Kuro, The Divine Heir

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Location Ashina Castle (Kuro's Room)
Voice actors

Amber Hood (English)

Miyuki Sato (Japanese)

Kuro, The Divine Heir (九郎, Kurou) (御子, Divine Child, Miko) is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Kuro, The Divine Heir's bloodline is one of mysterious power, and is integral to the Plot of the game and the events that unfold during your play-through.

Kuro, The Divine Heir Information

The only surviving descendant of an ancient clan, Kuro was raised in seclusion as the adoptive son of Ashina’s minister Hirata. He is a calm and well-mannered young man, strong beyond his years, with a dignified appearance and demeanor. At the beginning of the game, he is captured by the Ashina Clan due to his unique ancestry as part of their ongoing conflict with the Interior Ministry.

Associated Quests

  • Kuro, The Divine Heir is the main drive behind the game's plot.

  • Please refer to the Endings guide to see how different ways of interacting with Kuro, and characters related to Kuro, impact the different endings of the game.


  • From a pre-release trailer, possibly voiced by "Kuro, The Divine Heir"
    • "Even if you fall, uphold the oath to bring your master home. For you are my shinobi. I have witnessed a Shura once before. The Mortal Blade."

  • First meeting in the moon-view tower (cutscene):
    • Kuro: You did well to come here. It's been too long, Wolf.
      Sekiro: I've come to free you, my lord.
      Kuro: Well then-- Raise your head. Kusabimaru -- your sword. My shinobi. In accordance with the bond of lord and retainer-- you will pledge your life in my service.
      Sekiro: As you command.

  • Talking to Kuro after the first cutscene:
    • Kuro: Loyal Wolf... I see you are wounded. ...I have something that may help. It is a special gourd of medicinal waters. Use it to heal your wounds. (gives Healing Gourd)
      Sekiro: My Lord.
      Kuro: Now then... Were you gravely injured... afterward?
      Sekiro: After what?
      Kuro: ... Do you not remember that night?
      Sekiro: I do not.
      Kuro: Hmm... ... No, we'll talk about it later. Right now, we must escape Ashina Castle.
      Sekiro: As you say.
      Kuro: There's a secret passage beneath the moat bridge that will take us out of the castle. Lord Isshin told me about it once. I ask you to find that secret passage. Once you find it, hmm... Signal me with a reed whistle. You know, like you used to, long ago. I will join you as soon as I hear it.

  • Talking to him again:
    • Kuro: There's a secret passage beneath the moat bridge that can take us out of the castle. Find the secret passage beneath the moat bridge so that we may escape Ashina Castle. When you've reached it, give the signal. I'll come as soon as I hear the reed whistle.

  • After finding the escape route and calling Kuro with the reed whistle (cutscene):
    • Kuro: Wolf, you found it. Now, let us leave this place.
      Sekiro: Yes, my lord.
      Kuro: To think that this is the only way-- to run from the fated bloodline is the only answer...

  • Talking to Kuro after opening the escape route:
    • Kuro: Where shall we go once we're away from the castle? I suppose the first thing we should do is cross the Ashina border... Or perhaps we should hide somewhere... What do you think?
      Sekiro: Whatever you desire.
      Kuro: Whatever I desire? That's the Wolf I know...
      Sekiro: My lord?
      Kuro: ... Oh, nothing. I was just reminiscing... Onward, then.

  • Talking to him again:
    • Kuro: Let us press onward. Once we leave this passage, we'll be outside the castle walls.

  • After leaving the escape route and confronting Genichiro (cutscene):
    • Genichiro: The Divine Heir... Last we stood together was your uncle's funeral.
      Kuro: Lord Genichiro... I-- Thank you.
      Sekiro: Leave this to me.
      Genichiro: So the noble shinobi stands in our way...

  • After your first death outside of the tutorial:
    • Kuro: Loyal Wolf, take my blood and live again.

  • Touching the Remnant near the Sculptor's Idol "Outskirts Wall - Stairway":
    • Kuro: This man... was from Hirata. I must pay my respects.
      Emma: Lord Kuro...
      Kuro: Lady Emma, are there other Hirata survivors?
      Emma: There... are very few of us left.
      Kuro: I see... ...Apologies. There's no end to those who seek the Dragon's Heritage... This was their fate... because of those that pursued me. I didn't mean to involve them...

