losing both the Divine Heir and  his left arm, which is later replaced by the Shinobi Prosthetic. “The Lord is absolute, protect with your life” is the principle by which shinobi live. The law demands rescue, and vengeance.

Story Progress

See the Story & Lore page for contextual information on the Sengoku period and the overall story of the game.

  • A young Sekiro, referred to as the "Starving Wolf", is taken from a battlefield by a man known as "The Owl", who becomes his father and mentor.
  • All shinobi are the subjects of their lords, and Sekiro is the protector of Kuro, the Divine Heir. who is the last descendant of a legendary bloodline, and said to house special power within his blood.
  • The Ashina clan faces a hopeless challenge, and decides to abduct the Divine Heir in a bid to use his ancestral power.
  • Sekiro faces off with Genichiro Ashina in a duel and is defeated, losing his left arm in the process. The Divine Heir is thus kidnapped.
  • The Sculptor, or Busshi of Aretera, a mysterious hermit monk with an obsession for carving Buddhist statues, rescues Sekiro and outfits him with a special mechanical Prosthetic Arm.
  • Using the Arm and its Prosthetic Tools, Sekiro sets off towards Ashina Castle to find and retrieve his master, killing all and any who might stand in his way.

Sekiro Skills, Techniques and Equipment

The player can slice, thrust and stab to attack enemies; and block, deflect, counter and dodge enemy attacks with Sekiro's basic moves, but obtaining valuable skills, techniques, and equipment are key options to obtain victory in battle.

See the Combat page to understand the main combat mechanics of the game.

  • Sekiro uses his katana Kusabimaru as his main weapon, and later the odachi Mortal Blade as a special weapon.
  • The Prosthetic Tools equipped on his left arm, costing spirit emblems to use, provide a wide and versatile arsenal. The Prosthetic Arm itself is also equipped with a grappling hook for quick movement.
  • The player may upgrade Prosthetic Tools by speaking with The Sculptor and spending Upgrade Materials and Sen. The Loaded Shuriken, for example, is initially a very low damage tool, but as players progress and upgrade the tool they can shoot stronger shurikens that pierce and stun targets.
  • Quick Items are very useful in all aspects of the game. Sekiro can consume different items for a variety of buffs and healing effects, and use other items against enemies to grab their attention, distract them, or weaken them.
  • Special Skills, such as Combat Arts, Shinobi Martial Arts and Latent Skills can be learned. As with Prosthetic Tools, a few Combat Arts cost Spirit Emblems to use, and only one Combat Art can be equipped at a time. Shinobi Martial Arts and Latent Skills are abilities that are always active once learned.
  • Players must find specific Esoteric Texts to unlock Skill Trees, and then invest Skill Points obtained by defeating enemies to unlock Skills. 
  • While resting at Sculptor's Idols, Health and Posture can be increased by finding and using Prayer Beads, and Attack Power can be increased by consuming Memories of slain Bosses.
  • Ninjutsu Techniques, unlocked after defeating certain Bosses, are powerful abilities that have a variety of useful effects once triggered after performing a backstab Deathblow on an unsuspecting enemy. 

Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Noshir Dalal (English), Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese).
    • Daisuke Namikawa is also known for voicing Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach, Mystogan and Jelial from Fairy Tail, Kei Kurono from Gantz, Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter, Goemon Ishikawa XIII in Lupin the 3rd and Momoshiki Otsutsuki from Boruto: Naruto the Movie.
  • Trivia: From an interview with Gameinformer in January 2019:
    “This is actually using Miyazaki-san’s own words – You could think of the previous Souls games as more expanding laterally, and adding breadth to these various options and builds,” Kitao says. “While you are a fixed shinobi protagonist, you do feel like there’s a sense of progression, there’s a sense of building your own character and finding your own playstyle, and experimenting with this throughout the game.”
  • The name "Sekiro" derives from two differente words:
    • "Seki", which comes from "Sekiwan", an old japanese term for person missing an arm.
    • "Ro", which comes from the kanji for "Wolf".
      • Together, they can be read as "One Armed Wolf", which fits with the motif of the main character, known as Wolf, losing his arm.
      • In-game, Wolf receives this name from the Tengu of Ashina


Narrator: In the closing years of the Sengoku Era, Japan was consumed by perpetual conflict.
Character 1 (War times): What's the matter, stray? Nothing left to lose?. Well, would you look at that. Will you join me, starving wolf?
Character 1 (years later): That day I pulled you from the battlefield, I had no idea what you would become

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    • Anonymous

      There was never any lore theories on what happened between Hirata estate and when he woke up in the well. I noticed recently that there is a Sakura pedal on his clothes when he wakes up and he tells Kuro the incense scent was familiar but nothing in the plot ever expanded on it.

