Precious Bait


 This is precious bait.

The texture is slimy, and something resembling horns seem to jut out of it. Just the kind of bait the "master" loves.

"Ring the bell, drop the bait."

Precious Bait is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used at the Fountainhead Palace Feeding Grounds to progress the Great Colored Carp quest. See Truly Precious Bait for a related item.



 Precious Bait Uses



How to Find Precious Bait

  • 1x found under the pool of water in Guardian Ape’s Watering hole - available after you defeat Guardian Ape in the Sunken Valley. Diving is required.
  • Can be also dropped by the dogs in Fountainhead Palace even though they are a bit rare. Mibu Manor Sculptor Idol is a great place to farm these dogs.
  • Mibu Village - dive into the river next to the building with the drinking NPC and swim left to the end.
  • 3x found underwater below  Fountainhead Palace lake. Diving is required.
  • Fountainhead Palace - dive under the building where the woman is found on the rooftop, then obtain 1x by some underwater flowers between the beams that hold up the palace structures; you can also find one inside a sunken building and another across from it.



Precious Bait Notes & Tips

  • The Precious Bait looks a lot like the Pearl Slug(s) Ritual Material from Bloodborne , although there is no evidence to back this claim, save from the looks of the item itself.
  • Do not feed truly precious bait before you are done feeding precious bait.



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    • Anonymous

      Everyone complaining about the number of baits compared to the times you get rewards... no one really thinks that you may just want to feed the fish? I mean, not everything in the world have to trigger something. This is just one of those things.

      • Anonymous

        There are vertically erected tile boards in Mibu Village that appear to be placed as a baricade or warming to outsiders. These boards have a blood soaked cloth running from top to bottom and these little rascals all over the surface randomly.

        • Anonymous

          Wow, I’m surprised there’s no info about their obvious parallel to the phantasms of Bloodborne, and how the Fountainhead Palace seems to be heavily based on the Fishing Hamlet.

          • There must be something more to it, it makes no sense to hide them so good in the world and then just straight up give you three for free when you only need two.

            • Anonymous

              I believe the second one and the fifth are the same. In a river to the right of the corrupted monk and in the river next to the drinking NPC is the same place. There's no river near the true corrupted monk fight in Fountainhead Palace.

              • Anonymous

                Don't give more than 2 bait a trip. The npc rewarded me nothing for the third one because he doesn't want the master to be overfed. I suppose there's a time limit before being able to feed him again.

                • Anonymous

                  The Precious Bait can be used to feed the Great Carp by ringing the bell located next to the Feeding Grounds Buddha at Fountainhead Palace. For every single Precious Bait given to the Great Carp you can get in return a Treasure Carp Scale from the NPC that is standing near by.

                  • Anonymous

                    Just the kind of bait the "master" loves. When the sun goes down on a friday night... That's when I'll be using this item

                    • Anonymous

                      I dont know if was the bait that did it, but after i got the bait I ringed the bell that makes enemies hard and returned to the cave where you find the blood foot prints and triggered a boss fight. Have fun! ^^

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