Demon of Hatred

Sekiro Demon of Hatred Boss Guide
Location Ashina Outskirts
Deathblows Required 3
Weakness Malcontent
Divine Confetti

Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella
Reward Memory: Hatred Demon
Lapis Lazuli

15,000 Exp (NG)
18,750 Exp (NG+)
28,125 Exp (NG++)

Demon of Hatred (怨嗟の鬼, Demon of Resentment, Ensa no Oni) is a Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This Complete Demon of Hatred Boss Guide gives you strategies on how to beat the Demon of Hatred easily, as well as tips, tricks, weaknesses and lore notes.


Bosses are special Enemies that feature a special display on-screen when defeated, such as "Immortality Severed" or "Shinobi Execution". You will need to perform multiple Deathblows on them in order to defeat them, with this generally accomplished by filling their Posture Gauge or depleting their health. Decreasing their health will make it so their Posture Gauge depletes more quickly, while depleting their health bar entirely will open them up to a Deathblow, as well.

Sekiro Demon of Hatred

The Demon of Hatred is what becomes of a specific NPC once he consumed by the immense wrath and bloodlust burning within him. Though the NPC failed to become the Shura of legend due to Isshin's intervention, he has transformed into a powerful Demon (鬼, Oni). For the sake of Ashina and its people, it must be dealt with.


Demon of Hatred Location

The Demon of Hatred is located in Ashina Outskirts after returning from the Divine Realm and having defeated the Divine Dragon. Make your back way to the portion of Ashina Outskirts where you faced General Naomori Kawarada. Once there, interact with the Sculptor's Idol surrounded by flames to be transported to the boss arena: Flames of Hatred, an enclosed battlefield where the boss Gyoubu Oniwa was originally fought. This boss is optional.


Demon of Hatred Rewards

What do you get from defeating Demon of Hatred in Sekiro?


Demon of Hatred Boss Guide Strategies

Sekiro Demon of Hatred Video Strategies



Sekiro Demon of Hatred How to Fight, How to Beat, and Cheese

BEFORE ANYTHING: MALCONTENT is an upgrade to the Finger Whistle, and when used will stun the boss, for enough time to remove roughly 1/4 of his actual vitality with regular sword strikes, and this can be repeated up to THREE TIMES before becoming ineffective. Similarly, using Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella can help BLOCK A MAJORITY of both FIRE and PHYSICAL attacks done by this boss.

This fight will be a test of endurance; the boss's Posture meter is roughly the same as its vitality meter. As such, take any opportunities you can to attack but do not feel like you have to rush it. You will most likely deplete the full vitality bar before a Posture break.

For the duration of the fight, stay as close to the boss's leading leg as possible. Remaining close to the leg and sprinting around it counter-clockwise will avoid most of his attacks. The main exceptions to this are his leaping explosion attack, and his Perilous attack (which may still be avoided by circling around). Luckily, both of these can easily be avoided. The explosion can be avoided by sprinting directly away as he leaps and grappling back during the aftershock, and succesfully landing a hit immediately after grappling will sometimes stun the boss, leaving it vulnerable to a couple of free hits. The Perilous attack can be avoided simply by jumping, as you will only be hit if you are on the ground. Using the distance created by the Perilous attack, he may do one of three things; a vertical slash towards you, a slash at the ground, or a swath of fireballs.

Both the ground slash and fireballs can be avoided by sprinting directly at the demon with a slight focus on his leading leg. The fireballs can also be avoided by running away from the demon. If you run back at the boss after the first volley, he will throw a second. He often uses his fireball attack directly after his perilous attack. The vertical slash has a longer startup, allowing you to react and sprint to the right side to continue pushing towards his leg. If during your attack he prepares a stomp and you don't feel confident that you can dodge or sprint out of the way, block it. The demon is not fast enough to break your posture in most cases and you will take no vitality damage from blocking anything that does not have fire damage.