      • Anonymous

        Loved all the Dark Souls games and Elden Ring. Played through them all multiple times.

        While Sekiro is a top-notch game, unlike the DS games and Elden Ring, it is a game that requires you to play in a specific way, and that way really never clicked for me. It is probably the most difficult game I've ever played. I breathed a gasp of relief when ISS finally went down and never played again.

        My advice, really think about this one before taking it on.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry to break it to all the dex users, but he also uses an odachi, which is a Japanese great sword, so he is definitely a quality enjoyer.

          • Anonymous

            The character doesnt have a name. Sekiro is the nickname given from Isshin. Why isnt the info in the description

            • Anonymous

              Sekiro is actually just a nickname for the wolf. This info should definetly be here.He is a blank slate and basically an avatar for the player like all from soft games

              • Anonymous

                A lot of people seem to forget that unlike Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Sekiro is not an RPG. While I'd love to customize my badass shinobi character, it makes sense that they went with a predetermined design instead. Game wouldn't lose anything from a character builder, but it also doesn't lose anything from a predetermined character.

                • Anonymous

                  Not to criticize the writing, as it makes sense for a professional assassin, but you can tell they kind of wanted to make a blank slate protagonist (like in souls) with how vague everything about him is, how he only really talks when the plot demands it, and how he has practically no backstory beyond 15 seconds of cutscene. A custom character absolutely could have worked in this game with a little tweaking to the story, but probably would have destroyed the tone of the game with a pink giant nose man as sekiro

                  • Anonymous

                    Finally getting around to playing Sekiro and I'm liiking it so far. Though I have to admit not a fan of From's move to a single character model. Feels like they got really lazy. Wolf is a moniker, and he could have EASILY been a customizable character, gender swapped, and had the capacity to collect, at the very least, some alternate outfits, and have it be the exact same story. Everything else was done to perfection; the level design (minus the garbo swamp area, I mean really, the placement of the grapple points were deliberately too far or too high to force you to drop into the swamp where, as usual, you're super slow but the enemies arent slowed at all), the epic boss fights, and even the combat progression system. However, the complete lack of customization aside from "which 3 tools am I gonna equip for this fight" keeps it from hitting five stars for me. My one other gripe, aside from lack of customization, is that From elected to continue their trend of the player character being STUPID SLOW and easily interrupted/staggered compared to virtually everything. I had hoped that, being a shinobi, Wolf would be quick on his feet and quicker with his hands. But the reality is, with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 hulking enemies, unless you catch your opponent by surprise you're going to be halfway through your attack animation when the enemy hasnt even initiated their's and then you're going to get smacked in the face and interrupted via quickdraw. So you really cant play this game "aggressively" but rather have to turtle in defense and deflect for AGES and wait to get in 1 or 2 hits between tireless enemy combos. I HATE TURLE GAMEPLAY. The redeeming factor is that From FINALLY got the deflect timing down to the instant an attack makes contact rather than having to learn the timing of each and every attack against your small, medium, or large shield like in Soulsborne games of past. Sekiro 4 out of 5 stars.

                    • Anonymous

                      Everyone is talking about his name. But I just wanna know how tall is he. According to the time period his height should be around 5' 3''. Other characters are probably over 6'(Issin,Armored warrior). And Owl is super huge so probably about 7'-8'.

                      • Anonymous

                        Why is the japanese form of the names "Sekiro" and "Wolf" writen in katakana? That's the alphabet used in japanese to refer to outside and western words. Sekiro in japanese is written with the kanjis "隻狼" or hiragana "せきろ" and Wolf is "狼" or "おおかみ", although this word can be pronounced "ro" if it is used alongside another kanji (onyomi and kunyomi readings), that's why this kanji is read "Ro" when alongside Sekiwan "隻" or "せきわん", meaning a part of a pair. Just supress the "wan and you have the name Sekiro.

                        • Anonymous

                          Hmm, something isn't right here. He's supposed to be "Immortal" or "undying", right? when he dies, he just respawned back in the nearest save point. So, why did his arm not grow back after he died the first time?

                          • If the wiki itself states that he is mainly known as the wolf, along with 99% of the game calling him The Wolf of coruse, shouldn't he be referred to as "The Wolf" on all the pages he is mentioned? It'd be easy to make a page redirect for new players or people who don't own the game that assume he is normally called Sekiro, and it makes more sense logically.

                            • Anonymous

                              It’s a nameless character and sekiro simply means one armed wolf.Sekiro is just his nickname what is stated my myazaki

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