Senpou Leaping Kicks

Emblem Cost 0
SP Required 3
Effect Allows one to start an attack with a leaping kick.
Skill Type Combat Arts
Skill Tree Temple Arts

Senpou Leaping Kicks is a skill in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this type of skill is a Combat Arts Skill that is under the Temple Arts Skill Tree. Each Skill Tree consists of a variety of skills that are categorized as Combat Arts, Shinobi Martial Arts, and Latent Skills that will allow players to alter and customize Sekiro's overall effectiveness in combat and survivability.

These skills can be unlocked by spending gained Skill Points at a Sculptor's Idol.



 Acquires the "Senpou Leaping Kicks" Combat Art, where repeated attacks begin with a leaping kick. A combined anti-air counter and sweep attack counter, followed up with a combination of kicks.

A technique refined by the recluses of Senpou. According to their practices, mastery of the Leaping Kick proves one has attained true enlightenment.


How to acquire Senpou Leaping Kicks

  • Senpou Leaping Kicks requires 3 Skill Points.
  • This can be found under the Temple Arts Skill Tree and is unlocked by resting at a Sculptor's Idol.


Senpou Leaping Kicks Notes & Tips

  • Senpou Leaping Kicks is a Combat Arts Skill
  • Players are only allowed to equip one Combat Arts Skill
  • Full combo deals approximately 0.75x health and 1.8x posture damage. Descending kick deals 4x instead of 0.5x if used against Sweeping Attack, leading to 5.3x posture damage combo.




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    • Anonymous

      To me it is always hard to change from the 'sweep jump counter' to this combat art because of the differing button inputs necessary. BUT IT IS WORTH IT. It deals a ton of posture damage and will make the difference between a fast kill and a long grind for some enemies.

      • Anonymous

        You can cancel certain long windup attacks through sheer poise break with this combat art, like Isshin's phase 2 Dragon Flash

        • Anonymous

          The only combat art worth using in whole tree,high monk is a waste since additional atks absolute unnecessary,all mobs or bosses will deflect or start hyper armor move after 2-3 hits and you will get rekt if try to land full high monk combo.

          • Anonymous

            Personally my favorite combat art. Gives a solid defense against sweeps and has tracking when focusing the camera on an enemy, so enemies that moves alot during their perilous sweep gets eaten up. Works as a great compliment to Mikiri counter.

            • Anonymous

              imo it is a garbage skill, first attack is antiair which is very very situational. usually u'll get staggered during first attack. better stick to passives in this tree. OR watch this skill on youtube frist if u really wanna spend precious exp on this trash.

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