After the first Deathblow, he will crouch and remain stationary for a time. Your attacks will not deal damage during this, and there will be a minor explosion at the end that will deal knock-back but no vitality damage. However, with proper spacing, you can run in after the explosion and get in a hit or two before he leaps back. The rest of the second phase is much like the first, with the exception that the vertical slash now has fire that spreads on both sides. This fire can be avoided by jumping immediately after the slash connects with the ground, or preemptively as the slash now opens up an opportunity to grapple back to the demon in a similar manner to his leaping explosion. Avoiding the slash itself will work the same as the first phase. Aside from this, the second phase is much like the first with extra damage.

The second Deathblow will trigger the third phase immediately, allowing you to get more hits in this time around. The third phase introduces some new attacks; a Perilous attack that creates a ring of fire around both of you and a follow-up Perilous attack, a second Perilous attack added to his initial Perilous dash, and homing fireballs similar to the Shichimen Warrior, albeit faster for this boss. The new Perilous attack is a slash and can be avoided by jumping over both initial slashes (made easier if you flip off of the demon) and jumping over the follow-up Perilous attack.

The main trouble with this attack is not the slashes, but the limited arena space you now have to work with. (NOTE: You can avoid the ring of fire completely by running far away from him at the beginning of the phase). Touching the ring will build up the burn status and knock you back, limiting your ability to avoid the boss's attacks for a short time. He will commonly follow this up with his dashing Perilous attack, sometimes choosing to immediately do another dash Perilous back into the circle, and sometimes attacking from outside the circle. It will disappear after a short time, allowing you to once again make use of the entire arena. His other new attack, the homing fireballs, will deal heavy damage and Burn status with the possibility of knocking you down and preventing you from getting back up until death. The best strategy for this attack is to be as close to the demon as possible and circle around in either direction. Continue to do this until he slams his foot down and poses, signaling that he is finished with the attack and is now open to be hit.

Sekiro Demon of Hatred Attacks, Indicators & Counters

Attack Indicator Counter
Phase 1
Unblockable Attacks
Explosive Body Slam Fire spreads to his entire body. Everything will be brighter. He will crouch down to ready the jump. Finish any attacks to completion (you have a decent amount of time). Sprint away, making sure to not get caught on walls, barriers or trees. After he lands, wait a second before grappling back to guarantee a double aerial attack.
Hand Drag Charge Danger Indicator and sound will show. His right hand go back and down to the ground. Jump as soon as possible (backwards if you can) and begin running towards him to try to avoid follow-up ranged attacks.
Ranged Attacks
Fire Whip Slam Only occurs at range. His left hand will raise up and back. Continue sprinting forward and angle left to avoid attack.
Double Fire Throw Only occurs at medium range. His left hand will pull back. Hope you're close enough already to duck under the first one. If you're about to be hit, try to deflect to mitigate some damage. The second throw is smaller but closer to him, so don't walk forward if the first one hit. Alternatively, if you have the Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella prosthetic, you can avoid taking damage from the fireballs altogether by quickly activating it as soon as you see the windup.
Fireball Summon Only occurs at range. Both hands will go up and will start waving. Run sideways and towards him. If you've reached him, run in a circle around him. The last fireball comes out at his last hand wave.
Melee Attacks
Right Foot Slam Only occurs if you're on his right. Raises right foot and holds it for a second. Basic block is a safe defense. Alternatively, risk timing a dodge attack.
Two Foot Slam Only occurs if you're on his left. Raises left foot. Basic block is a safe defense. The second (right foot) slam should be dodge attacked.
Fire Melee Combo Occurs in melee range. Winds left hand back. Step-dodge the first swipe forwards or to the left, sprint around his side to avoid the right foot slam and attack freely while avoiding the rest.
Head Slam Occurs if you're right in front. Brings head up.
Beware of this if he's strangely still.
Basic block is a safe defense. Avoidable if you're already sprinting around him.
Phase 2
Fire Whip Slam Explosion Similar to the normal Fire Whip Slam, but his body will have more fire and be brighter. The normal Fire Whip Slam may still occur. Sprint right and jump just before impact (or, if you have Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella, use it to block the attack). Rappel to him to follow up.
Phase 3
Fire Whip Swing Combo Danger Indicator and sound will show. His full body will wind up for the attack. Jump over the first swing. Don't jump (duck under) the second swing. Run behind him to avoid the third swing and attack.
Double Hand Drag Charge This will usually occur in lieu of the single charge. Danger Indicator and sound will show. His right hand go back and down to the ground. Jump over both charges, making sure not to jump too early for the second one. Try to position yourself against a wall for the second charge, allowing for easy and fast follow-up.



