Juzou the Drunkard

juzou the drunkard boss icon sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide
Location Hirata Estate
Deathblow Markers 2
Weakness Co-Op
Flame Vent
XP NG: 212
NG+: 2120
Reward Unrefined Sake
Prayer Bead

Juzou the Drunkard(うわばみの重蔵,  Juzou the Drunkard or Juzou the Python for a more literal translation) is a Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This Complete Juzou the Drunkard Mini-Boss Guide gives you strategies on how to beat Juzou easily, as well as tips, tricks and lore notes. Mini-Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named, and have 2 or more health bars. This means they require at least 2 Deathblows in order to kill, they are generally much more difficult than normal enemies, and they drop some of the best loot in the game.

He can be fought with the aid of the nearby NPC Nogami Gensai, who is likely to die during the fight. No reward is given for keeping him alive, however. If you talk to the samurai NPC before starting the fight and snuck trough the building on the left, you can backstab Juzou while Nogami is doing his speech



Juzou the Drunkard Location

Where to find Juzou the Drunkard in Sekiro?



Juzou the Drunkard Rewards

What do you get from defeating Juzou the Drunkard in Sekiro?



Juzou the Drunkard Rewards (Hirata Revisited) 

What do you get from defeating Juzou the Drunkard in Sekiro?



Juzou the Drunkard Notes & Tips

  • A similar (and optional) mini-boss, Tokujiro the Glutton, can be fought after the Hidden Forest Idol in Ashina Depths.
  • A similar (and optional) mini-boss, Shigekichi of the Red Guard, can be fought in the Ashina Outskirts near the end of the game in the area just past where the player fought the Chained Ogre at the start of the game. Shigekichi uses fire rather than poison-based attacks and wears armor that can be stripped away using the Loaded Spear.
  • Juzou himself can be fought a second time when revisiting the Hirata Estate memory using the Father's Bell Charm while going for the Purification Ending. This version features different allies, including a white-hooded ninja and this time there is no friendly NPC to fight with you. Juzous and the ninja can be eavesdropped for additional lore on the Hirata attack.
  • In the game's collectible artbook, Juzou (and possibly Tokujiro) was referred to as Shura Samurai. 
  • Juzou can be set on fire rather easily, and helps to eat away at his rather large Vitality pool.



Juzou the Drunkard Lore

  • As per Seventh Prayer Necklace description, Juzou the Drunkard, an unrivaled sumo wrestler that once served "a great feudal lord". He was later dismissed after giving to drink and fell to a life of brigandry. As such, he was dubbed Juzou the Drunkard.
  • He is referred to as "Lord Juzou" by the bandits outside the shrine to Buddha where the Shinobi Axe of the Monkey can be found, implying he is the leader of the bandits attacking Hirata.



Juzou the Drunkard Mini-Boss Guide Strategies

Sekiro Juzou the Drunkard Video Strategies



Sekiro Juzou the Drunkard Strategy Writeup

The most effective way to defeat Juzou is by thinning out some of his bandits on the left-hand side and then clearing out all other enemies besides Juzou, avoiding him until this is done. When facing Juzou, play defensively, deflecting his slower and more telegraphed attacks to build up his posture bar while avoiding his perilous sweep and grab attacks. 

During the fight he will drink and coat his blade with poison. Use this downtime to dash towards him and use counter attacks to chip away his health; the Chasing Slice Prosthetic Art is particularly useful to close this gap when used in conjunction with the Loaded Shuriken, and it is a good alternative from counter attacks when being too far from Juzou. Additionally, Nightjar Slash works much the same way, closing the gap rather quickly. So consider using it for this fight.

When fighting Juzou without the recruiting Nogami Gensai, dodge often and be sure to strike him when he drinks from his jug or coats his weapon. You'll need a good mix dodging and deflecting in order to beat him, and you should consider stepping into some of his slower more telegraphed attacks in order to build his Posture Gauge.


Using the aid of Nogami Gensai

If the fight is done by requesting the aid of the NPC Nogami Gensai from the start, he will prioritize the other bandits instead of Juzou, which can be useful to isolate Juzou from the other enemies. Alternatively, the player can opt to wait and request his aid once knocking out a bar of Juzou's health with a Deathblow, allowing him to fight at full force. Keep Juzou in between Sekiro and the Nogami and just alternate attacks to keep the NPC alive and quickly defeat Juzou.


