Empowered Mortal Draw

Emblem Cost 3
SP Required 5
Effect Draw additional power, resulting in a longer-ranged, more powerful slash attack.
Skill Type Combat Arts Skill
Skill Tree Mushin Arts

Empowered Mortal Draw is a skill in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this type of skill is a Combat Arts Skill that is under the Mushin Arts Skill Tree. Each Skill Tree consists of a variety of skills that are categorized as Combat Arts, Shinobi Martial Arts, and Latent Skills that will allow players to alter and customize Sekiro's overall effectiveness in combat and survivability.

These skills can be unlocked by spending gained Skill Points at a Sculptor's Idol.



 Acquires Combat Art "Empowered Mortal Draw". A secret technique using the Mortal Blade. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

By focusing on one's mind before unsheathing the Mortal Blade, one can draw additional power, resulting in a long-ranged, more powerful slash attack.

Draw the sword that cannot be drawn, and unleash its devastation.


How to Acquire Empowered Mortal Draw

  • Empowered Mortal Draw requires 5 Skill Points as well as ownership of the Mortal Blade
  • Living Force (Prosthetic Arts) and Ashina Cross (Ashina Arts) need to have been purchased to make it available as a Mushin Arts 
  • This can be found under the Mushin Arts Skill Tree and is unlocked by resting at a Sculptor's Idol.


Empowered Mortal Draw Notes & Tips

  • Empowered Mortal Draw is a Combat Arts Skill
  • Players are only allowed to equip one Combat Arts Skill
  • This attack can still be used even if you do not have the required emblems (Range is reduced. Possibly deals less damage, needs confirmation) 
  • The skill becomes locked upon entering New Game Plus and cannot be purchased until the player has reacquired the Mortal Blade. 




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    • Anonymous

      14 May 2019 12:20  

      The most powerful skill in the game so far. It's best used after dodging a heavy attack that has a recovery period afterwards. Dodge behind and do a charged mortal draw for MASSIVE damage, like 15-20% of a boss' health. It works even better with candy. You can combo 2 charged attacks in a row. You're stuck for a moment after using the skill though. Be prepared to immediately block or dodge after sheathing your sword.

      • Anonymous

        12 May 2019 04:13  

        Empowered Mortal Draw is perhaps the single most useful Combat Skill in the entire game. Using it with Yasharikus sugar or spiritfall only amplifies it's devastating damage to the enemies Vitality and Posture and some bosses are completely trivialized by it; Guardian Ape and Father Owl has never been more deserving of my UTTER PITY than when I completely denied their strength when faced with my YEMD )Yasharikus Empowered Mortal Draw. Seriously, Shadowfall and Spiral Cloud Passage are *****ing wonderful aswell, SPC when paired with Bestowal and Yashariku or Ako, Shadowfall whenever else, BUT YASHARIKUS EMPOWERED MORTAL DRAW IS THE EPITOME OF SEKIROS POWER. A DEMON OF HATRED, AN OLD FATHER OR EVEN A SWORD SAINT STAND HELPLESS AGAINST THE MIGHT OF THE SURVIVING TWIN'S CHARGED DEATH SLASH. I gotta hit the *****ing sack, I'm done.

        • Anonymous

          01 May 2019 06:24  

          I kind of wish the second swing didn’t also cost SE, since it has a narrow hitbox and you’ve already left yourself quite open for retaliation. The full combo of the Loaded Axe still only costs 2 SE total (post-patch), so why not make the sole attack of the game’s iconic sword more readily accessible? Still cool tho

          • Anonymous

            27 Apr 2019 23:22  

            When testing the different combat skills, I noticed that with the mortal draw, both empowered and normal, if you have "Mid-Air Combat Arts", and jump then use Mortal Draw, you will do noticeably more posture damage than you would have by just using an Uncharged or normal Mortal Draw, only tested on Hanbei, will update with another mob.

            • Anonymous

              26 Apr 2019 17:36  

              This might sound like a stupid question but can anyone tell me that, if you buy it in NG, you have to buy it again in NG+? I need to know since I'm currently farming and I only need 3 more skill points and it's the only skill I have left to buy.

              • Anonymous

                26 Apr 2019 07:43  

                Has anyone noticed that while using this skill, hitting with just the extended reach (blood effect) does less damage than if you were close enough to actually hit with the sword itself, plus the blood?

                • Anonymous

                  25 Apr 2019 15:58  

                  This skill was always pretty powerful and really useful for quite a few bosses, and now it seems to hit even harder after patch 1.03. You can use it even without emblems, it'll just deal slightly less damage and the range will be a bit shorter. Can even stunlock some bosses, and deals good posture damage. I also believe it got a slight speed buff with this patch, but I'm not sure.

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Apr 2019 09:57  

                    What is dmg defference between Empowered Mortal Draw and regular? BTW In some boss fights ( owl, monk) Mortal Draw does almost same damage without emblems. As any other skill it is situational and way way too expensive to get. Best farming spot at the Castle is 5-6k per run and at that point in the game you probably need 20K+ XP per level. IE 5-6 runs per level X5. You'll end up spending 3-4 hours or more doing same boring thing. I did battle royale farmin but still takes forever.

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Apr 2019 08:06  

                      Is there an unwritten rule in gaming which states that whatever looks the coolest will also be the weakest? Who on earth thought it was a good idea to make the strongest strike with the Mortal Blade deal two light attacks worth of damage? Lol.

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Apr 2019 20:04  

                        PSA: This skill does not carry over to NG+. When you get the mortal blade in NG+ you can buy it again for 5 skill points. The 5 skill points are not refunded upon loosing the skill when starting a new game cycle

                        • Anonymous

                          02 Apr 2019 09:31  

                          Too slow, costs too much ammo, but good reach. Still not worth using over better combat arts even against spooky purple undead

                          • Anonymous

                            27 Mar 2019 15:21  

                            It is a charge attack for the mortal blade. Fully charged it deals about twice as much damage compare to a light attack with the mortal blade. Same charge animation as Genichiro with his mortal blade. It doesnt combo in to a second attack like the light attacks. The charge attack costs you 3 spirit emblems, 2 light attacks will cost you 6.

                            • Anonymous

                              25 Mar 2019 21:08  

                              I have Shinobi arts and Ashina arts maxed out and the mortal draw isn’t unlocked, do I need prosthetic arts maxed too?

                              • Anonymous

                                24 Mar 2019 16:14  

                                does anyone know if this is worth the skill points? I really think ashina cross sucks and don't wanna waste 10 points for this if it also sucks.

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