Phantom Kunai


 A kunai used by Lady Butterfly that can be used to upgrade the Loaded Shuriken.

A ringing sound is heard when the kunai is thrown, and phantom butterflies appear in the kunai's trail.

Since childhood, Lady Butterfly had accumulated much experience in Usui's forest, far from civilization along Tozan Trail. His forest is filled with mist and mystifications, making it ideal for training in illusion techniques.

Phantom Kunai is a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die TwicePhantom Kunai is used to create a new prosthetic tool from the Loaded Shuriken.



Phantom Kunai Usage



Where to Find Phantom Kunai

  • Phantom Kunai is sold by the merchant Anayama the Peddler for 3,000 Sen (encountering Lady Butterfly not necessary)
  • In case that you killed Anayama the Phantom Kunai is sold for 4,500 Sen at the Offering Box in the Dilapidated Temple after killing the Divine Dragon



Phantom Kunai Notes & Tips

  • Anayama the Peddler presumably looted this from the Hirata Estate after Wolf defeated Lady Butterfly during the attack three years prior to the events of the game. 






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    • Anonymous

      Hmmmm today i will upgrade all of prosthetics for fun *clueless* *sees price on this kunai $4500* *goes back to fighting reflection inner genichiro for 2 hours*

      • When you want to spam a mini bosses health down use these over the Gouging Top. Most things can't or won't block the butterflies charge attack. Charged Gouging top gives twice as many hits per total emblam but it's all chip damage (30%) after the first hit. So gouging top does 60% of it's potential damage in vompary to the twice as expensive phantom kunai. So even with 10% less damage phantom kunai do about 30% more damage per batch of spirit emblems (your whole supply maybe 16) to an enemy that guards after the first hit. 16 spirit emblams: 10 Damage per charged spinning top 9 damage per charged phantom kunia Gouging Top is (10x0.3)x15+10=55 damage. Kunai is (10x0.9)x16=72 damage. Lazukite gouging top is on a whole other level and for spamming boss health nothing comes close to empowered mortal blade .

        • Anonymous

          Quickstep. Treat the Mibu one like a Dark Souls fight and just iframe thru her attacks. Floating passage has good dps and she has large windows

          • Anonymous

            what a bunch of assholes ... you guys doesnt know how phantom kunai waste ur emblems .. its better to use gougin shuriken ..

            • Anonymous

              I found out that using the charged attack on this and the Ceremonial Tanto will let you cheese some mini-bosses by knocking their vitality all the way down

              • Anonymous

                This upgrade is worthless mainly because of the cost in emblems,shurikens is the tool you use as a gap closer or preventing enemy posture regen,damage quickly becomes absolutely irrelevant.

                • Anonymous

                  Honestly, this upgrade isn't very good. The butterflies it summons have a tendency to miss enemies a lot of the time, and more importantly this requires 2 emblems to use instead of 1. You're better off throwing 2 gouging shuriken than throwing 1 of these.

                  • Anonymous

                    Fastest upgrade "route" to the Kunai's is as follows: Spinning Shurikens (1st, iron ?/?) --> Spring-loaded Axe (2nd, Iron 5/5) --> Aged Feather-Mist Raven (3rd, magnetite 2/2, lump of wax 1/1, gunpowder 2/2) --> Phantom Kunai's (4th, 1000 sen, 3000 sen mat from merchant, Magnetite 3/3, Wax 3/3, Iron 6/6)

                    • Anonymous

                      THIS JUST IN: just discovered how to enable these in game, you have to unlock tier 4 of your prosthetic upgrades, unlocked mine after upgrading shurikens and the axe

                      • Anonymous

                        In order to actually upgrade your kunai you have to kill gyoubou. Then you get an item which allows you to upgrade your prostetic.

                        • Anonymous

                          What if you killed the merchant in the past? He told me where to get the mist raven feather, so once I got it I went back to talk with him. He didn’t say anything else so I killed him thinking he would drop something. Then I read about how he becomes a merchant in the future. Why would they allow me to attack him and not other important npc’s? That’s so stupid.

                          • Anonymous

                            Got this phantom kunai, scrap iron, and black gunpowder but can't do anything with them. Wtf? The Sculptor only gives me 2 options when talking to him; talk or fit new prosthetic tool. I guess either a story event must take place or my dragon rot is too high? I've heard high rot will prevent NPC side quests...can anyone varify this? I have 4 Rot Essence: 1. Sculptor 2. New Peddler 3. Scared Maid 4. Fine Son My Unseen Aid is 10%

                            • Anonymous

                              I have the Phantom Kunai yet I can't upgrade it on The Sculptor... I have to add that [Spoilers] ................. He is sick so idk if it's relevant. Any help?

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