Gourd Seed


 Seed from which healing waters continuously spring forth. Give to Emma to increase the maximum uses of the Healing Gourd.

The twisted gourd of medicinal waters was known throughout Ashina since long ago, but it was the extraordinary healer Dogen and his pupil Emma who discovered the self-replenishing nature of this seed.

Gourd Seed is a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Gourd Seeds are required to upgrade the capacity of Sekiro's Healing Gourd, with each gourd seed acquired providing an additional charge, up to a maximum of ten. They can be found on the ground, in chests, or purchasable in shops in certain areas of the game.



Gourd Seed Usage

  • Bring this material to Emma located at the Dilapidated Temple (or Upper Tower - Kuro's Room depending on how far you've progressed the story) to upgrade your Healing Gourd.
  • Emma will change her location depending on the point of the story that you are at.
  • Emma will not upgrade your Gourd at specific points in the story.
  • If you have collected a Gourd Seed, in NG+, you will obtain different items where the Gourd Seeds were.



Gourd Seed Locations

There are a total of 9 Gourd Seeds to collect. You must collect all 9 and give them to Emma to unlock the associated Trophy.

  1. Ashina Outskirts - Drop from General Naomori Kawarada, immediately past the "Outskirts Wall - Gate Path" Sculptor's Idol
  2. Ashina Outskirts - In the building right after the Chained Ogre, just past the "Outskirts Wall - Stairway" Sculptor's Idol
  3. Ashina Outskirts - Bought from the Battlefield Memorial Mob Vendor for 1,000 Sen, located up the steps and to the right from where you fight Gyoubu Oniwa.
  4. Ashina Castle - Just before the "Upper Tower - Antechamber" Sculptor's Idol in a chest. (Hard to miss)
  5. Dilapidated Temple - One can be bought from Fujioka the Info Broker for 2,000 Sen, once he arrives.
  6. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In front of the first immortal monk you encounter in the Senpou Temple, in the first building that's filled with crickets.
  7. Sunken Valley - From the "Under-shrine Valley" Idol, progress forward until you get to the the fourth rifleman on the path. If you drop down to the poison lizard and the part where you hug the wall, you've gone too far. There is a climbable wall near where the rifleman was. Climb up the wall where you'll find two more riflemen, one of which you have to grapple up to. After defeating that rifleman, there is a wall on the left that you can climb. You'll find the gourd seed near a small hut up there.
  8. Ashina Depths - In the center of Mibu Village, by the orange glowing tree. It is guarded by multiple enemies.
  9. Fountainhead Palace - In a chest in the last room of the palace by the "Palace Grounds" Sculptor's Idol. (Hard to miss)


Gourd Seed Notes & Tips

  • Gourd Seeds can only be collected once per save file. Collected Gourd Seeds are replaced with other items on consecutive NG+ cycles.
  • There are 9 Gourd Seeds in a single game, making a total of 10 uses of the Healing Gourd.
  • If a Gourd Seed becomes inaccessible for any reason, it will appear in the offering box at the Dilapidated Temple.






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    • Anonymous

      On my second new game playthru I knew I was missing one. I went thru the list. I missed the only one labeled as “hard to miss”. Kick me while I’m down wiki!

      • Anonymous

        I gave Emma all of the gourd seeds but I didn't get the ultimate healing gourd achievement. I have 10 uses of the gourd and when I talk to Emma the game says the Gourd can't be upgraded any further. Any help?

        • Anonymous

          wow these comments are so stupid. It's surprising how many people can't do simple maths. You start with 1 gourd use, and get 9 more later.

          • Anonymous

            Well ... Actually it's 10! I do not know where I got the tenth ... But it's 10 and not 9. My Save to proof.

            • Anonymous

              there are 2 in sunken valley, just after the one mentioned above, near a lake in the snowy region by an igloo type thing with a rifleman enemy nearby

              • Anonymous

                I totally ran right past the fourth one. After barely escaping the Nightjars on the roof I was so relieved to see the Idol that nothing else registered, felt foolish later.

                • Anonymous

                  I might have missed one but I swear my game glitched. I have 7 estus flasks right now (I prefer estus haha) but at one point I had 2 in my inventory and when I talked to Emma to upgrade my gourd it let me use one and then magically I didn't have another in my inventory. Either she did a double upgrade or upgrading your gourd removes the stack of seeds from your inventory for only 1 upgrade. Just a warning incase it's bugged occasionally.

                  • Anonymous

                    I have 9 drinks in my healing gourd, but I haven't been to Fountainhead Palace, does this mean I could have 10 drinks in my healing gourd in a single playthrough?

                    • Anonymous

                      There is another Gourd Seed to be found in a chest as soon as you enter the room of Ashina Castle - Upper Tower - Antechamber Sculptor's Idol.

                      • Anonymous

                        After I battled Genichiro, Emma moved there and now she won't take my gourd seeds. Just her dialogue and end. Any fix please?

                        • Anonymous

                          Sunken Valley: From the Under-Shrine Valley bonfire make your way down until you come across a ravine with a tree root above you to grapple on to and then grapple on the other tree root to get fully across they will be an enemy there will be two paths one to the right that goes further down and one to the left leading up take the left path and climb up the will be an enemy in front of you and one to your top right grapple up to the one to your top right and climb the wall to your left there will be a hut with the Gourd Seed inside.

                          • Anonymous

                            Ashina Outskirts: In the building behind the Chained Ogre, just past the Outskirts Wall - Stairway Scultpor's Idol. Ashina Outskirts: After encountering the Nightjar Monocular, take the path to the left and you will encounter the item. This is the same seed. Isnt it?

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