Sekiro is the Protagonist of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Unlike recent FromSoftware souls titles, players cannot customize the player character, being instead set on a course to experience Sengoku Japan as the "One-Armed Wolf" ninja, Sekiro.


Sekiro Information

A ninja who serves the prince. Calm and quiet as the law commands, but also capable of great brutality to achieve missions. Just like the wolf never embraces and just kills, so would an excellent ninja. At the start of this story, they find themselves beaten by Ashina’s commander, losing both prince and left arm, which is replaced by a ninja arm prosthetic. “The Lord is absolute, protect with your life” is the principle by which ninja live. The law demands rescue, and vengeance.


Story Progress

  • All ninja are the subjects of their lords, and Sekiro is the protector of "The Prince". The Prince is the last descendant of a legendary bloodline, and said to house special power within his blood.
  • The Ashina clan faces a hopeless challenge, and decides to abduct the prince in a bid to use his ancestral power
  • Ashina's commander faces off in a duel with Sekiro and defeats him, cutting off the ninja's left arm in the process. The Prince is thus kidnapped.
  • Busshi of Aretera, a hermit monk with an obsession for Buddhist statue carvings, rescues Sekiro and outfits him with a special ninja Prosthetic Arm.
  • Using the Arm and its Prosthetic Tools, Sekiro sets off to find and retrieve his master, killing all and any who might stand in his way


Sekiro Skills, Techniques and Equipment

  • Sekiro uses a Katana as his main weapon, and the sword "Fushigiri" (Immortal cutter, immortal blade, mortal blade) as a special weapon.
  • The Prosthetic Tools equipped on his left arm provide a wide and versatile arsenal
  • The player may upgrade prosthetic tools by completing special in-game objectives. The Shuriken, for example, is initially just one, but as players progress and upgrade the tool they can shoot several shuriken that stun the target.
  • Special Skills and Techniques can be learned, equipped and performed at the expense of in-game resources. The combination of techniques to use is presumed to be customizable by the player


Notes & Tips

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