Sakura Droplet


 Pale pink crystal residue known to form when an immortal oath fails to establish.

Increases Resurrective Power, allowing one additional resurrection.

To repeat the vows of the undying and be awarded Resurrective Power once more surely necessitates the aid of a Divine Child of the Dragon's Heritage.

Sakura Droplet is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to increase the Resurrective Power of Sekiro.



 Sakura Droplet Usage

  • Increases Resurrective Power to allow an additional resurrection.



How to Find Sakura Droplet

  • Obtained from defeating Lady Butterfly. Won't drop in NG+ if you've already received one in NG.



Sakura Droplet Notes & Tips


Sakura Droplet Story & Lore

  • The crystal Sakura Droplet is likely related to the great sakura tree of the Divine Dragon. Pink stones, like the Shelter Stone, will appear in the bodies of those who have long drunk from the Fountainhead Waters. The color pink belongs to a large number of things in Sekiro Dragon Blood Remnant, like cherry blossoms Fountainhead Palace - Cherry Blossom, resurrection Resurrection In Sekiro, and soul related items like the Mibu Balloon of Soul. The Rejuvenating Water springs from the Dragon's Blood, making it reasonable to assume that there's something dragon-like about these crystals and bloodstones [1]
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    • Anonymous

      People are talking about the fact that the game's shadows die thrice with this item, but if you pair it with both types of Jizo statue, you're technically able to die five times, or Sekiro: Shadows Die Pentice

      • Anonymous

        thought the game was lying to me cause I've had this goddamn item forever

        turns out you gotta turn it in to get the benefit, which if you're doing the Dragon's Homecoming ending, it's gonna be a second.

        • Anonymous

          Please edit out or section off under a header, the dark souls speculation and references. Its jarring, like immersion breaking.

          • Anonymous

            The fact Lady Butterfly drops this means she tried to establish an immortal oath with Kuro under genjutsu.

            • Anonymous

              One great tip for the Ressurective Nodes ( With Droplet ). Now you can revive twice ( Only when u die & then Ress & then deal Deathblows to Reset the Node ). Another way i cought it is that. If you are done with All Healing Items... & Sekiro is on less than 50% HP ( Within 2 Ress's ) you can Crush the Hidden Tooth or Bite Down which will obviously kill u but it wont take out the Main Ress Node but only the 2nd ( New Version , and it also Refresh your HP to 50% ). Then u can go all out with the Boss if he kills u np , u can still Ress technically 2nd time instead of wasting the ( Main Ress Node that Resets each time u Rest ).

              • Anonymous

                I'm starting my second playthrough, since I just finally got the platinum trophy. I've gotten to the chained ogre without dying yet, and as such don't have any revive nodes yet. Does anyone know what happens if I give the sakura droplet to kuro before I can technically revive? I have a few theories for what might happen. 1, getting revived by Kuro in the cutscene after lady butterfly will allow me to technically have resurrective powers. 2.a, giving Kuro the droplet will give me all three nodes immediately. 2.b, giving Kuro the droplet will give me the one node. 2.c, giving Kuro the droplet will make it so that my next death will give me three nodes. 2.d, I will not have the option to give Kuro the droplet prior to dying once. If anyone knows, please tell!

                • Anonymous

                  You get one free revive without cooldown (disappears after use and reappears when resting) and in order to get more revives, you have a black cross over the remaining revives which you'll have to defeat enemies/perform a deathblow to regain another revive. once revived again, you'll have to repeat the process to get the 3rd revive.

                  • Anonymous

                    With the droplet you can resurrect 3 times, BUT you can only resurrect again when you gathered resurrection power, trough kills or deathblows. The game tells you that, but reading the comments, few seem to really read what the game tells you. :/

                    • Anonymous

                      Idk how it works ^^ I gave it to kuro and I thought I can revive me 2 times now but I still can revive me 1 time

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