Frozen Tears


Tears that were shed by the Divine Child of Rejuvenation once she became the cradle.

They are but frozen drops.

By having Kuro drink both the Dragon Tears and Frozen Tears, the Cradling ritual can be performed.

Cold Dragon Tears are just that.

Frozen Tears are a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This item is necessary to achieve the Dragon's Homecoming Ending upon completion of a "Stay Loyal to Kuro" playthrough


 Frozen Tears Usage

  • The Frozen Tears must be given to Kuro at Ashina Reservoir, after the final Boss Fight.
  • This unlocks the Dragon's Return (Dragon's Homecoming) Ending.


How to Find Frozen Tears

  • First: choose to "Stay Loyal to Kuro" when prompted by Owl.

  • Second: the Divine Child of Rejuvenation will give you the Frozen Tears item after finishing her questline. (Refer to her page for the specific steps required for this.)


Associated Quests

  • You must choose to "Stay Loyal to Kuro," when prompted by Owl in order to eventually obtain this item.

  • You must obtain all of the items required to finish the Divine Child of Rejuvenation's questline in order to obtain this item.


Frozen Tears Notes & Tips

  • After receiving Frozen Tears players now also receive Fine Snow in lieu of normal Rice.
  • You will recieve the tears from the Divine Child after you gain the incense from Kuro.


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    • Anonymous

      She non stop crying in her closed room after i gave her those visceras to eat. Cant enter, all i can is eavesdrop on her. Is that normal?

      • Anonymous

        Kotaros persimmon is not needed for Return ending. Im not really sure 100% with the order of how i got Frozen tear but it was something like this: 1. 1st time i met her i gave her 'infested' book, as i already had it 2. spammed rest at sculptor and getting rice from her until she became tired 3. gave her persimmon and received rice for kuro 4. gave rice to kuro and got a rice ball 5. returned to divine child and talked about rice ball, gave her persimmon (not sure, i remember i gave her 2 in total) 6. this should trigger a quest to get her another book (just past the main temple, in the cave that you went thru to get senpou esoteric text) 7. another part is getting 2 hearts - from snake boi (1st cave at the bottom of sunken valley, and 2nd from killing snake) 8. you should receive the frozen tear now Sometime during this she travels to illusion realm. As i wrote before im not 100% sure about the order, especially the 2nd half. I did all of this during the Palace part of the game

        • Anonymous

          "Giving the Child Taro Persimmon from Kotaro will make her relocate to the Illusion Temple. Talking to her here starts a quest to find the Master of Senpou Temple. He can be found in the cave outside the left exit of the temple." I never gave her taro persimmon since i want to use kotaro for the vendor guy in my ng+. She still relocated to the illusion temple and i do have her tears now while kotaro is still sitting under his tree crying. Havent finished the ng+ yet so i dont know if the ending works, but if it does this point is wrong.

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