Exploiting Juzou's AI

It is possible to put Juzou into idle mode if Sekiro runs through the fenced hallway on the left side of the arena, typically standing in the doorway of the small house. This can be useful to separate him from his followers, giving a chance to pick them off.  Doing this also allows for a single stealth Deathblow, making the battle much easier. Be aware that this only works once, as putting him into idle mode again will cause him to recover all healthbars.


Juzou the Drunkard Image Gallery 

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    • Anonymous

      In what ****ING world can you backstab this ***** while Nogami is doing his speech? He always instantly rushes to Nogami, and when you try to backstab him, he's instantly alerted no matter what!

      • Anonymous

        I like how I can beat the gauntlets but still struggle with this guy because they always give him a gank squad. I just don't care for learning a boss's moveset if I have to go through ten other guys first. It's annoying.

        • Anonymous

          First time fighting this guy was the earliest you can possibly fight him, I got my ass whooped. Second time fighting him after defeating Gyoubu, I absolutely destroyed him. Then I lost hard to lady butterfly, lol.

          • Anonymous

            Delayed finger whistle works for backstabbing the assassin in second juzou, just lock on to him, hold the prosthetic button so it does the delayed version, and quickly hide under the platform leading to the building on the leftmost side of the arena. When he hears the whistle, wait for him to finish investigating, and after that you can backstab him as he goes back to his original position. This could aggro juzou himself though, so be prepared for that.

            • Anonymous

              Easy cheese: kill everyone in the first area then lure both the assassin and juzou to the pond and wait for them to try to retreat. Try to separate the two by constantly hitting juzou while the assassin retreats. Then just keep hitting judo until his posture builds up to deathblow. Rinse and repeat

              • Anonymous

                for the 2nd Juzou fight it was super easy 1st try, this is what I did: took out all the bandits in the left building (stealth kill the 1st on the porch, sneak around the outside left of the building to enter back through the walkway and jumped behind the others to engage with a stealth kill and quickly took out others - you could also just use ninjutsu to reset stealth kill all of them). Then went through the building down the hallway to get behind where Juzou was standing in the 1st fight with the shield guys, stealth killed the 1 archer there, quickly ran up to the other.. at this point I have aggro from Juzou and the assassin, so then what I did was ran around to the pond around the stone to try to drag the assassin closer while keeping Juzou on the other side.. meanwhile fighting the assassin carefully.. but once Juzou started to lose interest (only like 30 seconds) I ran back into the building and fought the assassin in the 1st room. Juzou just went back to his default position and forgot about me. After killing the vilehand assassin you can sneak up and stealth deathblow 1 of his health bars then do the fight from there which is 1 of the easiest bosses/minibosses in the game imo. You can dodge to the side of most of his big attacks easily and if you go out at range he chugs his poison a lot which is just free damage basically

                • Anonymous

                  The first time fighting him is significantly harder because of enemy placement, but the second time is much easier if you can clear out the left hand building, and then puppet the Lone Shadow

                  • Anonymous

                    If the NPC survives he just dies after the fight with the same dialog "I've... failed... Lord... Ku... ro..." but you DIDNT WE DID IT YOU TWAT

                    • Anonymous

                      R1 spammed him to death, lol. Lure him to the lake and start spamming R1 on him, he will always block you without retaliation and his posture meter will eventually get filled, works on both phases

                      • Anonymous

                        Fun fact: You can perform a Ninjutsu on him when hitting him with the second death blow. Not very useful, but it's still funny to see a miniboss turned into a puppet.

                        • The sacred flame Lazulite charged and the capacity of the life force seems to be very functional against it to decrease its HP quickly, but I need to do more tests

                          • Anonymous

                            This guy is easy. I beat him the first time I tried without sneak attack him first. Just keep running around .

                            • Anonymous

                              It's easy really. Lure all of his soldiers towards you and kill them before fighting him. Just run away if he gets aggroed. When you've killed them all, sneak up behind Juzou and deathblow him, and then you run towards Nogami Gensai, skip all his dialogue and start fighting Juzou.

