Mibu Village is a Location in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The village lies deep within the Depths of Ashina, its only entrance guarded by a dense and unnatural fog. Despite its remote location, however, the lands on which Mibu has been built are surprisingly fertile; though, fertile with what is a question only its plagued occupants and the ghastly apparitions roaming the village can answer.


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Full Mibu Village Walkthrough

Players arrive at Mibu Village from Ashina Depths. Should they have already defeated the Guardian Ape, the player must defeat the Headless Ape boss located just before the entrance to Hidden Forest before being allowed to progress, as a fog gate will block their path. (Upon defeating the Headless Ape, however, the player must also contend with a Shichimen Warrior mini-boss spawning where the Ape was should they attempt to enter Mibu through the Ashina Depths instead of directly teleporting there.)

Exiled Memorial Mob

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Drop down from the idol and talk to the nearby merchant: Exiled Memorial Mob. He sells a Mottled Purple Gourd, that reduces Terror buildup. Buy this item as it will be very useful as you progress through the game. He also sells Dragonspring Sake which you can gift to certain NPCs for lore and character information.

Back to the Idol

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Return to the idol and approach the edge and jump across. Below you, a Interior Ministry Ninja of the type that is usually trying to kill the Tengu of Ashina awaits. Engage him--and watch out for him summoning a nearby pack of dogs to attack you--to obtain 784XP and 1 x Scrap Magnetite. He also has a chance to drop Scrap Magnetite. The item nearby is 1 x Treasure Carp Scale.

Wolf Pack

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Back at the idol, jump across again and this time take the path up that leads you to a pack of wolves. Continue past them and up to get 1x Light Coin Purse.

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Back at the edge, drop down to a house and pick up 1x Lump of Fat Wax from a woodpile.


Sneak around the next house and you'll come across your first villager. These enemies give 87XP and can drop Ceramic Shard, Fistful of Ash or Lump of Fat Wax.

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After dealing with them, crouch in the tall grass ahead and watch a small group of villagers pass you by. Near the shore, there's 1x Mibu Balloon of Soul. Then grapple to the rooftop and drop onto 3 more villagers. Beware that the lantern ones can inflict Terror. Pick up 1x Pacifying agent.

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Past a tree with 1x Spirit Emblem, there's a boat that you can loot for 2x Mibu Balloon of Wealth


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Grapple to a rooftop and defeat a Gamefowl to get a good view of the area ahead. The area ahead has easy enemies but be careful as if they surround you they might kill you. Some of them spawn from the floor and grab and hold you in place. You can fight and kill them all several times to clear the area, and then loot 1x Black Gunpowder, 1x Mibu Balloon of Soul and 1x Gourd Seed. Go into the tall grass to the left of the trees past a grabbing enemy to loot 1x Pellet.

Nightjar Ninja Apparitions

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When you reach the end of this ditch-passage, jump up to your left and up a grapple point to get behind large hammer enemies. Go up one more level to kill the watcher with the two lantern villagers in order so they don't see you.

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Killing the second watcher spawns 4 Apparition Nightjar Ninja enemies (620xp) so be careful! You can stealth away and reset if you're having trouble. (May drop Pacifying Agent, Gokan's Sugar , Contact Medicine, Lump of Fat Wax) You can then loot 2x Contact Medicine from the field and 1x Ashina Sake from the shrine.

Grapple Up

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From the shrine with the sake, grapple up and go along the wall to pick up 1x Adamantite Scrap. Now drop down and follow the ledge to a Taro Troop (Bell), that you can stealth.

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Behind him, there's a grapple point that allows you traverse the rooftop to a set of planks that hold 2x Pellet. When you drop down, you can stealth-kill a blue-robed villager, and you'll be attacked by 2 more. Be mindful that they have a long slashing combo similar to Souls hollows, that can kill you if not careful. Pick up 2x Mibu Balloon of Soul from the nearby shrine then go inside the house to get 1x Yellow Gunpowder and 1x Divine Confetti.

Water Mill Idol

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Go across the bridge and commune with the Water Mill Idol. From here, instead of following the path with the Spirit Emblem, go right and jump up on a rock, which leads to two Gamefowl. Past, them, you'll encounter several villagers. Defeat them and loot 1x Contact Medicine by a house going down a slope and 3x Fistful of Ash at the dead-end at the bottom.

Flame Vent Upgrade

Trying to go up onto the roof will spawn several villagers and bell enemies. you can run away and hide to reset them and thin out as you see fit.

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After you cleared them up, jump onto the rooftop at the dead end and get 1x Adamantite Scrap and 1x Pine Resin Ember - an Upgrade Material for the Flame Vent prosthetic Tool. From here jump and grapple to a branch on your far left, then double jump to a ledge across to pick up 2x Mibu Balloon of Soul.

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Lastly, loot 1x Pellet from a boat near the docks.