  • Touching the Remnant near the Sculptor's Idol "Ashina Castle Gate Fortress":
    • Genichiro: We managed to drive them back once. But the Interior Ministry's army is far too powerful.
      Kuro: And that is why... You wish to use the power of my blood? It doesn't matter how much power you obtain. You'll keep on fighting until you're a monster, incapable of feeling pain or fear... I... do not wish to corrupt the lives of men...
      Genichiro: Look at this mountain of bodies. Ashina cannot be defended by normal means. Not anymore.
      Kuro: ...! I could... never be as strong as you, Lord Genichiro. I do not yet know... what it is I should do...
      Genichiro: ... it's been a long time since... that happened. Wait all you like, it will do you no good.

  • Touching the Remnant near the Sculptor's Idol "Ashina Castle":
    • Emma: Lord Kuro...
      Kuro: ...It is time, Lady Emma. Yes, I know. Master Genichiro is waiting, is he not? I will return to the top of Ashina Castle.
      Emma: .........
      Kuro: ... Wolf. That reed whistle we used before. This time, I will use it... to call on you.

  • Touching the Remnant near the Sculptor's Idol "Upper Tower - Ashina Dojo":
    • Kuro: Lady Emma, tell me... what has caused the state of this man?
      Emma: The Rejuvenating Waters. That is what it is called. 
      Kuro: Are you telling me that this is Ashina's secret weapon...?
      Emma: I am. Those who drink it cannot fully die... No, they become unable to die at all. The Rejuvenating Water, it also...
      Kuro: It springs from the Dragon's Blood, does it not?
      Emma: Yes.
      Kuro: Lady Emma... I do not believe the Dragon's Blood is sacred. Not at all.

  • Touching the Remnant inside of the moon-view tower after returning to the Ashina Reservoir:
    • Kuro: Wolf, you said to me once-- "Do what must be done." But I have yet to discover what it is that I must do. I don't understand. Why was I granted this power...?

  • After opening the Hidden Temple in Hirata Estate and finding Kuro (cutscene):
    • Kuro: Father? Mother? The butterflies -- everyone is gone.
      Sekiro: My Lord! Illusion technique.
      Lady Butterfly: It's been a long time... Son of Owl.
      Sekiro: Lady Butterfly... (to Kuro) Leave us.
      Kuro: Who... are...
      Sekiro: Do what must be done.
      Kuro: ...Yes.
      Lady Butterfly: Now then, son of Owl. Shall we dance?

  • After killing Lady Butterfly (cutscene):
    • Kuro: You fought bravely on my behalf. I cannot throw away such loyalty. Loyal Wolf, take my blood and live again.

  • When reaching the top of Ashina Castle and confronting Genichiro (cutscene):
    • Genichiro: How is grandfather?
      Emma: Lord Isshin is... it's a wonder he is still with us. A miracle.
      Genichiro: ...is that so. Divine Heir, I'll ask you once more. Accept me into your immortal oath.
      Kuro: I cannot do that, Lord Genichiro. Your victory that day means nothing. He will risk his life to take me home. For he is my shinobi.
      Sekiro: My Lord, I have come for you. This... will only take a moment.
      Genichiro: I see. For as long as you are alive... The dragon's blood can never be mine.
  • After beating Genichiro but before speaking to Kuro, there will be an option to eavesdrop the young lord:
    • Kuro: When did you... lose your path... Lord Genichiro...
  • When speaking to Kuro after beating Genichiro:
    • Sekiro: I have come for you, my lord.
      Kuro: Yes. You did well to come here.
      Sekiro: Let us go. We must leave Ashina.
      Kuro: ...Wolf. My blood... the blood of the dragon causes men to become undying. The same goes for you.
      Sekiro: ... Yes, my lord.
      Kuro: I wished to save you. I'm sure that I would do the same thing given another chance. However... Undying begets stagnation. The Immortal Oath, the Rejuvenating Waters, the Dragonrot. They all corrupt men to the point that they no longer live as men. I wish to sever the chains of stagnation bred by the Dragon's Heritage. Wolf, will you help me achieve this aim?
  • When Sekiro initially chooses (Help Kuro):
    • Sekiro: Father... (I cannot break the Iron Code.)
  • When Sekiro chooses to (Obey the Iron Code,  protect Kuro):
    • Sekiro: I cannot. To protect you, the Divine Heir... That was the duty my father entrusted to me.
      Kuro: How many times have you died and come back for my sake...? Two? Three times...? Or perhaps a number so large that it cannot be counted?
      Sekiro: As it was for the duty of defending my Lord, the number does not matter. 
      Kuro: I do not wish to bind you to an eternity of undeath. Wolf... Join me in my quest to sever the ties of immortality.