                              • Anonymous

                                people are talking about strats to kill him and i'm just like: "Did anybody notice his HUGE BALLS DURING STOMP ATTACK??"

                                • Anonymous

                                  If you have to fight him in the 2nd bell memory to get the purification ending, kill the guys in the room on the left, stealth kill the other two grunts. Aggro juzuo and the samurai guy you can eavesdrop on to the water area, when the stop following you stealth kill the samurai, which will aggro juzuo. Then go back to the water and wait unti juzuo stops following you. Backstab juzuo. Use your shuriken to get his health down to roughly 25 percent. Use the ceremonial tanto to get more spirit emblems and hit him with as many shuriken as you can. To finish him off toss fist fulls of ash in his face and get in free hits. Worked on new game plus pretty easily.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    My 50 cents Kill all the mobs, then lock on Juzou and keep running all time, just let him do his attacks, no need to dodge/jump, just run away from him, but keep in reasonable distance, when he begins to drink, close up and give him few slashes (2 - 3), rince and repeat. While he's about 1/3 of health, he'll stop drinking, but you can attack him after his hard attacks when he leaves his sword in the ground or you can unload all your shurikens into him, which should be enough for first health bar. Then do it again, as his movement doesn't change (and he'll start drinking again). I beat him on the first try (it took me a while "inventing" this tactic so I almost die there) which is unbelievable because I totally sucks on all other bosses.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Any tips for beating him in Purification ending? Mainly i have troubles with that ninja guy that stacks poison on you and chases you to death.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I found out a way to do it without taking damage, just make Juzou follow you behind the left side of the building, there's a dead ending road without anything but a little step with a U form around a fire, jump on this step and Juzou won't follow you but He will stay just in front of this step doing nothing until you hit him, then the strategy is to hit him and retreat to avoid the attach, repeat until you take off all his life and do the finishing blow :) i hope you understand because i'm not english native...

                                        • One very reliable method for me was: 1) Take out all random mobs around the perimeter one by one. I started thinning the herd from the left and working my way to the back of the area, then killing the shielded mob. 2) Might need to do some running around and hiding, waiting for enemies to reset, then picking one off again and repeating the until only Juzou the Fatass is alone. 3) I didn't enlist the NPC, but feel free to do so. 4) Throw oil at him, then blast the miniboss with Flame Vent (can be found earlier in Hirata Estate level, in a bofire) 5) While he is engulfed in flames, hit him with your hardest hitting attacks. I used Whirlwind Slash and Ichimonji) 6) Rinse and repeat. It is advisable to do steps 4-5 when he is coating his blade with poison or spitting it. Super easy to sidestep that, since it has such a long wind up.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            No real need to face his minions at all. Left corridor, shuriken on shielded guy. Wait till he also is alarmed. Sneak back, gravel hook on the rock on the left of the npc. Only he will come for you. Fight him in the water alongside npc. Found the fight to be quite easy then. On the way up to his area you should also clean out the archers.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              That crow feather teleport thingy straight up wrecks him. Pop it when he's about to hit, teleport behind him and "nothing personnel" the fatty to death.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                This guy really gave me a headache yesterday...the best option by far imo is to stick to the NPC once the lackeys are taken care of.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  The best way to kill him is to kill all the small enemies while running away from him, after you did that lose him that way you can perform a stealth attack behind his back, and for the last part run to Nogami talk to him quickly and proceed to smash some fatso's ass.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I managed to get a 1v1 fight with Juzoh, by luring his lackeys to me one at a time with shurikens. If you keep your distance, remain crouched and target one of the guys with a shuriken, you can easily separate them from the group and pick them off one by one, leaving you with just Juzoh, and all the time you need to enlist the help of the NPC.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      god his hitbox is so *****ing broken. every time i dodge his downward chop ill be a foot away from the blade and still die

                                                      • there is a "reset line" on the water next to the flaming building where you came from. if you fight him there he wont be too agressive and you can stab him (maintain RB) when he walk back to his spawn

                                                        • I've found a pretty reliable method to do this alone. Step One: Thin out bandits Step Two: Lure him out, and make him reset. Step Three: Shinobi Stealth Blow Step Four: Hug the booty, just like dark souls.

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