NPCs and Characters in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are the various people that you find throughout your journey. These Characters and NPCs may trade with you, give you Quests and Side Quests, or share parts of the Story and Lore for you to piece together. 

FromSoftware has revealed that players can expect to see NPC questlines similar to those found in the Souls series, which would mean NPCs provide optional objectives that can be failed and alter the NPC spawn locations, their attitude towards the player character, and their own story progression. Some NPCs found in the world will later move to the the Dilapidated Temple hub, and talking to them can progress their quests. It is not yet known if NPC quests will have an impact on the game's multiple Endings.

  • Please see Enemies and Bosses for hostile characters.
  • Please click the spoiler tag below for a quick alphabetical list of known NPCs.


Sekiro Playable Characters


sekiro player character sekiro wiki guide A shinobi who serves the prince. Calm and quiet as the law commands, but also capable of great brutality to achieve missions. Just like the wolf never embraces and just kills, so would an excellent shinobi. At the start of this story, they find themselves beaten by Ashina’s commander, losing both prince and left arm, which is replaced by a shinobi arm prosthetic. “The Lord is absolute, protect with your life” is the principle by which shinobi live. The law demands rescue, and vengeance. See Equipment for available gear and Skills and Skill Trees for Character Progression.


Sekiro Major Characters and NPCs

Kuro, the Divine Heir

prince npc sekiro wiki guideThe only surviving descendant of an ancient clan. The Prince was raised in seclusion as a Shinobi, and adoptive son of Ashina’s minister Hirata. He appears calm and strong-willed beyond his years, with a dignified appearance and gentle demeanor. He was captured by the Ashina clan due to his unique ancestry.


the sculptor npc sekiro wiki guide

The Sculptor, or Busshi of Aredera as he is referred to by promotional material, is the exiled sculptor of the Dilapidated Temple. He is a taciturn, ill-mannered old man who spends his days living as a hermit inside a dilapidated temple located deep within the mountains near Ashina Castle. For reasons unknown, he chooses to assist Sekiro on his quest by fitting him with a Shinobi Prosthetic after the Wolf lost his arm. When not directly aiding Sekiro by offering to add new Tools of Upgrades to his arm, he spends most of his time carving warped, furious-looking statues of the Buddha.


emma sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide two

A former student of the renowned physician Dogen, Emma is a healer that can be found at the Dilapidated Temple. She will assist Sekiro by improving his Healing Gourd in exchange for Gourd Seeds.

Sekiro Minor Characters and NPCs

Hanbei The Undying

hanbei the undying sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide two

Hanbei The Undying is an unkillable NPC who will assist Sekiro in combat training, acting as a "combat dummy" for the player to test acquired skills and moves. Though undying—or, rather: infested as he puts it—his one and only wish is to find peace... which you may be able to grant, should you choose.


kotaro npc sekiro wiki guide

A peaceful, child-like monk suffering from a terrible headache. He is searching for a pure white flower.

Inosuke Nogami

inosuke nogami sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide two

A dying warrior of the Ashina Clan who barely survived an encounter with Lady Butterfly. He now lives only to care for his sickly mother.

Inosuke Nogami's Mother

inosuke nogamis mother sekiro

A senile old woman, burdened by the bell she holds onto and the disappearance of her son.

Battlefield Memorial Mob

battlefield memorial mob two sekiro wiki guide

A merchant found near a battlefield; his group sell their wares as offerings for the dead.

Anayama the Peddler

anayama the peddler sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide two

Sitting under a large gate, this former-thief will remind you of past events, in exchange for funding his business.

Tengu of Ashina

tengu sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide

A powerful warrior who wears a mask and armor stylized after the Tengu of Japanese folklore. When first encountered, he is busily dispatching the "Rats" which have infiltrated Ashina Castle.

Crow's Bed Memorial Mob

crows bed memorial mob npc sekiro wiki guide

A merchant with a fondness for crows; his group make sell their wares as offerings to the dead.

Nogami Gensai

nogami gensai npc sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide

A noble warrior who stood with the Ashina Clan, and is dedicated to protecting his young lord no matter the cost.

Pot Noble Harunaga

pot noble harunaga sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide

A mysterious merchant who lives inside a pot. He will exchange special items for rare, treasured scales.

"Old Hag"

old woman

A mysterious "Old Hag" found in several different areas of the game. She will trade you valuable information for offerings of Rice.

Jinzaemon Kumano

jinzaemon kumano three sekiro wiki guide

A warrior dedicated to protecting and patrolling the moat around Ashina Castle. He is enchanted by a song only he can hear.

The Owl

the owl npc sekiro wiki guide

A master shinobi who adopted and mentored Sekiro after the war. His entire life revolves around upholding the Iron Code and protecting Kuro.


doujun npc abandoned dungeon sekiro wiki guide 300px

A former disciple of Dogen who is found in the Abandoned Dungeon. He is covered from head-to-toe in bloodstained white robes, and requests Sekiro to help him find willing subjects for his new master, the mysterious physician Dosaku.

Blackhat Badger

blackheart badger1

A fugitive "Rat" that acts as a merchant within Ashina Castle. He is searching for something, and has business within the castle.