Demon of Hatred Lore

  • The Sculptor is confirmed to be the Demon of Hatred. Eavesdropping and talking to him prior to confronting Owl and drinking enough sake with him will unlock a secret dialogue with Demon of Hatred throughout the boss battle. Knowing who the Demon of Hatred is, will also lead to a change in dialogue with the old lady in the watchtower in which she actually talks about the Sculptor.

  • Lore Theory: The Malcontent affects the Demon of Hatred because of the Sculptor's previous relationship with the ring's old owner, the Shinobi Kingfisher, in a similar way to how Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne could be stunned by playing the music box his daughter gives you.   
  • Lore Theory: The Sculptor knows he will either become the Demon of Hatred, or something like it, due to his own past and the immense bloodlust he feels. Hints towards his ultimate fate include:
    • When you speak with him at the beginning of the game, the Sculptor mentions how carving statues of Buddha reflect those who carve them. He then immediately and constantly laments how the only Buddha he can carve, no matter how many times he tries, are those with wrathful faces rather than serene ones.

    • Similarly, when speaking to the Sculptor after meeting with the Divine Heir, you are given the chance to ask the Sculptor what the Buddha showed him, to which he replies with: "Fire, that's all I saw,".

    • One of your first clues comes when afflicted the Sculptor is affected by Dragonrot, wherein he is adamant about being unable to die from it, hinting that he is aware of his humanity slipping away from him.

    • Dialogue shared by the Sculptor when you have given him Unrefined Sake explains that, once in the past, he would have almost  explicitly become a Shura had it not been for Isshin "saving him," by cutting off his arm.

    • When one examines the hut where the Sculptor lives, you can see that its entirety is covered with dozens of ofuda: a kind of paper talisman used in both Shinto and Onmyōdō rites for purification and exorcisms, or generally used as wards against misfortune and the supernatural. More distressingly, however, is that several portions of the walls supporting the house appear to have been broken from the inside out despite the presence of these ofuda.

    • Dialogue offered by Isshin  after you've given him Monkey Booze explicitly states that he once faced a Shura in battle ("...or something like it,") and killed it, with the implication being that he believes cutting off the Sculptor's arm--and thus robbing him of his ability to kill--was enough to put an end to his bloodlust and prevent him from becoming a Shura. Isshin also explains that Monkey Booze, which the Sculptor admits he drank much of during his time training in the Sunken Valley, also goes by another name: Shura's Wine.

    • A less direct connection, however, lies in what the Sculptor divulges about the ring his partner wore throughout their time training in the Sunken Valley. ("Whistling through that ring … would fill the valley with a somber melody. Strangely enough, I enjoyed that sound. I listened to it so often.") Though the Slender Finger upgrade material implies this partner only used their finger to create a whistling sound: the Sculptor specifying how whistling through the ring his partner wore "would fill the valley with a somber melody," implies his partner also possessed the Malcontent's Ring.

    • The former is important to note both because the ring is used as an upgrade material for the Finger Whistle prosthetic, and because the description of the Ring reads as follows: "Wearing this ring as you blow the finger whistle will create a somber tune. The weeping voice is full of solitude and beauty. Possibly somber enough to temporarily quell a voice of rage."

    • It is thus possible, and debatable, that the death of the Sculptor's partner at the hands of the Guardian Ape is what finally set him down the path of becoming a Shura--although, as Isshin also explains through his Monkey Booze dialogue: "Those who go on killing will eventually become Shura. They don't even remember why... Simply enraptured... They kill solely for the joy it brings them."

