Purple Fume Spark


 An upgraded Firecracker that uses a purple, smoke-emitting compound gunpowder.

Costs Spirit Emblems to use. The tweaked compound gunpowder is known as " Purple Fume Spark". 

The addition of fatty wax lumps delays the explosion slightly.

Enemies blinded by the blast take slightly more Vitality and Posture damage for a brief period of time.

Spirit Emblem Cost 2

Purple Fume Spark is a Prosthetic Tool Upgrade in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, equipped via the Prosthetic Arm and which can be used alongside the primary weapon, the Kusabimaru, in the other, biological, hand. 

How to use Purple Fume Spark

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Where to find Purple Fume Spark in Sekiro



Purple Fume Spark Notes & TIps



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    • Anonymous

      10 Mar 2021 13:52  

      i like to goomba stomp away from enemies when they do a sweep attack and then i use this prosthetic in the air to stun enemies while i charge the shadowfall, i feel like im fighting like owl

      • Anonymous

        06 Feb 2021 07:17  

        Basically: This is really ****ing awkward to use but it is occasionally worth the set up. This pairs really well with a setup ahead of time. So bunch of buffs, powerful combat art. I just this in the place of reflection against guardian ape. Two hits from Mortal Draw (First one was a jumping attack, second was charged) was enough to almost 100% its posture bar.

        Use Purple Fume Spark if you have a combo with a good combat art planned. Since it boosts damage they take, you can stack that with your own buffs for some pretty good burst damage. If you need the immediate stun: normal fire crackers is a good choice, like if you need to heal or something.

        • Anonymous

          25 Feb 2020 02:15  

          Get the mid-air tool skill. On the ground it takes a pretty long time between pressing the tool button and being able to block or attack again. If you jump+tool it's so fast you can attack before even landing.

          • Anonymous

            06 Aug 2019 20:07  

            This works really well with Charged Combat Arts : Dragon Flash , EMD , Shadowfall & also One Mind aswell... while also combining Divine Confetti + Ako Sugar this things Wrecks Bosses.. altho i gotta say the damage increase isnt that much it's probably 2% Max. But the good part of it is when u time the delay trigger ( I dont use chasing slice rather Dragon Flash's Shockwave duration is pretty much accurate with purple fume ) u deploy it first knowing that the Boss hasnt attacked you yet , immediate after deploy charge Dragon Flash for some insane damage + Shockwave + Ako/Yashi + Confetti... pretty much 4 uses the Boss is dead wether it's Vitality damage or Posture ( Posture builds up faster than Vita damage with Dragon Flash ). Pretty useful in cases but i suggest u practice the 1.2 seconds delay with this thing

            • Anonymous

              08 May 2019 18:57  

              I understand why it has to be slow for balance reasons but the problem is the rebuff lasts like 8 seconds and on top of that it takes forever to activate. Almost every time I try to use it I get hit. It just takes slightly too long to poo imo. Although saying that it works wonders on the bull mini bosses.

              • Anonymous

                24 Apr 2019 05:04  

                Purple fume spark debudd + yashikaru buff + divine confetti/bestowal= hypermode! I'm gonna have to see who this works on.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Apr 2019 04:22  

                  Is it just me or does the debuff only work on some enemies? Feels like it doesn't work on bosses. Has anyone tested this?

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Apr 2019 20:42  

                    the delayed make it hard to use but the debuff (take slightly more Vitality and Posture damage) make it worth it if timed correctly it can wreck boss (i like to use it with shadow rush combat art)

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