Weapons in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are limited to a set of Katanas that the protagonist wields in battle, and special tools for the Prosthethic Arm. In the screenshots of the box-art we also see the protagonist with a second katana on his back, but there is no dual-wielding.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Weapons


The Wolf's Kusabimaru & Fushigiri

The katana is the only primary weapon, and the progression of gameplay is done by improving one's Skills rather than finding other or better weapons.

The main Katana is called Kusabimaru. This weapon cannot be upgraded, but can be enhanced with the Prosthetic Tools if certain skills are unlocked.

The secondary sword is called Fushigiri and has some relation to Kuro, the Divine Heir. This sword is used to deliver the final Deathblow to the undying-type enemies and Bosses encountered throughout the game. The final deathblow with Kusabimaru is called Shinobi Execution, if involving Fushigiri it would be called Immortality Severed, also in one particular situation it would be called Gracious Gift of Tears.


The Wolf's Prosthetic Arm & Tools

Please see the Prosthetic Tools page for a full list of Prosthetic Arm accessories and their functions

Please see the Prosthetic Tool Upgrades to see a list of enhancements available at the Sculptor.






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    • Anonymous

      anybody who expects this to play like dark souls will be disappointed with what they get i guess.
      NOW those who aren't as close minded will realize that this game is even cooler than the souls series at times in terms of level, combat, boss, and travel design, even the lore is vaugier than the DS series and far more deep.

      • Anonymous

        I have to say that really just one attack with just one weapon is boring af. By far the best part is swinging around. I want my twinblades back from ds3! Actually now that i think about it, the dark souls katanas were better too.

        • Anonymous

          I can not believe people just read "the fushigiri is used for every death blow" then proceeded to ask when do we get to use the second sword.....from software much........nope

          • Anonymous

            I had the same issue... I absolutely smashed dark souls 1 through 3, beat bloodborne with minimal problems and came to Sekiro expecting much of the same. I was completely wrong!!! I got my ass handed to me over and over for a good couple of hours by that ogre. Sekiro is different and shouldn't be played like a souls game. All I can say is go back, explore every single nook, find every item you possibly can (prosthetic tools are an absolute must in order to beat certain enemies) and just practice. Practice until you are very competent at taking down normal enemies. Groups of them is more of a challenge and helps prepare you for later on. Farm skill points. Best place is the Hirata Estate. Take your time. Grind xp and skills and just learn how the game works.

            • Anonymous

              I realized I suck at video games because It took me about 2 hours to kill that f*CK*% Ogre! Is there any way to make this game easier? I want to play, but Im about to smash the damn controller.

              • New here. I love this game but can we all agree that more weapons would be cool? People loved the katanas in dark souls but ONLY katanas gets a little old. Just my opinion. I hope with some updates or dlc we get more weapons, but, I'm really enjoying this game because they did a great job with the combat and the intricacy of the world

                • Anonymous

                  for those wondering subimaru is in the pit area where theres two nobles and an old lady patrolling in ashina castle

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