  • Physically, the Demon of Hatred resembles the Sculptor (at least superficially) due to the style of its beard, hunched knees and back, possession of only a single physical right arm, and how its left arm is composed entirely of fire in the shape of (what appears to be) a coiled up grappling hook. The wispy red hair and pot belly also resemble an orangutan, a nickname Emma uses to refer to the sculptor during certain sake-prompted conversations, and implied in dialogue between the two to be his shinobi name. 
  • If you visit the Dilapidated Temple and try to enter Ashina Outskirts like you first did at the start, you'll notice that the hook spot you used is now burnt, further confirming that the sculptor was turning into a demon as he left the temple and left this mark.

Demon of Hatred Notes & Trivia

  • The Demon of Hatred can be momentarily stunned up to three times when using the Malcontent upgrade for the Finger Whistle against it. As an apparition-type enemy, the boss can also be dealt extra damage using Divine Confetti.

  • Most of its attacks can be blocked, and even countered, if you posses the required skill using the Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella upgrade for the Loaded Umbrella. (This is especially useful for guarding against/dealing with the jump attack and overhead swipe with fire the Demon likes to pull off in Phase 2 of the fight.)

  • Before defeating the Divine Dragon, if you speak to the Old Priestess located in the building where you first encounter Tengu of Ashina(near the battlefield arena and the Battlefield Memorial Mob) she will mention that she is certain the war will give birth to a demon, foreshadowing this encounter. If spoken to before this, she will ominously ask: "Do you want to see a demon?" and nothing more.

  • Fujioka the Info Broker offers the following explanation as to why the Sculptor is suddenly missing from the Dilapidated Temple: "Oh, if you're looking for the Sculptor, he's gone. He stumbled off muttering something about 'the flames...' I think he was heading towards the battlefield. But where he went and why he went there's none of my business."
  • The Demon of Hatred is the Sculptor transformed into an Oni (鬼), often translated as "demon" in English. In Japanese folklore, Onis are a type of yōkai or ogre; in which they are usually depicted as hulking beings with one or more horns growing out of their heads. According to Wikipedia: "Accordingly, a wicked soul beyond rehabilitation transforms into an Oni after death. Only the very worst persons turn into Onis alive, and these are the Onis causing troubles among humans as presented in folk tales."
  • When first met, the Demon of Hatred assumes a very distinct pose from Japanese Kabuki performances known as a mie (見え or 見得, pronounced 'mee-eh'). According to Wikipedia: "Mie means 'appearance' or 'visible' in Japanese," and as a pose is meant to "draw attention to a particularly important or powerful portion of the performance. It is meant to show a character's emotions at their peak, and can often be a very powerful pose. The actor's eyes are opened as wide as possible; if the character is meant to seem agitated or angry, the actor will cross his eyes,".

    • The particular mie done by the Demon of Hatred is known as the Genroku mie, one of the famous and well-known of the mie used in Kabuki, wherein the actor's "right hand is held flat, perpendicular to the ground, while his left hand is pointed upwards, elbow bent. At the same time, the actor stamps the floor powerfully with his left foot,".



Demon of Hatred Image Gallery

 Sekiro Demon of Hatred Boss Guide Sekiro Demon of Hatred Boss Guide




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    • Anonymous

      15 Oct 2021 16:51  

      At the very least, this game makes a clear distinction between fighting warriors and fighting beasts. Can't say I enjoyed being set on fire every 2nd or 3rd hit, though. (Can't figure out umbrella too well and I'd much rather save emblems for other things.)

      • Anonymous

        19 Sep 2021 17:24  

        Absolutely unenjoyable boss fight, might be cause I fight him right after Isshin, I just realised deflecting is completely worthless after 5-6 attempts than I just ran straight to him on first phase, kept my distance when he went too far and dodged his new two attacks then immediately ran towards him again as if its phase 1 in phase 2, and the first time I reached phase 3 I tried to stay close and one of ring of fires actually hit me, followed by an attack by him I just died, then I figured out I just need to run out of ring and fight him after. Next time I fought him it was a piece of cake.

        I swear if I went to play some dark souls to practice before entering this boss it would take a lot less time beat (Fun fact I was on Demon Prince on my ds3 save.)

