Sekiro Lore refers to the World Building, Story and Setting of the game. The world of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has the feeling of a fantastical re-imagining of Sengoku-Era Japan, which is built on a large amount of small folklore stories thus the lore would be able to explain the numerous stories that would be told in Sekiro.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Lore


The time is Sengoku
Beyond the peaks of deep snow, lies the land of Ashina
[Holy Sword] Ashina Isshin, who in but a generation conquered the realm and begun the country in
the Northern Regions
But that Ashina is now in mortal danger

Isshin’s grandson, and Ashina’s Commander, despairing at their plight secretly told the allies
“There are no usual means left by which to protect Ashina”
“This right here is when we need that prince”

And thus the prince is kidnapped
And a prince he is in name only, without a family or vassals,
but for one single ninja.

This is a tale of stranding,
loneliness between Lord and Retainer.



Sekiro Trailers

Story Trailer - February 2019

English Translation/Transcript:

Narrator: In the closing years of the Sengoku Era, Japan was consumed by perpetual conflict.

Character 1 (War times): What's the matter, stray? Nothing left to lose?. Well, would you look at that. Will you join me, starving wolf?

Character 1 (years later): That day I pulled you from the battlefield, I had no idea what you would become


Tokyo Game Show (TGS) Trailer - September 2018

English Translation/Transcript:

Mysterious voice: Even if you fall, uphold the oath to bring your master home. For you are my shinobi. I have witnessed a Shura once before. The Mortal Blade.

Sekiro: I accept its power.

Ashina Clan Warrior: We meet again, Son of Owl. So, the young lord's shinobi thinks he can stop us?

Young Lord(?): Loyal Wolf. Take my blood and live again.


E3 Trailer - June 2018


Busshi: So you're awake. Looks like death is not your fate just yet.
Some time has passed since I found you: your master still lives but they'll soon make use of his bloodline.
The limb you have lost will give way to something more... useful. You'll learn to appreciate its worth.
Your death won't come easily.


About the Sengoku Era

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About the Shinobi

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