      Sekiro: ... As you wish.

      Kuro: Thank you, Loyal Wolf.
  • After speaking to Isshin Ashina, Kuro will tell Sekiro about the Mortal Blade. If Sekiro already has the Mortal Blade during this conversation, then the next conversation will begin with different dialogue than if Sekiro leaves to obtain the Blade first.
    • Normal Dialogue:
      • Kuro: Wolf, that sword on your back, is it...
        Sekiro: It is the Mortal Blade.
        Kuro: The sword that can kill those who cannot die...
        Sekiro: Yes. It was given to me by the Divine Child of the Rejuvenating Waters at Senpou Temple.

    •  Alternate Dialogue:
      • Kuro: The sword that can kill those who cannot die... I didn't expect you to find it so quickly.
        Sekiro: Yes. It was given to me by the Divine Child of the Rejuvenating Waters at Senpou Temple.

Notes & Trivia

  • Voiced by: Amber Hood (English), and Miyuki Sato (Japanese).
    • Miyuki Sato is also known for voicing young Noctis in the videogame Final Fantasy XV.

  • Kuro, the Divine Heir was originally known as simply as the "The Prince," in promotional pre-release material for the game.

  • In one of the red visions Sekiro can happen upon during his first visit to Ashina Castle: Genichiro Ashina explains how the Ashina clan kidnapped Kuro in order to use his blood as a way to turn the tide of their conflict with the Interior Ministry, implying that the the Divine Blood of the Heir is capable of being shared with far, far more than one person at a time.


Story & Lore

  • Kuro comes from 九 (ku) meaning "nine" and 郎 (rou) meaning "son". This name was traditionally given to the ninth son.
  • He seems to be partly based on Kuro Hogan (九郎判官, "Hogan" is his court title), also known as Minamoto-no Kuro (源九郎, "Minamoto" is his clan name), or more formally Minamoto-no Yoshitsune  (源義経, 1159–1189), the greatest military commander in his time and one of the most popular heroes of Japan.
    • Yoshitsune was a godsent general who defeated the Taira-clan, the arch-enemy of the Minamoto clan. Unfortunately his elder brother Yoritomo, the founder of the Kamakura Shogunate, hated and tried to kill him, so he fled to Tohoku (the northeastern area of Japan),  in which Sekiro is set. The motif of "a young, tragic samurai prince who is hated by his own family member despite (or more precisely, because of) his god-like ability" is the same as Kuro in Sekiro.
    • In his youth, Yoshitsune was known as Ushiwaka-maru. Legends say Ushiwaka-maru was a shockingly beautiful boy who even looks like a charming girl. This is similar to Kuro in Sekiro.
    • Yoshitsune is also famous for having a loyal warrior-monk Benkei. The strong bond between Yoshitsune/Benkei is similar to that between Kuro/Sekiro.
    • Kuro draws his immortality from Divine Dragon at the Fountainhead Palace, which is called Minamoto-no Miya (源の宮) in the Japanese version. Minamoto-no Miya can be also translated as the Palace of the Minamoto clan.
  • The name also likely refers to the nine sons of the Dragon King "the dispenser of rain".
  • "Kuro" is also a Japanese kanji  (黒) meaning “black”.


  • Kusabimaru 楔丸 - given by the Young Lord - was named in honor of the Lynchpin Temple “The Nexus of Souls”.


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    • Anonymous

      It's deeply funny to me that in the other soulsborne games we get a lot of false and misleading information by virtue of in-game sources being heavily biased, but in Sekiro it's because we get half our lore from a 9 year old for whom 20 years ago might as well be ancient history

      • “How many times have you died for my sake? Two, three times?“ yea kuro, totally only two or three times. Not like i got stuck on genichiro for a few hours.

        • Anonymous

          After you ask Isshin about the Mortal Blade, Kuro will open the library and move there. He will cough and say the dust is awful. If you open the window before speaking to him. he will that you for it, that he couldn't have done it himself as it's too heavy for him.

