Black Scroll


An old text describing a black Mortal Blade.

"In addition to the red Mortal Blade, there exists one that is black in color.
The blade's name is "Open Gate", and is said to hold the power to open a gate to the underworld.
It is through this power that it creates life. I beseech you, make offerings for the Dragon's Blood..."

Black Scroll is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is simply a lore note that explains about the Black Mortal Blade that Genichiro wields.


 Black Scroll Usage

  • It is simply a lore note that explains about the Black Mortal Blade that Genichiro/Owl wields.


How to Find Black Scroll


Black Scroll Notes & Tips

  • The Black Blade is theorized to be an homage to the legendary Black Blade of Muramasa.
  • Since the blade opens a gateway to the underworld, it may explain why Isshin appears out of Genichiro when used.
  • In the final cutscene of the Shura ending, Wolf (Sekiro) can be seen holding the Open Gate alongside with the Mortal Blade.



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    • Anonymous

      Chain of events: Tomoe couldn't get the red Mortal Blade from Senpou ==> She finds the black Mortal Blade somehow, somewhere ==> She reaches and returns from the Divine Realm ==> Tomoe assists with Takeru's immortal severance/beheading ==> She entrusts Genichiro with the black Mortal Blade, asking him to hide it ==> Tomoe out of the picture (either leaves for another land in secret or more likely commits suicide out of grief) ==> Sekiro defeats Genichiro ==> Genichiro exhumes the black Mortal Blade from where he hid it. Remember that the events of Sekiro take place just over a day, so the only way Genichiro could have gotten 'Open Gate' so quickly is that he knew where it was hidden, meaning it was entrusted to him.

      • Anonymous

        My question is did Genichiro loot the black mortal blade from Owl's corpse after his death or did owl kill Genichiro and take take it while we were fighting the last two bosses in the shura ending?

        • Anonymous

          Kind of wish they’d put a little more exposition into how Genichiro acquired it (or how Sekiro acquires it in the Shura ending), but maybe some future DLC will do just that. Otherwise it feels like an overly convenient out for the endings, especially if you hadn’t found the Black Scroll.

          • Anonymous

            how did Genichiro obtain the black mortal blade, what happened to him after the first fight? so many questions

            • Anonymous

              that scroll says that there is a 2nd mortal blade... but you will find out who is wielding the black ;) btw you cannot have it its just a warning

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