        • Anonymous

          01 Sep 2021 00:54  

          Figured a way to kill this boss by fighting him like a proper Sekiro boss, not a DS boss. Recorded some no damage videos and I'll splice them together to break down my method and his attacks involved. Busy at the moment, but I'll try to have it out by end of year.

          • Anonymous

            20 Aug 2021 18:43  

            this boss goes against everything this game stands for and teaches you, practically a last moment "is it dark souls ? always has been" moment

            • Anonymous

              15 Aug 2021 04:54  

              IIRC there was dragon rot dialogue with Emma where Sekijo mentions he is not easy to kill. When you look at his demon design, you assume that the spikes sticking out of his chest are just grotesque ribs. But no, his normal ribs are still there. I'm guessing that instead of extra ribs, these are actually centipede legs. It's hard to kill him because of rejuvenating waters, which made him a formidable shinobi back in the day. Unlike the True Monk & Guardian Ape, the fires of hatred killed the centipede within before it could take control or escape, which is why we don't need the Mortal Blade to kill him.

              Sekijo used to serve Ashina and knew Dogen who created the prosthetic for him, it's not hard to imagine that Dosaku was somehow able to experiment on him at the time. The prayer beads mention a pink ogre, so I suspect that Sekijo was a forerunner to the red-eyed ogremen.

              • Anonymous

                05 Aug 2021 00:36  

                Damn are you kidding me I spend hours fighting him then when I finally beat him I come here to see I could have stunned him with the whistle and he’s weak to confetti!? That would have saved me so much time

                • Anonymous

                  30 Jul 2021 09:05  

                  But the worst thing about this boss is the feckin' chip damage. He has an actual moveset that's fun to deflect, but you can't stay alive long enough to have fun with it without healing. If you actually deflect his attacks, the huge ass sponge of an HP bar doesn't matter anymore.

                  At least for the burn, you can use the red gourd or powder.

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Jul 2021 21:51  

                    I really hope that if Sekiro ever gets a sequel, From stops putting Souls bosses in.
                    This boss isn't even hard. His only problem is a ****ton of HP, while also forcing you to play in the way you've been unlearning the entire game.
                    He's like the Chained Ogre which teaches noobs bad habits, but instead he's punishing the veteran's good habits.

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Jul 2021 21:51  

                      I love how half the comments are people who **** on the boss because they can't be bothered to figure him out, and the other half are those did and got gud.

                      In any case, the best loadout; Suzaku's Umbrella & Malcontent for phase 3, Yashariku & Tanto, & Nightjar Slash Reversal.

                      Use Tanto at the start to ensure you have enough emblems, then heal. Even just 5 extra is enough.

                      Malcontent is a no brainer. Suzaku's Umbrella is obviously for blocking his fire-imbued attacks, which can pierce, but attacks deflected this way deal more poise damage to him than just attacking & whittling his HP. Confetti is a bad choice for this loadout because using the follow-up attack of the Umbrella overrides confetti and ends it prematurely. What matters here is building up poise. Yashariku will help you do that, and even at 90% HP his poise recovery is dismal.

                      Nightjar Reversal personally is my preference, but it's very useful in closing the distance or even making distance. Also compared to holding a button to sprint then press another button near an enemy to attack, it's a bit less of a hassle to press 2 buttons, then have a short moment to think what to do next while Sekiro is doing the flip.

                      • Anonymous

                        20 Jul 2021 15:37  

                        In spite of dodge & poke most people use, this boss still a Sekiro boss. Learning the move pattern & deflecting is still key, since it builds posture faster than whittling his health down to zero.

                        Malcontent is fine, but Suzaku's is a better tool for this. He has combos like any other boss, but because of fire, it's safer to deflect the last hit of the combos. So, you'll need Suzaku's specifically. Use Yashariku, because Confetti will be negated by the umbrella's follow up attack. Deflect non-fire attacks as much as possible with normal deflect. In particular his 4-hit combo that starts with the flaming fist high up; dodge the first 2 hits which are fire-based, deflect the 3rd attack which is a stomp, and use Suzaku for the last hit, then follow up attack. Don't bother deflecting his jumping fist attack. It doesn't seem to deal any posture damage to him.

