Golden Vortex


A large and withered golden fan. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

Gather illustrious golden wind and release it to force enemies caught up in the vortex to face the other way. Can be performed twice in a row.

Enemies that have been turned around drop items or money, to be considered "donations".

Spirit Emblem Cost 4

Golden Vortex is a Prosthetic Tool Upgrade in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, equipped via the Prosthetic Arm and which can be used alongside the primary weapon, the Kusabimaru, in the other, biological, hand. 

How to use Golden Vortex

  • Appears to function identically to the prior upgrade, with the added effect of causing enemies to drop gold & items when initially hit by the golden vortex.
  • The items an enemy will spawn when hit by Golden Vortex are identical to those they would normally drop, and the money drop is identical to that which would be gained by killing them, effectively netting either 2X gold or items per enemy kill, or allowing a drop without killing the enemy.  Drop rates and amounts appear to be affected by all increasing bonuses from Mibu balloons and Senpou Temple Arts, making it a highly effective tool for farming, especially for rare items.
  • The money/item dropping effect of Golden Vortex cannot be used repeatedly on a given enemy.  Only the first time they are hit by golden vortex will cause an additional item/coin drop, with the enemy becoming immune to this part of the effect until the area is reloaded.  
  • Due to the high cost of talismans (4), this tool becomes less viable as a Sen farming strategy later in the game, at end game effectively costing 200 sen per use, drastically decreasing the profit possible, unless multiple enemies are hit with each gust.  This cost can be mitigated by using the Ceremonial Tanto after each use however.


Where to find Golden Vortex in Sekiro


Golden Vortex Notes & TIps



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    • Anonymous

      It was mentioned before, but this fan explodes the monks of Senpou Temple explode into confetti, killing them instantly! Killing the monks from the Kongo Idol all the way over to the old hag with the kite hint, I got 90+ ako sugar in about 20 minutes, maybe less! (Demon Bell activated) this should definitely be added to the wiki.

      • Anonymous

        I don't get it. Everytime I try to use it I get hit or they end up too far away to be effected. I haven't encountered a single enemy that allows for you to stand right in front of it and use the 3 seconds it takes to complete the animation.

        • Anonymous

          Aahh! We're Golden Wind! (Kono me amareri maroreri merare maro) Aaaaaaah haa aah! We're Golden Wind! (Kono me amareri maroreri merare maro)

          • Anonymous

            This tools two previous versions spirit emblem cost should be increased from 3 to 4 to match the cost of the Golden Vortex. The ability of the Golden Vortex to force enemies to drop extra sen and items provides no combat advantage, and the ability to kill most enemies instantly is incredibly powerful and should be costly and difficult to pull off.

            • Anonymous

              If you use this on the monks in the temple area it instantly kills them and it still gives you both drops,layers game you can get grave wax from them if only you could get fulminated mercury as easily...

              • Anonymous

                It seems like there's a glitch where if you whirl them and they drop an item, then kill them and they drop another item, the first item drop disappears. So what I've been doing is: R2 Gathering Vortex -> R2 Donation Whirl -> hold Square to collect loot #1 -> R1 Deathblow -> keep holding Square to collect loot #2. Also a Ceremonial Tanto before every other Donation Whirl helps a lot to extend farming runs.

                • The best way to farm gold and items in the game. Enemies caught in the vortex generate an drop, in addition to what they normally drop when they are killed. Basically with this tool you can get twice the loot from a single enemy, highly recommended to get this tool before you start farming.

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