Shichimen Warrior(七面武者, Warrior With Seven Faces) is a Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Mini-Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named, and have usually 2 or more health bars. This means they require at least 2 Deathblows in order to kill, they are generally much more difficult than normal enemies, and they drop some of the best loot in the game.


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Strategy Writeup

Attention: buying the Anti-Air Deathblow Text from Blackhat Badger will trivialize fights against these mini-bosses, as they allow you to Deathblow them in mid-air regardless of their Posture.

Just like the Headless fight, you'll need at least 2-3 Divine Confetti in order to beat this boss. The fight is pretty straightforward, be as aggressive as possible. When he deflects one of your attacks, he will turn invisible and move backward, DO NOT FOLLOW HIM. You will die if you do. He will reappear again somewhere in the area so keep on circling around until you find him, After reappearing he will shoot a beam on you, to counter this simply deflect the beam, run in again, attack, until he disappears again. Rinse and repeat. If you do this properly he won't be able to do his other attacks. In the off chance where you ran out of Divine Confetti while fighting him, you can still beat it using Prosthetic Tools.

Start the fight by using Divine Confetti and if you like an Ako's Sugar. Jump down the hole and sprint to the boss coming in at an angle to avoid the terror orbs that spawns directly in front of the Shichimen Warrior. Attack the boss several times, backing away once your terror bar is about halfway or so. Depending on your attack power, players may be able to break his terror ring and continue attacking him until he attacks back. Once he teleports he will throw small skulls that will somewhat track; avoid them by running to the side of them. Blocking them will increase your terror bar. If he shoots his terror laser at you pick a direction and continue running at the side to avoid this. Players can deflect this attack also negating the terror buildup; however, if its mistimed you will take chip damage and normal terror buildup. When he uses his large terror ball and triple terror ball, run away from him at an angle.

Alternative Strategy: Later in the game, you can get the Shinobi Tool upgrade Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella. This tool makes the mini-boss very easy for two reasons: 1) the Lilac Umbrella can block all of the Terror orbs, as well as the beam (even while moving); and 2) if you have the skill Projected Force, you can then strike the boss for heavy damage while using the Umbrella which will stun them for several normal attacks. Additionally, landing the Projected Force attack while the Shichimen Warrior is in midair will fill his stagger gauge instantly, leaving him vulnerable to a deathblow. While Divine Confetti is unnecessary with this Shinobi Tool upgrade, but still helps a lot.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Floating Terror Orbs The Shichimen Warrior sends out a number of blue orbs in all directions. These orbs will slowly converge towards the player. When touching an orb it will pop  dealing damage and induce a small amount of terror in the player. You will need to avoid these and move away when they get too close.
Staff Smack the Shichimen Warrior will swing his staff towards you inflicting damage. This attack can be deflected.
Bullet Souls The Shichimen Warrior will point his staff towards the player and shoot multiple fast-moving projectiles that resemble human faces that deal damage and induce a small amount of Terror. These can be avoided by simply sprinting towards the warrior at a slight angle. You can avoid this attack entirely while standing right next to the warrior as the attacks hit-box begins at the tip of his staff, this allows you to attack him multiple times until the animation finishes.
Jumping Bullet Souls The Shichimen Warrior will jump into the air and fire Bullet Souls at the player. These
Large Terror Orb The Shichimen Warrior will raise his staff into the air and channel a number of souls into a large orb for a short time. The orb will launch at the player at a moderate speed where it will explode upon contact dealing damage and induce a large amount of terror. This can be avoided by running perpendicular to the warrior until it get close at which point you should sprint towards the warrior as the attack cannot make sharp turns. If you are using Divine Confetti you can stun the warrior by hitting it 3-5 times, disrupting this attack animation.
Terror Beam When attacking the Shichimen Warrior he will deflect your attack then slowly walk back and disappear. He will then reappear at a location around the arena  and begin to channel a number of souls into the tip of his staff. After charging he will launch a fast-moving, purple laser towards the player that deals massive damage and induces massive Terror build-up (almost always resulting in a terror proc). This attack can avoided from a distance by sprinting at a slight angle towards the warrior as teh beam will be aimed slightly behind your current location while sprinting. If you are close to the warrior, you MUST deflect this attack then sprint towards him to attack (NOTE: even though the attack is a beam you only need to deflect it once to negate all damage).
Phase 2
Phase 1 The Shihcimen Warrior will retain all attacks from Phase 1.
Large Terror Orb x3 The Shichimen Warrior will raise his staff into the air and surround himself with a blue aura while channeling a large number of souls into three large orbs for about 5 seconds. The orbs will all be launched toward the player at a moderate speed with a short delay between when they are launched. This can be avoided by running perpendicular to the warrior until it get close at which point you should sprint towards the warrior as the attack cannot make sharp turns. If you are using Divine Confetti you can stun the warrior by hitting it 3-5 times, disrupting this attack animation.



Shichimen Warrior Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

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Shichimen Warrior Notes & Trivia

  • Prosthetic Tools deals damage to ghost-like enemies.

  • The Guardian Ape's Burrow shrine will not be able to be warped to after severing his immortality. After defeating the Shichimen Warrior located there, the shrine will return to normal.

  • Fujioka The Info Broker will sell you the Valley Apparition's Memo which alludes to the Shichimen Warrior that has appeared in the den.
  • The one in Fountainhead Palace is vulnerable to a stealth deathblow under the following conditions: a)he has not detected you. So approach from the rocks besides him, but kill all the dogs there while you´re still in the water. The one which is standing on the rocks will jump down to you, don´t fight it on the rocks. b) you must jump down onto him from the small protrusion in the rock edge above him, otherwise the deathblow prompt will not appear. In order to fight him without the 2 dogs nearby intervening, kill those before the deathblow, too.


