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Location Dilapidated Temple

Hanbei the Undying (死なず半兵衛, Deathless Hanbei) is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Hanbei the Undying acts as a training partner to Sekiro, not only providing useful tips but also sparring with him so that Sekiro might optimize his combat tactics.

There is a warrior called Hanbei the Undying, or also Hanbei the Infested, who can be found just outside the Dilapidated Temple. 

"A warm body that can't die might prove useful to you. I volunteer mine."

If you're looking for someone to train with, he might be an ideal opponent.

Hanbei the Undying Information

Hanbei the Undying is an unkillable NPC in Sekiro. The jaded warrior has several tutorial tips for the player, giving useful advice on the game's base mechanics as well as Combat options. Players should be mindful of the notes given regarding counters, parrying and the overall use of the Shinobi Arsenal. After completing all of the basic training options more will be unlocked, such as Consecutive Deflection.

  • Location: Hanbei the Undying Can be found at the Dilapidated Temple. He is up a snowy path from the Sculptor's Idol, by a smaller shrine.

  • Progression: Hanbei the Undying never moves.

  • Combat: Players may attack this NPC without fear of repercussion. This NPC can only be killed after obtaining the Mortal Blade.

  • Rewards: Drops Hidden Tooth on death. 

Associated Quests

  • Once the player acquires the Mortal Blade, visiting Hanbei will start a quest, where he recognizes the sword, and asks Sekiro to kill him with it, putting an end to his curse of immortality. The player can agree to do so or not.

  • If agreed, Hanbei says he will wait for the right time. After that, the player cannot train with him anymore.

  • After resting at a Sculptors Idol, you can return to Hanbei, who will be sitting down on his knees. Upon being talked to, he will say he is ready to die, which then prompts Sekiro to use a Deathblow on him with the Mortal Blade. Doing so will permanently kill Hanbei, and reward the player with the Hidden Tooth Quick Item.


First Encounter:

Hmm...? Never Seen you Before.

Your Name?

...... (Sekiro)

Hmph. Won't tell me?

... But you do have the look of a skilled shinobi.

A shinobi.... Or perhaps...

... (Sekiro)

... Sir.

Please, heed my humble request...

Face me in battle.

(Battle Ensues)

(Upon Revival)


Damn, still alive.

(After Obtaining the Mortal Blade)

That sword on your back!

Is that?

(After Choosing "Don't Tell Him)


(Hmm...) Truly?


.......if you say so.

Should you ever discover that it's more than that... you can tell me.

(After Choosing to tell him about the Mortal Blade)

Feel like talking about sword on your back now?

The Truth of it.

(After Choosing The Mortal Blade)


What...?! It's real...?!

...You don't suppose...

You could use it to end this curse of mine?

(Accepting his Request)

...Thank you.

A man with your skill could grant a merciful death.

Couldn't you?


Splendid. I must give my thanks to Sekijo.

I will prepare for the beyond. The next time you see me, I'll be ready.

(Upon Resting and Coming Back)

I can finally die.

My shame for not following my master into death...can finally...


Yes... I want you to kill me.

Go on, do it!

(Upon Death)



Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Brock Powell (English), Ikkyu Juku (Japanese).
    • Ikkyu Juki is also known for voicing King from the anime Gintama, and Toyama Henshucho from the anime Canaan

    • There is a side story manga about Hanbei the Immortal, in which it is revealed that his late master is actually General Tamura, the man Isshin killed in the cinematic opening. 
  • Hanbei shares the same name of Takenaka Hanbei (竹中 半兵衛), a 16th century samurai. Known for being a clever strategist in battle, he served under the famous warlord, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, until he eventually succumbed from illness in 1579.
  • Hanbei was also known as "The Immortal Soldier," and "Immortal Hanbei," from translated pre-release material.
  • In the game's collectible artbook, Hanbei is referred to as 'Fallen Soldier at the Dilapidated Temple'. 
  • Upon completing his quest to be killed by the Mortal Blade, it is revealed that Hanbei had a small centipede demon living inside his body, much in the same way other immortal beings in the game are "infested," with a centipede, which explains his immortality. (How he was first infested in never elaborated upon or explored, however.)
  • The idea of a person gaining immortality through being "Infested by an insect," bears striking resemblance to the plight of the main character from Blade of the Immortal: a samurai named Manji who cannot die (mostly) due to being infected with "sacred blood worms,".
  • Can't catch Dragonrot.
  • The Holy Chapter: Infested describes the undying as those "blessed by the worm".
  • Once unlocked, will allow players to practice the Mikiri Counter and Vault Over skills. 
  • Due to the player being able to attack Hanbei outside of the training bouts, and Hanbei staggering away after being hit, it is possible to move Hanbei to places where he shouldn’t be, including knocking him off of a nearby cliff. Killing Hanbei in this way does not change the outcome of his quest, and he will respawn the next time the player rests.