          • Anonymous

            Just got the Mortal Blade, returned to Kuro's room to find him sleeping. Interacting with him gives me 2 options - "Wake him" or "Let him be". I've played this game 7 times and platinumed it. I have never seen this.

            • Anonymous

              Is there any information on how old is Kuro supposed to be? Both him and the Divine Girl on the temple look like kids but they're really mature in their actions.

              • Anonymous

                How did Kuro come into possession of the dragon's heritage? Let me explain better, how did he become immortal? Did you drink the spring water??

                • Anonymous

                  Is there a source for this ? : "The only surviving descendant of an ancient clan, Kuro was raised in seclusion as the adoptive son of Ashina’s minister Hirata"

                  • Anonymous

                    If you eat the sticky rice ball in front of kuro he will tell you that ever since he was a child he would love making sweets and would sometimes sneak into the kitchen of the hirata estate. Could someone add this in trivia?

                    • Anonymous

                      He has some special dialogue if you havent offered the young lord's bell charm by the time you meet him at Ashina Castle

                      • Anonymous

                        Upon receiving the Sweet Rice Ball item and walking away, it will trigger some additional dialogue about how Wolf is too shy to eat in front of Kuro. Afterwards you can use the item to trigger his dialogue regularly.

                        • Anonymous

                          So let me break this down: Kuro is the unwilling heir of Dragons, exalted and desired for his ability to grant immortality. After being blessed and taking oath, Sekiro is granted the ability to resurrect endlessly by the power of his Lord, Kuro, and later loses his arm. Together, they seek to sever immortality to leave Ashina to its fate. …Sounds an awful lot like Lothric, an unwilling product of experiments with dragons, exalted and desired for his ability to rekindle the Fire; after taking oath, Lorian grants the ability to resurrect endlessly by the power of his brother, Lothric, and later loses the use of his legs. Together, they refuse to rekindle the Fire and decide to leave the kingdom of Lothric to its fate. Oh, From and your remixed character arcs…

                          • Anonymous

                            Now Kuro gave me the second time "Divine Grass" i dont know how it triggers, but when i visit him/her he/she say "you are wounded take this" "maybe different in english play it with the german subtitels". At the time i was not wounded, full life and resurrect bars. Im in my first playtrough, not defeated owl the second time at hirata part 2 and not defeated the divine dragon. But i visited the Fountainhead Palace "defeated Monk". I have now 7 Divine Grass the 2 at the Fountainhead Palace are not collected, this will be 9 for my Playthrough. Anyone know how it triggers that kuro gave some?

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                              The only thing that make me think that Kuro is a girl was when Kuro use Mortal Blade to to cut into his own chest, but if he is a guy then what is the point of asking us to close our our eyes. What with this secrecy?

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                                98% of these comments are numbnuts saying Kuro is a girl because his voice is done by females. You realize that's super common for young male characcters to be voiced by women, right?? Not everything has to be a secret woman in disguise.

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                                  You can eavesdrop on Kuro prior to the True Eternal Ending as well. He has various dialogues. Tested from after getting the Mortal Blade and Flower. First time he makes a comment about Genichiro and losing his way. Seccond time he mentions about the dust and allergies. Will keep testing. I had to refresh the area to change the dialogue

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                                    Spoiler ahead: Kuro gender most likely is female. In english version at the end of the game when you win with Genichiro he says something about blood in HER veins.

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                                      If you eavesdrop on Kuro while he is in the library, he talks to someone. Don't know if the lines are correct (have to translate from german) "We're almost there" - "yes" - "do what's necessary" - whom is he talking to? please feel free to enlighten me.

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                                        They call him 御子 (Miko). It mean's "god's son" or "child of the emperor" according to jisho dictionary. So it fits the "Divine Heir" english translation.

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                                          The meaning of the name Kuro is Ninth Son.  It's a Male name. Women also a lot of young male characters. Off the top of my head, Goku, Trunks, Bart Simpson have all been voiced by women. Chill with the dopamine, this is really normal.

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                                            The divine heir is most definitely a girl. For one, both of eng and jap voice actors are girls. Two, she told sekiro to close his eyes when she pierce the mortal blade on her chest. Three, the surviving child of rejuvenating waters is also a girl.

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