                        When he jumps and dives, stand your ground & guard with umbrella. Wait a bit before counterattacking, because the shockwave will knock you back. Time it right, and you can deal massive health & posture damage. As for most other attacks which don't involve his fist or feet, just dodge & nip at his heels. Rinse and repeat. You can totally beat this boss even without Malcontent, but you can use it to secure victory in the 3rd phase.

                        Also, if manage to keep the tower, it's still possible to use the Gyoubu skip after the fight. It's also possible to still use the Bull skip and enter Ashina Castle. This version is different though, since FS set up collision walls to prevent you from crossing the bridge, & entering Ashina Castle. Though for some reason, once you fall from the roof & the boss respawns. Gonna try and see if I can use this to fight him twice.

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Jul 2021 14:01  

                          Noobs : wahhhhh this boss is so hard

                          Me : I’m not crying because it’s hard, I’m crying because it’s beautiful. Best fight in the game. Rip Sekijo

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Jul 2021 15:10  

                            Beat him with only the base items: katana, grapple, gourd. And all I can say is this: don't, just cheese him he sucks to fight.

                            • Anonymous

                              18 Jun 2021 13:09  

                              I just beat Demon of Hatred on my first attempt, BUT I cheesed him. Came here to say this: I FEEL BAD.

                              Sekiro has been so hard to me, I have been punished so many times, I got so small chances that when I saw that I could cheat, I just couldn't help it. Like I was blinded by revenge, I thought it was fair, I have the right to take some advantage at some point.

                              The feeling, my friends, when I got to that rooftop, the joy, the justice! I was like "I am the only king in the world! Ha ha ha!"

                              But when the DoH fell off the cliff I instantly regretted. And when he said "thanks, Wolf" and the trophy popped, it was like an illusion vanishing right in front of my eyes. I felt like an impostor. I still do.

                              It made me question my morals and ethics.

                              I was so f***ed for not being good enough for playing Sekiro that I didn't give him a chance to show me again that I am not good enough. Seems like he did it, though.

                              That's why I am quitting. Won't play Sekiro anymore, won't finish the game.

                              This wiki helped me a lot, and I will never forget the great fights against Genichiro and the Guardian Ape, memorable to me. I will also never forget the guy who wants he could kill the Great Serpent with the power of Christ.

                              That's all, have a good life, friends.

                              • Anonymous

                                30 Apr 2021 18:04  

                                Tips to beating him with ease, I recommend making backup save for this:
                                - Sugar (any) and Divine Confetti spam
                                - Malcontent (KEY TO SKIPPING THIRD PHASE COMPLETELY)
                                - Most attack power possible
                                - Fighting more like a souls boss, blocking/parrying if necessary
                                - Don't get frustrated, he takes a little time to learn his moveset :)
                                YOU GOT THIS

                                • Anonymous

                                  16 Apr 2021 19:18  

                                  Just reached him on my second playthrough (first time charmless) and did an initial attempt on him. Had never used the umbrella before him, but I relied on it a lot the first time I fought him.
                                  Turns out, the charmless chip damage also applies to the umbrella.

                                  I'm so ****ed.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    13 Apr 2021 13:22  

                                    Kanji just doesn't appear half the time for hand rush or 60° cone of fire after ng?

                                    Genuinely asking, and I recorded to go back and check I didnt miss it, also didnt happen first playthrough

                                    Not the end of the world but annoying when you think its a palm strike or straight line whip.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      07 Apr 2021 14:55  

                                      Just got to him in NG+ without Kuro's charm and found out the chip damage applies to the umbrella... This will suck.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        29 Mar 2021 10:49  

                                        You've mastered the art of deflection. You can time your mikiri counter perfectly every time. You've learned how to dodge and counter, use your shinobi tools to relentlessly assault the enemy. You are a sword master that surpasses Isshin and a shinobi that surpasses Owl

                                        Now, throw away everything you've learned and keep running and turtle behind your umbrella at the slightest sign of an attack

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