Eavesdropping in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of the core stealth mechanics and also acts as a narrative mechanic of the game. From a certain distance, players will be able to engage and listen in on a conversation of an enemy - this will allow you to either collect information for a quest, clues for certain items, and a few dialogues containing hints about the world of the game. Listed below are areas where Sekiro can eavesdrop. 


Eavesdropping in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Ashina Reservoir


"That shinobi at the bottom of the well"

"We didn't shackle him, restrain him, nothing. That doesn't worry anybody...?"

"Not at all. Not only is he unarmed, he's completely lost his will to live."

"Nothing but a coward, unworthy of our concern."

"The moonlight shines strongly on the Moon-view Tower tonight"

"The Divine Heir is probably using the light for his reading again..."


"But imprisoning a mere child... I feel sorry for the boy."

"Agreed. But I'm sure Lord Genichiro has his reasons..."


Dialogue goes here.


"You know the secret passage at the bottom of the moat, under the bridge?"

"We just got orders to guard it"

"Security is getting tight"

"War will be upon very soon"


Ashina Reservoir Revisited


"Did you kill then all?"

"I did"

"Good... We will begin when Lord Geinichiro Returns."

"We will revive Ashina together with the Dragon's Blood"



"([Buddhist Chanting] Namu Amida Butsu, Namu Amida Butsu..)"


"... Everyone.. Forgive me."

"But nobody would put their life on the line for free..."

"All right, so... how do I make my escape...?"



Dialogue goes here


Ashina Outskirts


"... this battle... do you think it can be won?"

"I fear we may not prevail"

"What? We'll be just fine!"

"Look, Isshin may be sick, but he's still going strong. And Genichiro is a terror with a bow."

"And of course, we have Gyoubu the Demon"

"Good point. As long as he's with us..."

"No man could ever breach the Ashina Castle gate."


Dialogue goes here


Dialogue goes here

Ashina Castle Grounds


I don't feel safe with that big bastard just tied up next to us.

I'd rather not be gravely injured just before the war begins.

... if the worst happens, only choice is to use fire.

Those red eyes fear fire. That's what the lord's proclamation said.

Proclmations... what a joke. Ashina sure has a funny way of preparing for war.



... It seems Isshin's illness is indeed grave.

The Land of Ashina will not last much longer, even with Genichiro on our side.

What about our other mission?

... Blackhat is fighting like a demon by the Serpent Valley side of the castle.

Then that's where we're going next.

But keep your wits about you. The Blackhat Badger won't go down without a fight...



"Look... A smoke signal from the great castle gate."

"Is it Lord Gyoubu...?"




"We're really planning to use that thing...in the battle?"

"I know, I know. But what choice do we have."

"Desperate times call for desperate measures. We're in no position to worry about what others might think"

"Yes, but..."

"Hey, keep it together, soldier, Keep talking like that, and they'll put you on its detail."

"And when it's mad, it doesn't discriminate between friend or foe."



"Does that sit well with you?"

"I can't honestly say."

"To achieve their goal of Immortal Severance..."

"Either he or Lord Kuro..."

"Must Die."


"Why does that have to be the only way...?"

"So ... will you keep that from them?"

"But, Orangutan..."

"If i give this to him... He's going to die"

Column 3 of 3 goes here

Column 3 of 3 goes here


Hirata Estate


... We burning this temple next, boss?

No, leave it. Go on to the next one.

... But if there's any offerings we could give them to Lord Juzou...


We don't take from Buddha... How many times do I have to tell ya before it sinks into your thick skull?!

Please don't get angry at me, boss. I'm sorry my skull's so thick...



Hey, open up! Open up or else!

I can hear you whispering in there!

If you don't surrender peaceably now, you're gonna regret it later!

Hey, can you hear me?! Hey!!



(Pained groans)

Please, try not to move. It will make your wounds worse.

No, I must go...

There is a shinobi hunter amoungst the bandits.

He's highly skilled. If I don't face him...


I forbid it! You're in no condition...


