Suppress Sound

SP Required 3
Effect Suppresses one's movement noise
Skill Type Latent Skill
Skill Tree Shinobi Arts

Suppress Sound is a skill in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this type of skill is a Latent Skill that is under the Shinobi Arts Skill Tree. Each Skill Tree consists of a variety of skills that are categorized as Combat Arts, Shinobi Martial Arts, and Latent Skills that will allow players to alter and customize Sekiro's overall effectiveness in combat and survivability.

These skills can be unlocked by spending gained Skill Points at a Sculptor's Idol.



 Acquires the Latent Skill "Suppress Sound".

A Latent Skill that suppresses movement noise by inhibiting an enemy's ability to hear it.

Moving in silence is part of what defines a shinobi.


How to Acquire Suppress Sound

  • Suppress Sound requires 3 Skill Points
  • This can be found under the Shinobi Arts Skill Tree and is unlocked by resting at a Sculptor's Idol.


Suppress Sound Notes & Tips

  • Suppress Sound is a Latent Skill
  • Other notes...



In-Game Message




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    • this skill is a nice luxury but def not necessary.
      the noticeable effects are namely:
      1. assassinate one of two targets in close proximity - the second target will not be alerted if it doesn't have vision (allowing frequent double assassinations of close proximity enemies).
      2. non-stealthed and running assassinations are basically treated the same as stealth assassinations (stealth still decreases detection from vision)

      • This skill works for many ninja type enemies which have superior hearing, such like Ashina rats, you can not get close enough from behind to perform backstab without both of 2 of this skill perk.

        • Anonymous

          its actually very nice because it allows a mistake such as knocking into a lamp or fan and breaking them to not trigger enemies anymore.

          • Anonymous

            Don't bother putting 3 skill points into this one imo, not worth, unlike supress presence which makes visbility range of enemies alot smaller while sneaking.

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