Weapons in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are limited to a set of Katanas that the protagonist wields in battle, and special tools for the Prosthethic Arm. In the screenshots of the box-art we also see the protagonist with a second katana on his back, but there is no dual-wielding.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Weapons


The Wolf's Kusabimaru & Fushigiri

The katana is the only primary weapon, and the progression of gameplay is done by improving one's Skills rather than finding other or better weapons.

The main Katana is called Kusabimaru. This weapon cannot be upgraded, but can be enhanced with the Prosthetic Tools if certain skills are unlocked.

The secondary sword is called Fushigiri and has some relation to Kuro, the Divine Heir. This sword is used to deliver the final Deathblow to the undying-type enemies and Bosses encountered throughout the game. The final deathblow with Kusabimaru is called Shinobi Execution, if involving Fushigiri it would be called Immortality Severed, also in one particular situation it would be called Gracious Gift of Tears.


The Wolf's Prosthetic Arm & Tools

Please see the Prosthetic Tools page for a full list of Prosthetic Arm accessories and their functions

Please see the Prosthetic Tool Upgrades to see a list of enhancements available at the Sculptor.






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