Inosuke Nogami's Mother


Location Ashina Outskirts

Inosuke Nogami's Mother is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Inosuke Nogami's Mother's is a troubled old lady who has held onto a bell and has requested Sekiro to offer it to Buddha.


Inosuke Nogami's Mother Information

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  • Location: Inosuke Nogami's Mother Can be found at a destroyed house in Ashina Outskirts and in the mansion of Hirata Estate.
  • Progression: Inosuke Nogami's Mother moves towards the wall in the building you first fine her, having died after defeating Lady Butterfly.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Inosuke Nogami's Mother.
  • Rewards: Inosuke Nogami's Mother provides the Young Lord's Bell Charm after speaking to her.


Inosuke Nogami's Mother Associated Quests


Inosuke Nogami's Mother Dialogue

First Encounter in Ashina Outskirts:

Oh... is that you, Inosuke? 

My son, have you seen the young master?

If the Player chooses to say something: I am not your son.

There you go again, Inosuke.

You always tease that I'm getting senile, but a mother knows her own son!

... Hmm, well anyway...

Take this bell.

It's a charm made with the young master in mind.

Please, offer it to Buddha for his sake.

If the Player chooses to say nothing

What, nothing to say?

Does your stomach hurt or something?
You always had a weak stomach.

...Hmm, well anyway...

Take this bell.

It's a charm I made with the young master in mind.

Please, offer it to Buddha for his sake. 

If the player speaks to her again at this point

Inosuke, my son.

Have you offered the bell charm to Buddha?

Have you tried the run-down temple with that stubborn sculptor in it?

I'm sure you'll find Buddha there.

After acquiring Dragon Rot


Haa, haa, haa

Sekiro Speaks: The Dragonrot...


Inosuke... Inosuke...

Sekiro Speaks: ...Yes?

Pro-...tect...the young...master...
you hear...?

Sekiro Speaks: ... All right.

We're counting on you...

If Sekiro takes a Coughed Up Blood Sample: I'm taking a blood sample.

(Wheeze...Wheeze... Cough, cough.)

Sekiro Speaks: ...Now to bring this to Lady Emma.




Inosuke Nogami's Mother Notes, Lore & Tips

  • Voiced by: ??
  • She appears to gain a bit of clarity after having been affected with Dragon Rot, of course she still cannot recognize or differentiate you between her son; but she does remind Sekiro to protect the young master.
  • Nogami's mother saw dreadful visions emerging from the Hidden Temple A Dreadful Vision, these visions likely made her go mad. FromSoftware games often include the theme of losing one's mind by seeing something abhorrent Eyes Of Mensis


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    • Anonymous

      When she refers to "it pouring out," I don't think she meant from the Hidden Temple itself. She refers to it as a "vision," implying it hasn't happened yet, but she's afraid it will soon.

      I wonder what "it" is, though? Blood? The Fountainhead waters? Maybe spirits or demons from the afterlife? I guess when any of those start to spill, so do the others. Emma refers to repeated resurrection as something like an "overflow," yet it also saps the life out of those the immortal has associated with, as if filling a vacuum. That could be yet another interpretation.

      It all seems to fit the recurring trend in FromSoftware's games of some "formless" medium, though. Like how Kuro bestows his blood to Wolf despite being physically incapable of bleeding without a Mortal Blade. I love that Sekiro still has these little worldbuilding puzzles despite how much more straightforward the story is.

      • Anonymous

        Guys she isn't the only person you can collect dragonrot blood sample from... You can get it from literally anyone except the Sculptor who has dragonrot. The crow mob for example can be used and he is extremely close to inosuke and his mom.

        • Anonymous

          It's my first playthrough. I haven't cured dragon rot. The Woman and her son are both infected. I have killed Lady Butterfly and they're both still alive.

          • Anonymous

            Alright so in NG+ I completed Hirata Estate and defeated lady butterfly without experiencing true death, so she never got dragon rot, when I went to check on her she still died and then the son died after I spoke to him. It seems she and her son are scripted to die when you beat lady butterfly as if the "burden" of the bell was lifted then they could both move on.

            • Anonymous

              the dragonrot can bug if you beat the old lady boss before you speak to her to get her blood. so you cant cure dragonrot

              • Anonymous

                "If you take the Dragonrot blood sample from her during Emma's quest, she will die once cured." Wrong. I took her sample, cured her, and she was fine. All the way up until I killed Lady Butterfly, then she died, along with her son, who had moved into her room. Went through the area multiple times before that, farming exp and checking for missed loot and she was always alive. Checked her dialog and she just kept repeating herself. I'm kind of wondering if its bugged. It seems like such a weird thing that she just up and dies no matter what you do, that or we're all missing a step.

                • Anonymous

                  Took blood sample from her son. Same effect - she died after being cured. Note: I took sample and cure dragonrot shortly after I killed lady butterfly

                  • Anonymous

                    > If you take the Dragonrot blood sample from her during Emma's quest, she will die once cured. I haven't cured anyone, never used any Dragon's Blood Droplets. She eventually died after beating Butterfly Lady. I have no idea if it's story related or it was because i have died too many times and it triggered NPC's death. I took her blood sample though.

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