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Sekiro FAQs



When does Skiro Release? (Sekiro Release Date)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice releases on all platforms simultaneously and globally on March 22nd 2019. Sekiro is available for Pre-Order and will be playable on PC (Steam), Playstation 4 and Xbox One


What is the resolution and framerate of Sekiro?

Sekiro renders at 1080p, 30FPS on consoles, and said to have upscaling on Xbox One and PC that allows 4k.


What are the pre-order bonuses?

Players who preorder the standard edition can benefit from a special theme on Playstation.

Players can also order a physical collector's edition that features a statue, artbook, steel cover for the game, decorative map and coins.


Does Sekiro have DLC?

No DLC has been announced yet, but as with all games it is a possibility down the line. See the DLC page for information


Is there a Sekiro Demo?

Players have been able to try the game at several game shows including Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, and at special retailer store events organized by FromSoftware and Activision in Japan and the United Kingdom.

Press and Influencers have also been able to capture footage and share their impressions in advance.

More information can be found in the Alpha, Beta & Demo page.


Is Sekiro a Souls Game?

"Souls" and "Soulslike" games are an often-contended characterization, and the similarities or differences might be accepted as belonging or not depending on personal judgement. Sekiro is not a traditional RPG and puts emphasis on the "Action" tag of "Action RPG" . The game has no character creation, stats or the expected weapon/build variety of the Dark Souls series. However, players can expect to see multiple Endings and Skills and Skill Trees for customization.

The Story of Sekiro will be told in a familiar souls-like approach via items and hidden aspects, but players can expect for it to be somewhat more straight-forward as there is a set character with clear objectives.


Does Sekiro have Multiplayer?

Sekiro is a single player experience with no online coop, pvp or even asynchronous interactions. FromSoftware has stated that they wanted to focus on polishing the combat and the overall experience, which made sense as a single player game.


What is the Resurrect mechanic?

Sekiro will be able to spend an in-game currency to revive once before being sent back to the Sculptor's Idol (Checkpoint). Unlike Dark Souls, players will not lose their accumulated XP when they die, and there's no concept of "Soul Retrieval" or "Bloodstains". This mechanic does not make the runs easier, as it is very limited and players must gather more resources to use it again.


How do I ...?

Please see Controls, Combat and New Player Help for in-depth guides on how to move your character or execute actions, the game's mechanics, and overall tips on how to approach progression. You might also be interested in seeing the Game Progress Route or Maps.







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      As of 11 March, it doesn't look like resources are required to resurrect. Just getting enough kills to unlock and recharge your main resurrection charge, or getting a 2nd free charge from a Sculptor's Idol will do it. The if you have 2 charges, then use 1, the other remaining charge will be locked until you kill enough enemies. This could be anywhere from killing 10 lower level enemies to just 1 high level enemy.

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