Finger Whistle


 A Prosthetic Tool created by fitting a slender finger to the prosthetic. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

Its sound will grab an enemy's attention and draw them to the whistle's location. By locking on to a target, only the targeted enemy will hear the whistle.

The sound of the finger whistle enrages beasts, making them unable to distinguish friend from foe.

Spirit Emblem Cost 3

Finger Whistle is a Prosthetic Tool in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. When used, the tool can make beasts attack their allies or capture the attention of the enemy Sekiro is targeting, giving him an advantage in battle and stealth.


How to use the Finger Whistle


Where to find the Finger Whistle in Sekiro

Finger Whistle Notes & Trivia

  • Giving the Sculptor a bottle of Monkey Booze leads to dialogue where it is implied that the finger used to create the Whistle once belonged to the female shinobi named "Kingfisher," mentioned by the Slender Finger and Malcontent's Ring. This shinobi was the person who trained with the Sculptor during their time training as rogue shinobi in the Sunken Valley. Presumably, his partner lost her finger when the Guardian Ape either bit it off or somehow killed them (the description of Slender Finger reads: "The slender finger of a young woman [...] Found in the belly of the Guardian Ape, it is partially digested.") though how and why this happened is a mystery.
  • As described by the Slender Finger upgrade material, it is not the Malcontent's Ring or some learned technique that creates the whistling sound produced by the tool, but an actual pair of open holes drilled through the finger that enable one to whistle its tune.


    • 18 Apr 2019 18:18  

      It's important to note that upgrading this to Malcontent will enable you to use it against Demon of Hatred. However, it will only have an effect a maximum of three times per encounter; so save it for when you get to the later stages of the fight.

      • Anonymous

        17 Apr 2019 14:12  

        Has anyone tried this against Lone Shadow in Hirata Estate during Owl Memory? Who do I need to lock on to to make the dogs attack enemies...the dogs or the person you want attacked?

        • Anonymous

          14 Apr 2019 19:19  

          Anyone else notice the whistle going off when you are towards the top of Ashina castle during early/mid game? I noticed it when overlooking the water area that has a Headless. It was happening infrequently but eventually stopped all together. If it is the same sound as the finger whistle then maybe we weren't so far behind Kingfisher.

          • Anonymous

            14 Apr 2019 02:54  

            Judging from the various dialogues with the Sculptor, and text from the Malcontent's Ring picked up by killing the Shimisen Warrior in the Headless Ape (Round 2) arena, the Sculptor's partner, "Kingfisher", owned a ring before she died. There's two ways to read the lore after that; either Kingfisher had a prosthetic arm/used a prosthetic finger tool in place of a real finger to whistle, or the Sculptor cut off her finger after she died and drilled the holes himself to replicate her whistling that he used to listen to while drinking sake.

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