Gecko is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Gecko Location

  • Found in a variety of places, mostly on cliffs, near water, and in caves.
  • 2 can be found in the Ashina moat during the prologue section.
  • 3 can be found in Ashina Outskirts near the Stairwell Sculptor's Idol, located among the destroyed section of the gatehouse on the cliffside. Can only reach via Headless Cave route.
  • 2 can be found among the higher ledges of the area right after the first boss (Gyoubu Oniwa).
  • 3 can be found in the courtyard to the left of Ashina Castle and right next to the back pond area.
  • 2 can be found on the path leading to the Ashina Reservoir Well from the Bottomless Hole Sculptor's Idol.
  • white lizards can be found around the waterfall and pond near the Fountainhead Palace Sanctuary Sculptor's Idol.
  • Quite a few lizards can be found along the back cliff route to the Bell Demon's Temple at Senpou Temple.
  • Many lizards can be found in two locations: The Serpent God Shrine Cave in the Sunken Valley, and the hidden caves within the Gun Fort.

Gecko Rewards

  • This enemy drops no rewards and 19 skill points upon death.
  • Regular version: 729-1340 XP without Kuro's Charm (NG+7)

Gecko Notes & Tips

  • The Gecko (or gecko), isn't much of a threat if the player is paying attention to the surroundings. They can only attack by spraying poison, so thin their numbers quickly to avoid being poisoned. Like other crawling enemies, they are vulnerable to Deathblows by jumping towards them, even if they're aware of the player.

  • Some lizards can be found hanging on walls or cliffs. In general, they will not attack until the player gets near enough and they drop to the ground. In some locations though, they can spit their poison even without dropping. The best way to deal with these hanging lizards is to use the Loaded Shuriken or to just get out of the way of their spit.

  • They are frail and take a single hit to kill, and using Deathblows on them can be a way to get for free healing if the player has the Latent Skills Breath of Life: Light, and/or Breath of Life: Shadow.

  • The white lizards of the Fountainhead Palace deal almost no damage to Sekiro, and also do inflict poisoning, suggesting that bathing in the rejuvenating waters has somehow purified their bodies' toxicity.

  • There are many lizards in the Gun Fort and some in the Fountainhead Palace which do not drop when approached and cannot be reached with melee attacks. They will continue to attack Sekiro until he is out of range.
  • There is a Prayer Bead in the Gun Fort caves that is guarded by many lizards.
  • Attack
    Spray Attack: Sprays a stream of green liquid towards Sekiro which pools on the ground and builds poison if standing in it.

    Counter: Either kill the lizards that are attacking or just walk out of the poison spray pools. Poison buildup should go down quickly once out of range.
  • Attack
    Drop Attack: 
    If hanging on the wall and Sekiro is right underneath the lizard when it drops, it will do a small amount of vitality damage.

    Counter: Don't stand under the lizard and try to attack it if you can't reach it.
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    • Anonymous

      The green lizards are poisonous. The Bestowal Ninjutsu will coat your sword in their blood making it green and inflict poison status. Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu will make a poisonous cloud which will poison you and foes. The white lizards have been purified by the waters of the Fountainhead. Their blood is white so the Bestowal Ninjutsu effect is white (perhaps more effective against corrupted creatures). The Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu makes a white cloud that will heal you when you are within it.

      • Anonymous

        Using Bestowal Ninjutsu on the white lizards in Fountainhead results in a white/golden sword graphic rather than the normal blood/red. Have not tested if it has any other purpose.

        • In one of the loading screens they are called Poison Gecko or Poisonous Gecko. I'm not sure which, but it's definitely the closest thing we have to an official name once I figure out which one it is.

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