Attack Power in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, refers to how much Vitality damage and "Posture" damage the player deals when attacking with Kusabimaru. This will improve as the player progresses the game, by offering Memories to a Sculptor's Idol. Memories are obtained by defeating Bosses



Attack Power Information

What Attack Power Does

  • Attack Power scales how much Vitality damage and "Posture" damage the player deals with all attacks, parries, arts and Shinobi Tools.
  • The user has a hidden "base" of 4 "True" Attack Power instead of the listed 1 Attack Power; each subsequent upgrade increases true attack power by 1.
  • True Attack Power is used as a multiplier alongside other sources of damage: thus, doubling true attack power doubles damage output.
  • Attack Power breakpoints are ():
    • 1: 80 vitality damage (due to hidden base of 4 "True" Attack Power)
    • 2-14: increases vitality damage by 20 per point (340 damage at 14 attack power) 
    • 15-27: increases vitality damage by ~8 per point (443 damage at 27 attack power) 
    • 28-51: increases vitality damage by ~4 per point (540 damage at 51 attack power)
    • 52-99: increases vitality damage by ~0.8 per point (578 damage at 99 attack power) 
  • Increasing attack power also increases the posture damage you do at a nearly identical rate as vitality damage. 

Things That Increase Attack Power

  • Defeating certain Bosses, and offering their Memories to a Sculptor's Idol.  Memories are also received in NG+.
  • Can be exchanged repeatedly for 5 Skill Points after obtaining the Dancing Dragon Mask, allowing the user to invest spare Skill Points into a permanent increase into Attack Power.
  • The current attack power limit is set to 98 for the Mask. After that, if the player has no more memories, attack power can no longer be increased by any means (not even with skill points). It is possible to raise it to 99 with a memory if the user saves a memory until 98 Attack Power.

Damage Formula and Multipliers

  • The basic damage formula is as follows:
    • [Weapon/Tool Base Damage] x [Listed Attack Power +3] x [Candy Damage Buff] x [Divine Confetti] x [Body Part Damage Bonus/Penalty Multiplier]
    • Damage is rounded down if the calculation results in a fraction.
  • Base Damage
    • Basic attacks: 20; thus, at AP 1, the user deals 80 damage per swing, i.e. 20 x (1+3). At AP 2, you can deal 100 damage.
    • Running attack: 20
    • Charged Thrusts: 30 ( thus, at AP 1, the user deals 120 damage per swing, i.e. 30 x (1+3). 50% more than normal swing)
    • Jumping attacks: 5
    • Jumping Stomps: 2.5 (not affected by divine confetti)
    • Swimming attacks: ???
    • Ninja Tools: ???
  • Buffs:
  • Body Parts:
    • Striking an armored enemy: ???
    • Striking a weak point: ???
    • Striking an apparition without Divine Confetti: ???
  • Examples:
    1. A player with 15 attack power strikes a foe with a charged thrust attack while a Yashariku's Sugar is active: 
      • Damage is 30 x (15+3) x 5/4 = 675
    2. A player with 5 attack power strikes a foe with airborne attacks while a Divine Confetti and Ako's Sugar is active:
      • Damage is 5 x (5+3) x 11/8 x 9/8 = 62

    • Anonymous

      31 Jul 2020 03:55  

      Well... NG+8. I figure what the hell, I've saved over thirty memories and have 8 skill points. Let's see what 99 ATP is like. Well it's like 1. I'm rather baffled. I would have been quite content staying at 70 for the rest of my NG+ play throughs but now I'm kinda f'd. I'm pretty good but not that good. Now I have to start over? That's not very rewarding for the hours I've invested. Pretty ****ty FROM.

      • Anonymous

        27 Jun 2020 23:16  

        Can someone who did NOT cheat and raised their attack power to 99 tell me what difference it makes? Also, do enemies scale on each subsequent playthrough? Lastly, is it true that after ng+4 enemy attacks are so strong they obliterate your posture after just a few hits, or can you continue playing after ng+7 while deflecting like you do in ng?