Upstream Treasure Chest

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Swim across the lake to the docks on the other side and back to the idol, then swim upstream until you find a waterfall. There's a treasure chest that contains 1x Divine Grass. Swim back to the idol and take the path up toward 1x Spirit Emblem.

Mini-Boss: O'Rin of the Water

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The Shamisen-playing O'Rin of the Water is looking for Lord Sakuza. Talk to her and she'll aggro onto you for not telling her where he is. If you didn't send Jinzaemon Kumano to his death in Abandoned Dungeon, she will have different dialogue and you can talk to him after defeating her to get an item. Either way, you do this, when you defeat her you get 1530XP, 1x Prayer Beads and Breath of Life: Shadow.



Across the Bridge

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Before you go past the bridge, pick up 1x Lump of Fat Wax from a corner along the edge. You'll face a samurai spirit that gives you 620XP, and go up the slope and you'll see several enemies by a large building.

Eavesdropping Opportunity

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After defeating the enemies, you can eavesdrop at the door. Go to the right of the door and under the floors to crouch along the crawlspace.

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You'll find a Rotating Door (Hidden Wall) leading to the inside of the building.

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Inside, an NPC is drinking something. He invites all the citizens to come forth and drink the nectar.

There's 5x Divine Confetti by the beheaded Buddha statue, and 2x Red Lump hidden in a pot you must break by the window. Go outside and behind the structure, you'll pick up 1x Adamantite Scrap.

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From outside, cross the rock-bridge and jump to the roof to pick 1x Light Coin Purse.

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Then grapple to the second floor of the building to pick up 6x Spirit Emblem and 1x Prayer Bead. From the second floor jump out the hole in the roof to find 1x Heavy Coin Purse on the roof.

Boss: Corrupted Monk (Fake)

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Go back to the front door of the building and up the path on the left and you'll encounter the Boss: Corrupted Monk. This is just an apparition version of it, but it will test your skill regardless. If you have been following this walkthrough, the fight won't be too taxing. If not, you will want to use Snap Seed to deal damage to its health bar. Defeating the monk gives you 5500 XP, Memory: Corrupted Monk, Mibu Breathing Technique, This technique allows you to dive and breathe underwater, which means you can now explore old areas anew.


Wedding Cave Door

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Walk forth and unlock the Wedding Cave Door Idol. Then you can turn back and go to the water areas you saw earlier. Use R2 to dive, L2 to surface and use circle to dash while under water.

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If you head into the Cave, you will obtain 1x Shelter Stone. This is the item that Kuro needs.

shelter stones altar walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

The altar reads: "Shelter stones such as this are an auspicious omen, sweetly scented for a bridal offering. The palanquin awaits with open arms".

For game progression, you can now go to Ashina Castle - Abandoned Dungeon Idol and make your way to the Castle main. Otherwise, you can revisit old areas and explore them to get underwater items, and complete NPC quests.

Diving Loot

  • You can loot 1x Precious Bait from the river next to the building with the NPC who is drinking the water.
  • You can defeat a Treasure Carp and gain 1x Treasure Carp Scale downstream from the treasure chest with the Divine Grass.

underwater loot walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

  • You can loot 2x Light Coin Purse in the middle of the large lake near the village entrance.
  • You can obtain Red Carp Eyes from defeating the Glowing Red-Eyed Treasure Carp in the middle of the large lake near the village entrance.
  • You can loot 1x Prayer Bead from a Treasure Chest in a deep corner of the large lake near the village entrance.

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Trivia & Notes:

  • The NPC Basket Wearer Shosuke informs Sekiro that Mibu Village is in the state you find it due to the machinations of its Head Priest, and possibly the Senpou Sect. He states: "The Head Priest sometimes treats us to sake. But, you know...when you drink sake, you get thirsty. The sake cask runs dry in no time. So, everyone has no choice but to drink the water from the ponds and rivers. But, the more you drink, the thirstier you get..."

  • This same NPC mentions that another (unseen) character, a hunter named Inuhiko, discovered that all the villagers "fear fire," due to whatever is wrong with them. Taking his advice both reveals the weakness of the enemies in Mibu and leads you to Inuhiko's hut, where an upgrade material—Pine Resin Ember—for the Flame Vent can be found.

  • Lore Theory: It is likely that whatever is occurring in Mibu Village is somehow connected to the work of the Senpou Sect and their obsession with the prolonging of life and/or pursuit of immortality through unnatural means. How the corruption of its villagers into red-eyed zombies—which was set into motion by the Head Priest of Mibu—and the research into "Red Eyes" being undertaken by Doujun all relate to one another is still a mystery, however.




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    • I managed to get to the Prayer Bead inside the house attic by jumping out of the river and grappling to the grapple point. You get just enough height and are close enough to make it. I never knew there was a rotating door!

