Pine Resin Ember


A piece of resin that contains a continuously smoldering flame. Can be used to upgrade the Flame Vent.

The resin was found in a black pine within the forests of Mibu Village. The ever-smoldering flames acted as a landmark to find one's way to the village. In time the villagers came to loathe the flames, and the black pines were lost. Those who defended the flame were equally loathed.

Pine Resin Ember is a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Pine Resin Ember is required for upgrading Prosthetic Tools.



Pine Resin Ember Usage



Where to Find Pine Resin Ember

  • Pine Resin Ember can be found in the Ashina Depths in the Mibu Village. 
  • Direction
    • Travel to the Water Mill idol.
    • Turn around to face the village and lake. 
    • Once facing the lake, jump in and swim toward the left side where the dock is located - you can grapple up here. Once grappled up, go straight ahead and down into the ravine. The Pine Resin Ember will be located on the house at the end of the ravine.








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