Nightjar Slash

Emblem Cost 0
SP Required 2
Effect Perform a spinning leap attack
Skill Type Combat Arts
Skill Tree Prosthetic Arts

Nightjar Slash is a skill in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this type of skill is a Combat Arts Skill that is under the Prosthetic Arts Skill Tree. Each Skill Tree consists of a variety of skills that are categorized as Combat Arts, Shinobi Martial Arts, and Latent Skills that will allow players to alter and customize Sekiro's overall effectiveness in combat and survivability.

These skills can be unlocked by spending gained Skill Points at a Sculptor's Idol.



 Acquires the Combat Art "Nightjar Slash".

A spinning leap attack that can quickly close or create distance from foes. A technique of the Nightjar Clan, the Shinobi who serves Ashina.

The Nightjar use the weight of their massive shuriken to add force to the blow. The Shinobi Prosthetic is made of heavy steel and can be used in a similar capacity.


How to Acquire Nightjar Slash

  • Nightjar Slash requires 2 Skill Points
  • This can be found under the Prosthetic Arts Skill Tree and is unlocked by resting at a Sculptor's Idol.


Nightjar Slash Notes & Tips

  • Nightjar Slash is a Combat Arts Skill
  • Performs a leaping slash that inflicts a slightly higher posture damage.
  • Especially effective against Lady Butterfly.
  • The forward flip that deals the slash attack counts as if Sekiro is in the air (as if he jumped). This means that if timed correctly (hard to do), you can evade Perilous sweep attacks with this combat art.
  • Deals 1.05x health and 1x posture damage.




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    • Anonymous

      Just tested it. Nightjar slash CAN'T be used as lightning reversal. It does catch lightning though but you get shocked before the slash.

      • Anonymous

        I personally don't use Nightjar Slash, since throwing a shuriken and following with a chasing slice basically serves the same purpose but with a /bit/ more damage. Though Nightjar Slash makes a good chasing slice replacement. I use this against Inner Owl, since he spams Mist Raven if you throw Shurikens at him.

        Though since the hitboxes in this game are interesting, I'm sure there's plenty of attacks you could totally avoid while Nightjar Slashin'.

        • Anonymous

          Very good against Isshin Ashina (the 2 versions of the bosses) to hit him after his Ashina cross move, because it allows you to cover rapidly the distance. Dont work against Emma because she recovers too fast after Ashina cross.

          • Anonymous

            Seriously, don't sleep on this combat art and its upgrade. If you know exactly when an enemy's attack starts and ends, the ability to close or create distance on your terms gives combat a whole new aspect of mobility that really helps you keep cool in the heat of battle. It's more deliberate and isn't reactionary or as likely to make you panic as mashing dodge/sprint. The biggest plus this move gives over the Souls equivalent is that the distance covered is actually significant enough to matter.

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