Dragon Flash

Emblem Cost 2
SP Required 0
Effect Perform a high-speed cut from a sheathed stance
Skill Type Combat Arts Skill

Dragon Flash is a skill in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this type of skill is a Combat Arts Skill. Each Skill Tree consists of a variety of skills that are categorized as Combat Arts, Shinobi Martial Arts, and Latent Skills that will allow players to alter and customize Sekiro's overall effectiveness in combat and survivability.

This skill is unlocked during gameplay rather than by spending gained Skill Points at a Sculptor's Idol.



 Combat Art that performs a high-speed cut from a sheathed stance. Charge to send out shockwaves. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

In his younger years, Isshin was a devil with the sword, spending his days in pursuit of life-or-death combat. He often ruminated on how a cut should be made, but his blade always moved first.


How to Acquire Dragon Flash

  • Dragon Flash is acquired after defeating Isshin, The Sword Saint (requires players to choose to Break the Iron Code when asked).


Dragon Flash Notes & Tips

  • Dragon Flash can still be used if the player has less than 2 Spirit Emblems, but the attack will not produce shockwaves.
  • Dragon Flash is a Combat Arts Skill.
  • Patch 1.03 reduced the Spirit Emblem cost from 3 to 2.
  • As the only long-ranged combat art in the game, Dragon Flash has a lot of pros. The initial strike and aftershock will stagger enemies and do high vitality damage as well. While One Mind is easier to acquire than Dragon Flash, it certainly is not easier to use than the latter. Dragon Flash is a charge sniping ability that does not require much in terms of situational advantage.
  • Dragon Flash excels at dealing with beast-type enemies, as well as the Taro Troop members.
  • Damage dealt can vary greatly depending on enemy's size and amount of shockwaves hit. For best results stay as close as possible and choose larger targets. Generally you can expect at least 2x + 1.25x = 3.25x health and 2x + 1.5x = 3.5x posture damage (initial strike + shockwave). Without emblems its 1x and 1.5x - almost the same as normal attack.




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    • Anonymous

      Probably my favorite combat art in the game, Damage is excellent, range is absurd, and if used correctly most bosses can't punish you.

      • Anonymous

        Very high vitality damage for how fast the base attack is. I prefer it for the boss fights that have really fast posture regen, since this move can fix their healthbar's whole "existing" problem really quickly

        • Anonymous

          Very good against Gyoubu while he is riding his horse out of range of you. I think it does bonus posture damage and with the Yashariku sugar and divine confetti during ng+7 with bell demon and no kuro charm, it can beat first phase in 4 well timed combat arts.

          • Anonymous

            竜閃 "Dragon Flash"…
            Surely 閃 is used 閃光(Flash), but this word has other mean that is "閃光(Lightning)". So 閃 means "One slash (or One strike) like a lightning", not "Flash" in this case.

            By the way, Rurouni Kenshin's skill "AMAKAKERU-RYUNOHIRAMEKI" is "天翔龍閃 (AMA-KAKERU-RYU NO-HIRAMEKI)". These 閃 mean the same.

            • Anonymous

              Very good Vitality damage dealing Combat Art even if you use the Quickdraw it deals insane damage for a 1 Slash like that... now i believe it's Buffed where the Posture damage is Increased than when it was before as a 3 Emblem Cost... a Very good Skill infact 1 of the Best ( Has insane Damage while Charged , Range is Insane , quick to convert between Combos via Quickdraw if u dont have enough space to Charge for shockwave that's okay ). Also the Slash deals more Damage to Vitality & Posture than the Shockwave produced after the Slash... it does about 200% damage from your basic Kusabimaru Attack Power pair this Combat Art with Ako Sugar + Divine Confetti... You get around 40% Extra which is 240% Attack Power that basically one shots pretty much any abit tougher enemies with this state... ( Divine Confetti only increases the Initial Slash not Shockwave ) but a very indeed Solid Move for 2 Emblems a use... it can also beat down Bosses & Mini Bosses Vitality & Posture rather quickly with Ako + Confetti

              • Anonymous

                Incorporating dragon flash's quick hit into a combo just about melts trash mobs. On the other hand, the charged version is effective for lowering boss health to the point where most of them have crippled posture. In other words, it's gud

                • Wish they'd introduce an option to use the weaker, 0 spirit-emblem versions of combat arts Without having use up all your emblems first.

                  • Anonymous

                    The moment I realized its worth was when I was able to take out the entire group of Okami Warriors near the Great Sakura Idol using just this attack. Create distance, herd them, then charge. It’s also really good against the Ashina Elites, since they’re really just glass cannons.

                    • Anonymous

                      Other than it now costing only 2 Spirit Emblems to use, it also deals more posture damage. This skill was always one of the good ones, it's now even more powerful.

                      • Anonymous

                        This weapon art melds the Ashina Elite mini-boss in the Dojo on NG+. It also very useful against the first Owl fight in NG+.

                        • Anonymous

                          Can still be used as without spirit emblems for lower damage and without the shockwave abilities. Means you won’t get caught out if you’re being stupid and not keeping track of your emblems, but you’re probably better off switching it out.

                          • Anonymous

                            Does a ton of damage, and has decent reach. Requires 3 talismans to use, but I find it to be well worth it, so it's my preferred combat art at the moment in NG+. Can be charged up to hit twice - just like when Isshin uses the move against you in his boss fight. The normal version just hits once I believe but does come out a bit faster.

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