White Spirit Emblem

Effect Used to replenish Prosthetic Tools
Capacity ??
Upgrades ??

White Spirit Emblem is a special item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, dropped by enemies when defeated in combat. White Spirit Emblems are required for use of the player's Prosthetic Tools. The player may carry 15 White Spirit Emblems at a time - more gathered beyond this number go into storage and will be restored to the player's inventory for use when resting at a Sculptor's Idol



White Spirit Emblems harbor the souls of the dead. 

Only a shinobi could find a use for such a thing.


How to Find White Spirit Emblems

  • Dropped by Enemies upon death.
  • Scattered occasionally throughout the landscape. 


White Spirit Emblem Notes & Tips

  • Can carry a max of 15 (extras go into storage and are added to the player's inventory to top them back up to full when they rest at an Idol).
  • Other notes...



Finding a White Spirit Emblem

White Spirit Emblem In-Game

In-Game Message

White Spirit Emblem Message



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