Mikiri Counter

SP Required Requires 2 Skillpoints
Effect Counter an enemy's thrust attack
Skill Type Shinobi Martial Arts
Skill Tree Shinobi Arts

Mikiri Counter(見切り, See Through/Anticipate) is a purchasable skill in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and can be found under the Shinobi Arts Skill Tree. It is a powerful counter to enemy Thrust attacks that deals significant Posture damage to the enemy. 

Enables one to counter an enemy's thrust attack by stomping down on an enemy's weapon, dealing a large amount of damage to Posture.

It is nearly impossible to perceive the speed of a thrust, but not for sharp eyes of a Shinobi. 

How to Acquire Mikiri Counter

  • This can be found under the Shinobi Arts Skill Tree; players can spend skill points by praying at a Sculptor's Idol and selecting the appropriate option. 
  • Mikiri Counter requires 2 Skill Points.

Mikiri Counter Notes & Tips

  • Mikiri Counter grants Sekiro an amazing counter to enemy Thrust attacks; successfully performing the technique deals significant Posture damage, far more than any other form of defense.
  • Thrust attacks are a type of Perilous Attack, meaning they cannot be guarded against.  Instead, Sekiro must either Deflect them, dealing minor posture damage, or utilize the Mikiri Counter, dealing significantly more and rendering the enemy vulnerable to a followup hit.
  • Mikiri Counter is executed by performing a forward step dodge at the direction of an enemy. Locking onto an enemy is not required, as long as the forward step dodge is directed at an incoming thrust attack.
  • The counter window is massive, and spans the entire duration of the step dodge animation, well past its invulnerability frames; basically, if the attack lands during the step dodge animation, it will be successful.  That said, you must be sure that you are facing the enemy (i.e. locked on) and stepping directly forward into the blow (with a neutral step dodge), and because of this it is possible that if you are too close the precise angle will mess up and the attempt will fail, causing you to take damage.
    • Sometimes enemies charge forward several feet as they thrust; they generally adopt a posture indicating that they are preparing to run at you.  If this happens, back off slightly and delay the Mikiri counter attempt timing until they've taken a step forward.
  • This is an ESSENTIAL skill that is highly recommended, and coincidentally is one of the first skills available to you. 


In-Game Message




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    • Anonymous

      the mikiri counter is performed by dodging forward towards the bos after the perilous attack goes off.
      pressing the dodge button, will just result in backstabbing and getting hit.

      Please correct this info. You are a bleepin professional site that is paying employees. Act like it.

      • Anonymous

        When using this on Isshin first phase I always step back first because I kept going to the left of him and dodging the attack without getting the counter otherwise

        • Anonymous

          I honestly tried to mikiri counter malenia in elden ring forgetting i wasn't playing sekiro and i feel like a clown.

          • Anonymous

            One of the most overrated skills imo.

            Sure it makes boss fights easier but you never actually NEED it. But people act like you can't beat the game without it which is puzzling.

            • Anonymous

              I was basically sweeping an area and this guy sneaks a stab in from the side, though I still heard the sound cue and saw the DANGER kanji, so I dodge in for the Mikiri. Thing is, the mikiri animation did not proc, but the guy still sustained heaps of posture damage. In short, it is possible to 'miss' the Mikiri counter but still deal posture damage to enemies.

              • Anonymous

                Fighting Masaji Oniwa... It gets me stuck in animations when I use the counter aginst his spear, then he uppercuts me while I'm still doing the animation, instant kills me. TF?

                • Anonymous

                  Lone Shadows Ministry Ninjas tend to Thrust after their Senpou Kicks with a Red Kanji... that aswell can be Mikiri Countered. I also find it Quite Powerful combining Shinobi Eyes ( Latent Skill ) as for Executing Mikiri Counter Against Lone Shadow Ninjas & Thrusting Spear Monks take more Posture damage than Normal Enemies & Mini Bosses posture gauge.... Maybe they're weak against Posture Damage instead of Vitality Damage. I figured this out on my NG+ playthrough. ( Even tho successful deflections are just as Normal between all Enemies ) but only Bald-Headed Monks like Shinobi Hunter Enshin aswell as normal Enemies & also all Lone Shadow Ninjas Mini Bosses & Mobs they do take considerable more Posture Damage thro Mikiri than other Samurai Mini Bosses & Enemies... this is quite some Hidden Lore , since Monks like Enshin of Misen are ( Shinobi Hunters ) & Lone Shadow Swordsmen are ( Ministrey Ninjas that take Intel from Monks , Hidden techniques such as the Poison Triple Slash , Senpou Kicks ). They are all Enemies & Despite Shinobi's... remember dont Conflict Ninja with a Shinobi.. A Shinobi is a Sworn Protector of his ( Master , Father , Teacher ) while Ninjas are just under cover ops of the Ministrey in this Warring State Era ( Fuedal Japan ). This is a good lore clarification... but i think this has to do with the Lore meaning the Posture Mikiri Increase Damage on both Lones & Monks

                  • Anonymous

                    I am so bad at using this move lol. I have played 4 games (the entire souls series & BB) where i was taught to move left or right when a thrust came at me

                    • Anonymous

                      Very powerful, and usually really easy to pull off with a pretty wide window. Should probably be the first skill you get.

                      • I recommend you guys buy this skill ASAP. It make your life easier with red kanji attack (read the attack carefully, some is not thrust attack though). I also recommend training with Hanbei zombie dude at temple. You will get it fast. And you will "OMG! this is so awesome!".

                        • Anonymous

                          The timing for this is basically as soon as the thrust attack starts. Most enemies will have a little "wind up" where they point their weapon at you. As soon as they lunge, press B, no thumbstick movement required.

                          • Anonymous

                            I can't tell if it's working or not because when I do it, an animation plays where I step on the opponent's spear, but then he just shoves me off and continues attacking IMMEDIATELY, with no damage to posture. I just don't get it.

                            • Anonymous

                              Just press the "O" button when kanji appears. Do not use (L1 = simple parry) or a direction while doing this.

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