      • Anonymous

        I see some other farm routes on here, but until fountainhead, the best route to farm that i've found is to travel to the idol near the memorial mob merchant, pop wealth baloon and gachiin sugar, run off the clif and run against the wall down the creek and backstab the ministry ninja. run back up to idol, rinse and repeat.
        you might have to stop sprinting as you approach him, but you can sprint most the way without alerting him.

        • Anonymous

          I love the creepy atmosphere, but I wish there was more to explore, especially since there's not much to do here on NG+ if you got the pine resin. The 5 scales from the priest are nice, but they become obsolete after 2 playthroughs.

          • Anonymous

            you aren't required to fight the headless ape if you grab the hidden forest idol before killing the guardian ape

            • Anonymous

              I strongly believe the 4 Apparition Nightjar Ninja enemies appearance after killing the second watcher is triggered by killing the Guardian Ape. It's the only difference between mine and my gf's playthrough. They did not appear to me before, and I farmed there a lot before.

              • Anonymous

                This area is well below the level of the whole game so far. It's still great game but I'm so annoyed with Mibu Village. 1. Ninja assassin that actually the best but unpleasant farming spot. 2. Easy respawning enemies make whole area just go around slay them again and again until you loot everything. 3. Mini boss that annoyingly repeats the same ass-move all the time (hard hitting attack, fly away with invincibility and posture recovery, repeat), until you use sabimaru or divine confetti and fight becomes trivial (don't even mention ceramic shard trick :D). 4. Illusory corrupted monk that is just boring festival of cheesing and dodging. Meh.

                • Anonymous

                  biggest cheese strat is to run back to the slope going to the water mill idol.. there are tons big rocks there. if you can pin her there in one of those rocks, you can spam her with r1, she will only defend your attacks until her posture breaks. you wont even take 1 hp of damage

                  • Anonymous

                    It may just be my game but it appears that once you talk to the village chief the eavesdrop opportunity disappears permanently.

                    • Anonymous

                      Here's a question: can you climb back up the cliffs to the Hidden Forest after dropping down into Mibu Village?

                      • Anonymous

                        Every single video I watch, every single stream, the villagers that come out of the ground and grab you lets them go very quickly, meanwhile they keep me in place for a damn lifetime even if I press every single button on this planet. Why's no one saying anything about that, is my game broken?

                        • Anonymous

                          I got here without fighting the Headless Guarisn Ape. Walked through the arena with no issue, even after the first Ape fight. I also thought there was a Headless fight in that area too, but I’m probably mistaken.

                          • Anonymous

                            Those poor roosters fled the village after the villagers went crazy. Please dont kill them they are lost and scared

                            • Anonymous

                              Best place to farm, they don't guard, and 1hit breaks their posture, but you may go for the whirling attack to 2hit kill them and don't waste time for deathblow

                              • Anonymous

                                I feel that the normal villagers will keep respawning when the lantern guys are nearby. Plus...what is up with the ones that spawn from the ground being able to grab your legs and hold you there. Did it once and now I’m just staying mainly off the ground. But ya looks like the lantern guys control the respawning enemies. Take them out and they won’t be getting back up anytime soon.

                                • Anonymous

                                  there are some legs sticking out from the ground as if someone swan dived from the cliff. It's near the Mibu village idol

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Has anyone tried doing something with the shelter stone other than giving it to Kuro? The endless repetition of lore about marriage to the snake has me curious and I’m nowhere near there yet.

                                    • This village reminds me of Siren Blood Curse; undead villagers, sinister rituals and creepy atmosphere. It even has that Kuon vibe in it, a From classic also focused on the undying.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        There is a heavy coin purse on top of the building that the NPC who invites people to drink is in. you can back flip off the wall outside and grab the ledge to get on top of the building.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          As if this level wasn’t reminiscent of Bloodborne enough, at the back of the terraformed farm you can find a shrine with what I can only suppose are offerings of Precious Bait, or something like it. Of course, this bait just consists of giant slugs that resemble the phantasms littering the Fishing Hamlet.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            The only boss that I fought to get here was the mist noble. I did not encounter any apes except the monkeys surrounding the glutton boss. I also ignored the shichimin warrior that I saw.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I'm currently farming the purple ninja by the Mibu Village Idol, great farming spot if you're that far into the game. Here's some info for when his page goes up: 784 XP, 84 Sen. So far the drops have been: Pacifying Agent x1, Gokan's Sugar x1, Contact Medicine x1 and x2, Lump of Fat Wax x1 and x2. Can drop 2 Fat Wax and 2 Contact simultaneously.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                There is a guy with a basket on his head, a resident of the village that hasn't turned yet, he's in one of the other houses with a hole from the roof you can jump in. All he gives is some village information though.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  So I found myself here soon after stepping foot in Ashina Castle after the bull fight by finding the hole to the dungeon, jumping to depths, finding hidden forest, (no ape fight), and killing the mist noble. Should I turn back? Am I messing up the progression and npc quests? Or should I press on and just kill the monk? I’ve been to no other areas and the last boss I killed was Gyoubu.

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