Ashina Castle


Dialogue goes here


Dialogue goes here


"I heard you were the one that put the armor on that big bugger from Taro Troop."

"Yeah, he was making a stink about it. It was a damned awful job"

"But it looks like it paid off, didn't it?"

"He already had a huge frame and massive strength, and you just made him near impervious to blades."

"That is true, but... He doesn't like that armor, and he sure didn't like me putting on him."

"When a fight happens, it might come off easier than you think."



Dialogue goes here


"You're saying we don't have enough salt?"

"Yes, sir... We use it for cooking, of course..."

"But we also use it on wounds and for purifying the dead..."

"So at the rate people are dying... we're out, then?"

"Yes, sir... That's why many on the battlefield are falling ill."

"I see... We'll need to find a way to get some salt then..."


"Heard reports of a shinobi being seen somewhere around here."

"I heard the same, but... lately it feels like an everyday occurrence."

"I know. Goes to show just how soon the battle will be upon us."

"Even more the reason to take these reports seriously..."




"Where's the next shift...?"

"My watch ended a while ago"

"But no one's coming to take my place..."



"... The tides will soon turn against this land..."

"I never would've thought the Interior Ministry would become our enemy..."

"If the old lord falls... we'll be defeated swiftly, no doubt."

"... I'm wondering though if that happens, will we still get paid?"

"There's no point in running away with an empty purse..."




"I never would have believed a man of your ability could be slain..."

"It appears as though a demon lurks within Ashina..."



"Lord Isshin..."

"Im concerned that the Tengu will make another appearance."

"... Emma."


"I imagine Genichiro will show up eventually."

"To put it to use... The other Mortal Blade..."

"To protect Ashina"

"He'll abandon everything about who he is, won't he?"

"Yes... I expect no less from my own grandchild."

"... However, I cannot let him use Kuro's blood."

"He can only swing the blade but a few more times..."

"And when that happens, the Tengu will be no more."

"(Crackle) You mean Sekiro?"

"He is a sullen sort, but i can't say I detest the lad."

"In truth, he fascinates me."


'"... He's..."

"So Strong"

"I wish... I was..."


Column 3 of 3 goes here

Column 3 of 3 goes here


Abandoned Dungeon


"H-How is this, Master Dousaku?"

"if we were to use a strong, well-trained samurai like him..."

"... Yes, it should work."

"Begin Preparations"

"Yes sir..."

"Preparing rejuvenating water"

"For the glory of Ashina"

"We begin, my apprentice!"

"Yes Master Dousaku."


"Unh... Aahhh..."

"Master Dousaku... What on earth..."

"What?... Surely you don't intend to use that on me?"

"Very astute, my apprentice."

"You are the next subject"

"P-Please No!"

"As I feared... You have strayed from the path of medicine."

"Why would you do such a thing?"


"No, master... The rejuvenating waters have bewitched you."


"Master... Please answer me...!"


"Please answer me, master!"

"Why?! Why won't you answer me ?! Answer me, Dousaku!!"



Dialogue goes here


Mibu Village


"Gulp... Gulp... Gulp... "

"Ahh Let's See Now"

"Yes... I can feel it... Dissolving... Liquefying..."



Dialogue goes here

Column 3 of 3 goes here


Dialogue goes here



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    • Anonymous

      There's a Ministry Rat down at the bottom of the Old Grave area behind Ashina Castle, after Owl invades. You can eavesdrop on him while he hangs from a wall. I think he might be the one who kills Blackhat Badger.

      • Anonymous

        You can eavesdrop on kuro after the genichiro fight, if you go behind the yellow wall that's behind him and hug the wall

        • Anonymous

          There's a monk on the bridge near the old grave idol after Ashina is on fire and he talks about betraying Ashina.

          • Anonymous

            For anyone looking to get the secret dialogue after killing the Demon of Hatred, you have to eavesdrop Emma and Sculptors conversation when Sculptor gets sick the first time with Dragon Rot.

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