Fujioka the Info Broker

fujioka the info broker merchant sekiro wiki guide 300px

A merchant and information broker hiding in Ashina Castle.

Abandoned Dungeon Memorial Mob

dungeon memorial mob npc merchant sekiro wiki guide 300px

A merchant just outside the Abandoned Dungeon entrance.

Shugendo Memorial Mob

shugendo memorial mob2 

 A merchant located by going left and down from the Shugendo Idol in Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo.

Isshin Ashina

 ashina isshin npc1

The frail, aging lord of Ashina, who has been secreted away inside a guard tower within the castle for quite some time.

Illusory Hall Monk

illusory hall monk1

A Monk who found his way to the Halls of Illusion, and decided to stay.

Divine Child of Rejuvenation

 divine child of rejuvenation1

One of several dozen children experimented on with the False Waters of Life.

Toxic Memorial Mob

toxic memorial mob1 

A sickly merchant located by going to the depths of the Sunken Valley, where the poison swamps are located.

Exiled Memorial Mob

exiled merchant 2 

A merchant can be found at Ashina Depths, sells Dragonspring Sake, Mottled Purple Gourd etc.

Dying Ashigaru

sekiro dying man2 

A dying Interior Ministry footsoldier.

Dying Buddhist

sekiro dying man1 

An old, dying Buddhist found on the outskirts of Mibu Village, in the Hidden Forest.

Master of Senpou Temple

master of senpou temple

The immortal master of the Senpou Sect. Unlike his compatriots, he seemingly regrets all the Sect has done in their mad quest for immortality.

Old Priestess

old hag sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide 

A mysterious old priestess found in Ashina after Tengu has moved from his original spot.

Basket Wearer Shosuke

basket wearer shosuke 

A jittery, frightened member of Mibu Village who has somehow managed to escape the effects of its tainted waters. He wears a straw-woven basket on his head, and provides information on Mibu Village and its occupants.

Head Priest of Mibu Village

mibu priest1

A man more obsessed with slaking his thirst than answering the prayers of his people, he spends his days locked away inside the village temple while muttering to himself about water and sake.

Pot Noble Koremori

pot noble koremori

Another mysterious merchant who lives inside a pot. He will exchange special items for rare, treasured scales.

Daughters of the Carp Attendant

fountainhead palace old woman 

A pair of twins found in the Fountainhead Palace. They are equal parts lamenting, and suspicious of, what they believe the Palace Nobles are doing to their father.

Great Carp Attendant

great carp attendant

A man found in the Fountainhead Palace. His sole occupation seems to be taking care of and feeding the Great Carp found in the waters of the Palace.



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    • Anonymous

      There is another old woman in Fountainhead Palace and says she has a job inside but too old to open to palace's doors. She asks to you.

      She was under okami leader i think. Not exactly under her but around there

      • Anonymous

        What about the lady in the tapestry when you first visit Senpou Temple ? She doesn't do anything else at all and is uninteractable with after that first conversation though.

        • The Exiled Memorial Mob doesn't appear under "Please click the spoiler tag below for a quick alphabetical list of known NPCs.". Can someone fix it? I don't know how.

          • POTENTIAL SPOILER? For those wondering... If you kill the guy who feeds the Great Coloured Carp (I killed him after I killed the Carp and exhausted all his dialogue). Then you gain nothing in doing so, apart from 120 Sen and 0 xp. I thought he might have something drop for you if you do kill him, seeing as he has deathblows, like a secret optional mini boss. But all you get is 120 Sen. I killed him so you guy don't have to do so yourselves :) But if you want to kill him, his moveset is the exact same as the Chained Ogres

            • Anonymous

              You can get 5 treasure carp scales from the head priest of mibu If you give him water from the temple (last area) and killing him after he is transformed. But didnt remember where I exacly geht the water.

              • Anonymous

                is anyone ever talk to master of senpou temple on senpou place before you want to fight monkey ? this my first time after on NG+4.... My way is after go ashina castel (after fight with Blazing Bull) I go to abandoned dungeon and go to ashina depth after that I fight with Corrupted Monk and I go to Senpou to get immortal blade but before fight with Monkeys he sit on front Buddha Statue Main hall close to bell to fight monkey.

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                  probably should roll memorial mob into one page they are all functionally identical besides location and dragonrot.

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                      Jesus Christ, this page needed cleaning up badly -- the "Lost Child" NPC is Kotaro, while the "The Faithful One" and first "????" refer to the "Old Hag" you find in multiple areas of the game.

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                        If you immediately go to Senpou Temple after beating Gyoubu, you can meet the High Priest of the Senpou Sect where you normally find the Illusory bell. He gives you a Holy Chapter: Infested

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                          High priest on ashina depths that close water cave hill u can kill him. after give him water of palace he will give you "Dragonspring sake" and after that he will drink the thing we give and go rest and go to him again and he will be change to enemies like on fountainhead palace with red clothes and you can't talk to him again but u can kill him and you will get 5 treasure carp scales.

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                            SPOILER After you finish Pot Noble Harunaga's Quest ,go and visit the Guardian Ape's Watering Hole again . With the item you find you can finish the Quest of the Fish Father and his Daugther.

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