One Mind

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Emblem Cost 3
SP Required 0
Effect Unleashes a storm of attacks from a sheathed stance.
Skill Type Combat Arts Skill

One Mind is a skill in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this type of skill is a Combat Arts Skill. Each Skill Tree consists of a variety of skills that are categorized as Combat Arts, Shinobi Martial Arts, and Latent Skills that will allow players to alter and customize Sekiro's overall effectiveness in combat and survivability.

This skill is unlocked during gameplay rather than by spending gained Skill Points at a Sculptor's Idol.



 Combat Art that unleashes a storm of attacks from a sheathed stance; so fast that the blade is nigh invisible. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

One must focus their soul on the release of the blade, nothing else. In doing so, the strikes achieve a god-like speed.

This technique was conceived by none other than the old hand swordmaster, Isshin.


How to Acquire One Mind

  • One Mind is acquired after defeating Isshin Ashina (requires players to choose to Obey the Iron Code when asked).


One Mind Notes & Tips

  • One Mind is NOT required for the "Height of Technique" trophy/achievement for acquiring all skills.
  • One Mind is devastating against groups of enemies, and even in one on one fights against bosses it is a wrecker. Despite requiring the player to sheathe the sword to start, it has a very fast initial strike, and the flurry of slashes that occur afterwards will interrupt enemy attacks, and the follow up slash performed afterwards does large posture damage and even damages vitality through guard, along with preventing a counter attack.
  • While Dragon Flash excels at dealing with singular large enemies or beast type enemies and (mini)bosses, One Mind does well against human-type enemies and (mini)bosses. One Mind cannot stagger beasts or large enemies with the flurry of slashes, leaving you vulnerable during the combat art's lengthy mid-pause before performing the final knockback slash.
  • As of most recent patch, players are now able to move after performing the sheathed initial slash without cancelling One Mind's flurry of strikes. HOWEVER, players will forfeit the ability to do the horizontal follow-up slash to re-unsheathe the sword. Players would benefit to not cancel the sheathed kneel, as that final following slash does a good amount of damage to vitality and posture. Cancel only if you need to dodge an attack or if the enemy ends up not getting staggered by the sphere of slashes.
  • When the player does not have the required spirit emblems, One Mind's initial Half-Moon slice is performed without any follow up attack. This strike covers moderate distance and does moderate damage to vitality and posture, but lacks follow up. It is best to switch to another combat art when low on spirit emblems instead of performing the severely handicapped version.
  • Unlike other combat arts, One Mind does not benefit from Bestowal Ninjutsu, Living Force, or Divine Confetti. This appear to be because the strikes from the ability do not count as Kusabimaru slashes. The Kusabimaru is sheathed during the performance of One Mind, although other sheathed stances such as Ashina Cross and Dragon Flash benefit from the listed buffs.
  • During the pause between the initial and final slashes, Sekiro performs a total of 18 distinct slashes - mostly horizontal but occasionally vertical ones as well.




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    • Anonymous

      Can some godlike modder make a faster and more powerful version if you release R1 right as the sword clicks into the scabbard, and call it the Just One Mind?

      My power shall be absolute.

      • Anonymous

        Fun facts about ashina cross:

        1) You can deflect from the sheathed stance, requires practice without umbrella, very easy to do with umbrella.

        2) You can also dodge out of the sheathed stance. Very easy to perform.

        3) With bestowal ninjutsu it deals about the same damage as One Mind, since one mind doesn't benefit from bestowal/confetti
        4) With confetti on it beats one mind against apparition type enemies (headless, sichiman etc.)
        5) in a NG where one mind or Dragon flash isn't available it is the single highest DPS combat art in the game, 3-4.5x damage at the speed this thing comes out makes it rather ridiculous. It does have a learning curve however.

        • Anonymous

          God, I feel bad for getting this. I hate going for the ending (Plus I don't like ending the game early) But it's good to see it's REALLY good now. Tried it out for once on my new playthrough where I'm going to some higher NG+ and getting all outfits, and good GOD this thing SHREDS if you can actually pull it off. I Honestly wasn't expecting it to do as much damage as it did, but it's good to see that this thing kicks ass now. Thanks for that patch way back when, From!

          • Anonymous

            This is the most insane skill you can get. Learn when to use it and it destroy everything. Trust me it worths the Emblem price.

            • Anonymous

              Can someone explain me what does NG(+-) means? Like pls... I've already got all the endings but this one... How much it affects your next game after this ending.

              • Anonymous

                Can you only use this in a new game plus? I feel like once you've gotten it, you should have it even if starting a brand new game. I got the trophy... give me my *****ing combat art

                • Anonymous

                  This paired with Ako's sugar destroys some bosses that it's pretty much cheating. The extra cuts from using emblems aren't affected by confetti or bestowal however, but you can kill headless ape before the brown ape even does anything.

                  • Anonymous

                    Added a note here and on the New Game Plus page to confirm that you don't need this for the "height of technique" trophy (although you'll still need to beat Isshin at some point to get the "Shura" trophy), as that's what most of the comments seem to be about.

                    • Anonymous

                      This rips the guardian apes to shreds, but otherwise isn't really good anywhere else other than for the style factor.

                      • Anonymous

                        typical From soft game problem, when Sword Saint uses this move it empties my entire health bar but when I use it I can only tickle the enemy

                        • Anonymous

                          A beautiful, stylish art... that is almost unusable because of talisman costs and mediocre damage values.

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