Attack Power in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, refers to how much Vitality damage and "Posture" damage the player deals when attacking with Kusabimaru. This will improve as the player progresses the game, by offering Memories to a Sculptor's Idol. Memories are obtained by defeating Bosses.


Attack Power Information

What Attack Power Does Exactly

  • Attack Power is how much Vitality damage and "Posture" damage the player deals when attacking with Kusabimaru and Shinobi Tools.
  • Attack Power affects some tools more than others.
  • Attack Power scales better early on. This means earlier levels of Attack Power will be a larger increase than later levels.
    • Sword Damage at:
      • Attack Power 1 = 96
      • Attack Power 2 = 120 (25% increase)
      • Attack Power 3 = 144 (20% Increase)
      • Attack Power 4 = 168 (16.67% Increase)
      • Attack Power 10 = 312
      • Attack Power 11 = 336 (7.7% Increase)
      • Attack Power 97 = 692
      • Attack Power 98 = 693 (~0.144%)



Things That Increase Attack Power

  • Defeating Bosses, and offering their Memories to a Sculptor's Idol.
  • Can be bought with Skill Points after obtaining the Dancing Dragon Mask




  • Current attack power limit is set to 98 for the Mask. After that no more memories are being dropped from enemies and attack power can no longer be increased by any means (not even with skill points).

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