Mortal Blade

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 An odachi capable of slaying the undying. Its crimson blade will take the life of any who dares draw it. Without the power of Resurrection, one could not hope to wield this weapon, which allows one to defeat even infested beings.

Long concealed within Senpou Temple, the blade is inscribed with its true name: "Gracious Gift of Tears".

The Mortal Blade, also known as Fushigiri (Japanese: 不死斬り (lit. “To cut the immortality”)), is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is known as an Odachi capable of slaying the undying, and is a twin blade to the Black Mortal Blade "Kaimon". It's true name is "Gracious Gift of Tears" (Japanese: 拜泪 "Hairui", "Gracious Tears")

 Mortal Blade Usage

  • Gives the ability to slay the reviving Infested Monks encountered in Senpou Temple.
  • Can be used to slay Hanbei the Undying in order to obtain the item he drops: Hidden Tooth.
  • Used to slay the Headless Ape in the second encounter (in Ashina Depths). His corpse does not disappear when the boss fight is over; land a Deathblow on his corpse to finish him off for good. Note that the Headless Ape cannot be permanently killed in the first encounter, even if Sekiro has the mortal blade at the time. 

How to Find Mortal Blade

Mortal Blade Notes & Tips

  • Obtaining the Mortal Blade unlocks a unique combat art: Mortal Draw, that utilizes the Mortal Blade in combat. Costs 3 spirit emblems to use; the attack can still be used when out of spirit emblems, but will do less damage.
  • Mortal Draw still does sizable damage directly to an enemy's health bar, even when blocked, so can be used to "cheese" a number of tough bosses and minibosses with a strong defense.   
  • Other than the Combat Art, the Mortal Blade cannot be used to slash enemies like your katana. It can only land deathblows on undying foes.
  • Fushigiri is Japanese for "Undying Slayer."Gracious Gift of Tears is a mistranslation of the blade's name in Japanese, which simply means "Gracious Tears".
  • Due to being tied to story progression, the Mortal Blade does not carry over into New Game Plus and must be reacquired. The Mortal Draw and Empowered Mortal Draw skills are likewise unusable until the blade is back in Sekiro's possession and will be deselected if they were the equipped Combat Art upon entering New Game Plus. Note that they will still appear in the skills list, but cannot be selected as a combat art.


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    • Anonymous

      The reason they made RoB look like this weapon is because corpse piller would pretty much always be a "finishing blow" to the target

      • Anonymous

        how strange, it looks like rivers of blood

        I just imagine okina with ROB in mountain tops of the giants chilling

        then in the distance he can just see wolf running towards him going

        "Give me back the mortal blade!"

        • Anonymous

          I know this wiki probably doesn't see much action these days, but a lot has come to my attention regarding the mortal blades, Isshin, and Tomoe.

          Firstly, Isshin uses the black mortal blade in the intro. This suggests he was also an immortal, and required the blade in order to defeat the lords of Old Ashina. He also appears to have a scar on his abdomen, perhaps from an attempt at ritual suicide, yet survived.

          However, the Isshin of the present clearly is not immortal, and dies to Kusabimaru alone in the Shura ending, and to "illness" in either Severance, Purification, or Return.

          I believe this may suggest that like Tomoe, Takeru bestowed upon Isshin his dragon's blood heritage in order to defeat the old lords. Isshin is noticeably not corrupted like the Senpou monks, which would mean legitimate means of achieving immortality.

          Tomoe wished to purify Takeru's heritage after the coup, but failed to do so for two reasons: she possessed neither a mortal blade, nor supposedly the floral branch. The everblossom can only yield one branch before it dies, and as we know, Owl stole this rite unbeknownst to Tomoe or Isshin.

          Having failed in her wish, Isshin stepped in to sever the dragon's heritage by ending Takeru's life. It's important to remember that "the closest [Isshin] ever cae to death" was when facing Tomoe—but if Isshin was immortal, clearly, Tomoe would have required a mortal blade to stand any chance against him.

          Isshin implies that the more Genichiro swings the black mortal blade, "the Tengu will be no more." Later, he dies, and only then does Genichiro reveal himself and the black mortal blade. Upon defeat, he commits suicide, and Isshin is reborn in his prime—to when he previously wielded Open Gate.

          This all would indicate that Open Gate is somehow tied to Isshin's life force. If that's the case, then I thought, what about the red mortal blade?

          Takeru wrote that he and Tomoe sought the Divine Realm in pursuit of the Dragon's Tears, after which the red mortal blade is named—"Gracious Tears." Could it be that, like Isshin, Tomoe had been granted a mortal blade that tethered itself to her immortalized soul? Is the red mortal blade that Sekiro wields actually Tomoe's? Was it with this blade that she faced Isshin in devotion to her lord?

          The black mortal blade only achieves its full power upon Isshin's death, and even appears to drain his life force much like dragonrot. In which case, the red mortal blade, if truly of the same grade as Open Gate, only peaked after the death of its respective host. So, I assume Isshin killed Tomoe before killing Takeru, and as such her spirit became fused with Gracious Tears, which Sekiro now possesses in hopes of relieving his own master's burden.