        I ask that last question because I like the boss fights and the cinematic feel they have to them when trading blows, like an expertly choreographed fight scene in a movie. If youre just relegated to dodging and running around, getting a few random hits in here and there, kind of defeats the purpose of forcing me to play as a swordsman who actually knows how to use a sword

        • Anonymous

          30 Jan 2020 09:30  

          I am sure that enemies don't scale in NG+ with our attack power. I was doing a NG+4 charmless/demon bell at 53 attack power and as usual since NG I instant kill with a shuriken max upgraded the dogs from the senpou temple. In an other game, at 14 attack power, while I was instant killing dogs in NG+1, in NG+2 dogs are now stunned by the shuriken but they survive. Pretty cool btw to deathblow them and have some HP in return.

          • Anonymous

            13 Jan 2020 18:56  

            I double checked, manipulating attack power with Cheat Engine. (no hate, i finished it twice without any). 99 seems to be alright, but as soon as you hit 100 it'll reduce practically all attack power. Also, increasing attack power affects the posture damage more than vitality damage.

            • Anonymous

              04 Jan 2020 19:01  

              Is it true that upon reaching attack power 99 via memories on the PC, it's gonna bug out and we do damage as if we're back to attack power 0? If so, I'ma just keep it at 98. But please do let me know, thanks :D

              • Anonymous

                15 Sep 2019 05:55  

                There is a ton of conflicting info here. I am at AP 10 and considering farming to SP 14. Will this make my fight with owl easier, or will he scale up with me? Also, where can I find base damage for prosthetics? Do the sugars and confetti bluffsapply to prosthetics like the lazulite shuruiken?

                • Attack Power [Sekiro Wiki]26 Jul 2019 13:53  

                  Interesting... So attack power upgrades affect the amount of posture damage you do with every attack you successfully deflect as well?

                  • Anonymous

                    10 May 2019 07:02  

                    578 attack power is roughly 7 times your beginning attack power and the difficulty rise up to 7 times in NG+ From software employees are bunch of cheeky bastards.

                    • Anonymous

                      08 May 2019 23:07  

                      I don't know about your math ability, but according to your data, vitality damage at 27 attack power is 444, at 51 is 500 and at 99 is 538.

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Apr 2019 10:46  

                        Just did the math and if at AP1 you do 80 vitality damage, then at 14 you do 856, at 27 it's 2328, at 51 it's 5967 and at 99 you do 8747. So at AP99 you'd be almost 110 times as strong as you were in the beginning of the game. Yeah, that should make a difference.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Apr 2019 01:21  

                          Pretty sure that +37.5% damage to all targets is wrong and that's just the bonus against apparitions. The damage increase against normal enemies is supposedly +25%, with a few undead/monster outliers being +31%.

                          • Anonymous

                            19 Apr 2019 17:38  

                            there is a bug , when you get 99 AP, damage become zero(like 0 AP, only base damage), but at 97 AP damage is very high!

                            • Anonymous

                              18 Apr 2019 19:31  

                              It seems like combat art damage is not so straightforward. At Attack Power 6 the terror throwing mobs in Mibu village dies from one simple attack, but they do not die from the first hit of the Whirlwind slash...

                              • Anonymous

                                15 Apr 2019 02:20  

                                Alright, I did again some testing with a modded save file on PS4 on NG. I set my Attack Power to 99. Bosses, especially the early bosses, fall extremely quickly. One shadow rush completely filled up Lady Butterfly's posture bar. IMPORTANT: Additionally it seemed to me that attack power also increases the amount of posture damage you deal upon properly deflecting enemy attacks. This should be further examined and added to the page, of true.

                                • Anonymous

                                  10 Apr 2019 13:38  

                                  Hey im really far in the game and have attack power of 11 and used Battle memory up until the demon where you fight the first horse boss whats going on?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    06 Apr 2019 10:32  

                                    I did some testing. I grinded my attack power to 20 before tackling the demon of hatred and each hit did deplete his health significantly more than when my attack power was at 12.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      04 Apr 2019 18:44  

                                      Attack power doesn't seem to make much difference on bosses. It does make regular enemies trivial and kind of ruins the game if you increase your attack power too much.

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