Shichimen Warrior Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      19 May 2019 20:20  

      I think more important than the sugars is taking a hit off the Mottled Purple Gourd or downing a Pacifying Agent right before the fight and if you terror gauge fills up over half way.

      • Anonymous

        19 May 2019 06:12  

        in regards to the beam, if you're in melee range, *as in whacking the hell out of him,* it doesn't hit you. so do very much run to where he spawns, unlike what the tips and stuff says.

        • Anonymous

          22 Apr 2019 15:35  

          The only one that keeps dropping unique items (Lapis Lazuli) in NG+ cycles is the one in Fountainhead. The other two drop coin purses.

          • Anonymous

            20 Apr 2019 21:26  

            This bullet stormer isn’t as bad as you might think. It’s sometimes easy to forget, but Sekiro is lightning fast on his feet, and you can outrun basically any of his projectiles if you run perpendicular to his attacks, or basically in circles around him.

            • 17 Apr 2019 11:05  

              Struggling with anti air? Not an umbrella person? I've discovered another cheese for the Shichimen warriors if you're struggling. Just pop confetti (and maybe Ako's sugar) and spam whirlwind slash until he disappears and goes to do the beam move. Then just sprint to where he spawns and repeat. The confetti, combined with the 180° area of WS will clear the orbs along with stun-locking him. He might get off a sweep attack, but it's pretty rare and you can spam through it. Just did this twice in a row for the one in the dungeon and ape den.

              • Anonymous

                15 Apr 2019 04:38  

                Yo you don't need any strategy if you have the shield upgraded to block all apparition attacks. Then just hold it, walk up and attack. Rinse and repeat.

                • Anonymous

                  14 Apr 2019 14:31  

                  If you know where their teleport spawns are, it’s easy to run over and get right up close to avoid being hit by the beam. Then just continue smacking away.

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Apr 2019 15:34  

                    I killed the Headless Ape and he didn't appear. He appear onle after i bought Valley Apparition's Memo from Fujioka The Info Broker

                    • Anonymous

                      10 Apr 2019 08:13  

                      Run out of confetti and no recommended skill/prosthetic available? Go stay close to him be sure you block his staff attacks and aware on small and 1 large terror/skull orbs and he will try to move away from you.

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Apr 2019 02:08  

                        It is not possible to get to the abandoned dungeon schichmen if you haven’t unlocked the bottomless pit idol by endgame. I’ve tried everything.

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Apr 2019 22:53  

                          These fights are absolutely easy. Purple umbrella plus projected force. Use it as soon as the boss jumps and it's an insta-deathblow. I consistently did it on all three of them.

                          • Anonymous

                            06 Apr 2019 22:51  

                            just a heads up anti air deathblow does not proc if you are not using divine confetti. For me it did not proc when I ran out of confetti charge.

                            • Anonymous

                              05 Apr 2019 02:56  

                              Lilac Umbrella trivializes the fight. Literally killed all 3 without taking any damage by just blocking 95% of the fight then using the other 5% of the fight unleashing the built up "bullets" the Umbrella absorbs to destroy it's Posture with 2 unleashes. Umbrella's had no use for me for the whole game besides the gun-fort but damn I'm glad I'm unlocking everything or I'd be in a sticky situation.

                              • Anonymous

                                04 Apr 2019 21:46  

                                Anti-Air Deathblow does *not* in fact make these fights "trivial". I can only assume that whoever wrote the strategy guide for this has never actually fought one of these enemies using said tactic, because if they had, they'd of course be aware of the fact that it fails to trigger 9/10 times, and when it *does* trigger, it's easily missable because of their relentless spam. The only consistent tactic is to overpower them using Confetti with Ako's Sugar and going ham - ideally distracting them with the Firecracker and deflecting their swings.

                                • Anonymous

                                  02 Apr 2019 16:17  

                                  Projected force is awful for this, at least for the one at fountainhead. It deals very little damage and removes your confetti buff.

                                  • 02 Apr 2019 08:56  

                                    The one in Fountainhead Palace can be jumped down on from above to get an easy first deathblow. Unfortunately he's also glitched and his name will appear in the top-left of the screen long before the fight starts, alerting him and causing stopping you from doing the initial deathblow. If you have this issue, start from the "Palace Grounds" Idol and backtrack through the building towards the "Great Sakura" Idol. When you leave the building, you'll notice the warrior's health bar briefly at the top of your screen. He now has been alerted. Head to the right and you'll see a large branch sticking out of the waterfall. Grapple onto it and turn around. Grapple back up to where you were and go to the other side of the door. Looking down the waterfall you'll see the warrior and several blue glowing orbs in the river. You can now dash off the cliff (A jump might not make it) and attack as soon as you see the red indicator. Keep in mind, the indicator doesn't appear until just before you hit the ground. Make sure to time it right. If done correctly, you'll stab the warrior from above and have taken no fall damage. He'll be one life short and teleport to the far side of the river.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      31 Mar 2019 09:06  

                                      If you jump from really high up, like from the top of the tree you can reach above the building at the palace grounds Idol, you can do a deathblow from above

                                      • 31 Mar 2019 07:11  

                                        Just like in the headless fights, malcontents ring will stagger these guys and leave them open to serious damage for a good while, trivializing the fight (just in case you aren't have any luck with the anti-air deathblow strategy). Still recommended to use Ako's sugar, pacifying agent/mottled purple gourd, and divine confetti.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          31 Mar 2019 06:31  

                                          I didn't know Confetti deals huge extra damage and capable of clearing out those annoying terror balls, I was saving it for the Headless, so I defeated all of them without Confetti. On NG2 I tried using it and was surprised that I was greatly handicapping myself fighting this guy without Confetti.

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