Concept Art & Gallery

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hiltofdummydude The hilt of Hanbei. There is a distinctive copper .


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    • Anonymous

      The last comment is correct, that`s a nice touch! When resting after you agree to killing Hanbei and he says he will say his goodbye to Sekijo, the Sculptor can be seen in a negative posture.

      • Anonymous

        Did anyone else have something happen to Sculptor after offering to kill Hanbei? Hanbei says, “Splendid. I must give my thanks to Sekijo.” I rested at the Idol to reset and went to see if Hanbei was actually thanking Sculptor (AKA Sekijo). Sculptor was clutching his arm and looked like he was in pain, and it didn’t give me the option to talk to him. I checked on Hanbei and he gave the normal dialogue he does before you kill him. I rested again and checked on Sculptor and he was back to normal. Did I get a bug or does this normally happen? I’ve never seen him do this animation before. For reference I’m in NG+ right after speaking to Kuro about the materials.

        • Anonymous

          I get an unusual bug in ng+. Where I can't pick the advanced training options after the first free combat I only get the mikiri counter and vault over. Not a big deal just thought it's worth noting here.

          • Anonymous

            The info broker said the “immortal samurai” line for the first time after i killed sword saint so I thought he was talking about him instead lmao.

            • Anonymous

              Once obtained, the mikiri and vault trainings will block you from unlocking the more advanced trainings and the Free Combat (Applied). Because of this, it also blocks you from getting the additional dialogue before getting the Mortal Blade.

              • Anonymous

                When I talked to the info-broker at the dilapidated temple we chatted about Hanbei after I killed him and he sarcastically said he was living in heaven. I wish there was an option to use the mortal blade on him too.

                • Anonymous

                  Seems as though this character may be based on a Slavic/Cyrillic legend known as "Koschei the Deathless". Interesting possibility for the history buffs here.

                  • Anonymous

                    I kept hitting him until i reached the cliff and I killed him because he fell off. He drops his item too but you can’t get it I think.

                    • Anonymous

                      There appears to be a bug in NG+ where you won't be able to unlock any of the advanced training options like consecutive deflect, sweep counter etc (except vault over and mikiri). Has anyone been able to do so?

                      • Anonymous

                        if you refuse to kill him with the immortal blade can you go back and do it later?? I want him to train me how to use the vault over technique but the second I talk he's bugging me about the blade...

                        • Anonymous

                          I kinda got sad when I had to kill him :( He was such a bro ;_; At the least I freed him from his curse...

                          • Anonymous

                            Anyone know why he says he needs to give his thanks to Sekijo before he's ready to be killed permanently? Is he referring to Emma or is he referring to a Japanese spirit of barren women or what? This one line is the most confusing lore aspect of this game

                            • Anonymous

                              He could be a reference to the real life Sengoku period samurai Takenaka Shigeharu. Shigeharu's nickname was Hanbei.

                              • Anonymous

                                I wish we had more info on this guy and his relationship with Sekijo who I'm assuming is the Sculptor's name/title, probably given by Ishhin after severing his arm.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I can see Miyazaki grinding his teeth in frustration at being forced to finally introduce a tutorial mechanic in his games.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I was able to kill him before killing the guardian ape. I had the mortal blade already, spoke to him, rested at the shrine, and then ended his misery

                                    • Anonymous

                                      How do I get him to train me in more moves?? I ve seen some videos where hanbei can train you in more than just the standard 3 moves and the mikiri counter. In my case it is stuck on these 4 categories and free battle even thought I ve done all his training and have all items and tools. Is it a bug or am I missing something?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Based on the voice at Senpou, and Hanbei's lines about not killing himself with his master when he had the chance, personally it seems likely the monks imprisoned him and experiemented on him with immortality, but his master killed himself before he could become infested. Poor guy was afraid to die, but as a result he was forced into a shameful immortality he regrets deeply.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I killed him with the Mortal Blade, the Item "Hidden Tooth" dropped, but I'm not able to pick it up. The action just won't show up on the bottom screen. Tried restarting the game and traveling elsewhere and coming back.

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