          • Anonymous

            The red mortal blade severe immortality, the black mortal blade opens gate to the underworld and grant life. Judging by the blade I'd say the black blade dates alot earlier than the red blade. The black mortal blade has what is known as "little crow" styled blade that was used around the Heian era, although both blade seem to be tachi.

            • Anonymous

              A good tip is this Mortal Draw Combat Art is very Strong against all Humanoid Bosses & Mini Bosses : like 2 of the Father Owl fights , Emma Gentle Blade , Isshin Ashina & Isshin Sword Saint aswell as Genechiro's 1st phase against Isshin Saint. For a Great Damage Output against Monster-like Bosses it works really well against Guardian Ape ( Phase 1 Only ) & also very Strong against Demon of Hatred ( All Phases ). Through my NG+4 playthrough's i tested it against all Bosses & Mini Bosses it turns out pretty well against anything , But Terror Inducing Enemy like Headless's , Shichimen's , Headless Ape & True Corrupted Monk ( Only Final Phase it takes lesser damage ). It turns out that Divine Confetti is actually the True counter of Terror induced enemies not the Fushigiri... this Odachi is actually ment to only Kill & One Shot the Centipide inside the Headless Ape & True Monk cuz the Crimson Imbued Odachi is partcially an Immortal Ender hence why "Immortal Severence". It works pretty well against Beast-type Bosses & Mini Bosses. Mainly Humanoid Bosses & Mini Bosses... try not using it against Terror Enemies but go for Divine Confetti & Pheonix Lilac Umbrella is better... I'm not saying it doesn't deal damage against those enemies but it doesn't Stagger them & also no Significant High damage output against them, as it does to Normal Humanoids aswell as Beasts. Goodluck & Enjoy hope this helps

              • Anonymous

                "Obtaining the Mortal Blade unlocks a unique combat art: Mortal Draw, that utilizes the Mortal Blade in combat. Costs 3 spirit emblems to use; the attack can still be used when out of spirit emblems, but will do less damage." Not true, it does the same damage but has less range.

                • Anonymous

                  I wonder if any future DLC will feature the history of the Mortal Blade. We know the origins of the Rejuvenating Waters so wouldn't its opposite, the Mortal Blade perhaps come from an equally powerful or mythical entity?

                  • Anonymous

                    Empowered Mortal Draw is perhaps the single most useful Combat Skill in the entire game. Using it with Yasharikus sugar or spiritfall only amplifies it's devastating damage to the enemies Vitality and Posture and some bosses are completely trivialized by it; Guardian Ape and Father Owl has never been more deserving of my UTTER PITY than when I completely denied their strength when faced with my YEMD )Yasharikus Empowered Mortal Draw. Seriously, Shadowfall and Spiral Cloud Passage are *****ing wonderful aswell, SPC when paired with Bestowal and Yashariku or Ako, Shadowfall whenever else, BUT YASHARIKUS EMPOWERED MORTAL DRAW IS THE EPITOME OF SEKIROS POWER. A DEMON OF HATRED, AN OLD FATHER OR EVEN A SWORD SAINT STAND HELPLESS AGAINST THE MIGHT OF THE SURVIVING TWIN'S CHARGED DEATH SLASH. I gotta hit the *****ing sack, I'm done.

                    • Anonymous

                      Mortal Draw completely trivializes so many of the human bosses if you know the correct times to use it. Both Owls, both Isshins (particularly the last two phases of sword saint), and Emma can all be reliably crushed. If you’re having trouble with deflects I’d definitely recommend you give this a shot.

                      • Anonymous

                        Uses it against the *****ing corrupt monk, she doesn't care and kills me. Of all the skills that dont stagger or do something you'd *****ing think THIS SWORD THAT KILLS INFESTED would

                        • Anonymous

                          weird thing i found, if you look at the second mortal blade that genichiro has, it's actually double edged

                          • Anonymous

                            I really hope they end up nerfing this, it makes some bosses that should be really challenging an absolute joke.

                            • Anonymous

                              Added the bit about Mortal Draw still being usable without spirit emblems and how it damages enemy health significantly, even when blocked, as a lot of people in the comments seem to be really underestimating it (Mortal Draw skill could really do with it's own page though).

                              • Anonymous

                                Not that strong considering we constantly have it on our back. Wasting 3 emblems on 1 attack is just a rip-off. From Software could make a DLC with new level and Mortal Blade skill tree. It would be pretty cool to use it more.

                                • Anonymous

                                  why can't you use the Mortal Blade to kill the undead enemies in the Abandoned Dungeon? Surely it would make sense to be able to stop them reviving? Unless I am missing something?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Was there ever a Tutorial Tooltip for the Mortal Draw Skill? You definitely get Tooltip for the Mortal Blade but not the Skill? I only discovered I had the skill much further into the game..

                                    • Anonymous

                                      killed the first mist noble with one and a half of this after taking an Akos sugar. Seems to be pretty underwhelming against everything else tho.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I feel like it lacked a bit of importance from the mortal blade, I think I should have more boss to kill with it

                                        • Anonymous

                                          The unkillable monks in the main hall and just before the rice lady can be executed with this, by dealing a deathblow after knocking them out.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            is this thing obtainable? did this blade got cut from the game? im still fairly early and idc about spoilers on this blade

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