Crow's Bed Memorial Mob


Location Ashina Outskirts

Crow's Bed Memorial Mob is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Crow's Bed Memorial Mob's is a Merchant that is located at the Outskirts Wall -  Gate Path Idol of Ashina Outskirts, on top of a cliff. To reach the top of the cliff, go all the way down after the destroyed houses, look to a mountain at your left and grapple a tree to follow the way up.


Crow's Bed Memorial Mob Information

  • Location: Crow's Bed Memorial Mob Can be found at Outskirts Wall - Gate Path Idol of Ashina Outskirts. From the Idol, make your way to the gate past Inosuke Nogami where you're ambushed by a cannon, and grapple up instead of going forward. Follow the path up to the top.


Vendor Inventory


Related Merchants


First Encounter:

Care to purchase an offering?

An offering? (Sekiro)

Indeed, I sell items to be offered to the dead, so they might rest in peace.

From the looks of you, I'd wager you know a thing or two about death.

... go ahead, buy an offering.

(After buying)

Where you find the departed, you'll find the Memorial Mob...

Just like the crows.

Where your travel takes you, make sure you bring some offerings with you.



Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: D. C. Douglas
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    • Anonymous

      If you use the firecrackers as soon as you grapple up, on the crows, he will say something along the line of: "I told you cut it out."

      • Anonymous

        As far as I remember : Before updating he had a very expensive item (3000 sen ?! at least much more expensive then the weaponpart), something about a Lady and her astral blades if I remember correctly. I grinded today, updated, went to the shop and its gone ? Anyone an Idea what it was ? The second most expensive thing is still there and is listed here as the most expensive, so I did not mistake it since I remember that as the 2nd most expensive thing there. DISAPPOINTMEEEENT.

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