Kuro's Charm


Charm received from Kuro. 

Placed on the Wolf's person in secret, after he lost his life in Hirata Estate and gained the power of Resurrection.

The charm has protected the Wolf well, tempering his ordeals. To part with it would mean facing a path of hardship beyond that endured thus far.

Kuro's Charm is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This item is used in New Game Plus (as well as New Game, providing the player has finished the game and entered New Game Plus at least once) as a protection against chip damage from blocking.


Returning the charm to Kuro at the start of the game unlocks "the path of further hardships", increasing the difficulty. Most noticeably, blocking attacks now causes Sekiro to take chip damage unless he perfectly deflects, and there is a general increase in difficulty, but Exp and Sen rewards from enemies is increased by 20%. 



Kuro's Charm Usage

  • When you speak to Kuro in the tower at the start of the game, you have the option of giving it to him, resulting in a permanent "hard mode" difficulty debuff, similar to ringing the Demon Bell:
    • You now receive chip damage (tested to be roughly 30%) when blocking attacks, effectively changing your play style, requiring you to deflect perfectly. 
    • Enemy vitality and posture is increased. Regular enemies that would normally be posture broken and vulnerable to a deathblow after a single mikiri counter will instead recover. (Needs further testing: seems like you do half as much damage, but so do things like the burning bull to the enemies in the arena).
    • You take 25% more vitality and posture damage, as well as receiving significantly more posture damage if you block an attack instead of deflecting.
    • Status effects, such as poison, build up roughly 40% faster. (Tested at poison pool for both charm and no charm. With Charm takes around 13.3 seconds to get poisoned, without charm takes around 7.8 seconds to get poisoned).
  • This debuff stacks with the negative effects from the Demon Bell. (Source)
  • The debuff does carry a benefit, increasing experience and sen gain by 20% (rounded up)


How to Find Kuro's Charm

  • Finish the game (any ending) and start New Game Plus. You will receive Kuro's Charm automatically at the start of the game.  
  • Kuro's Charm will also be present for all subsequent New Game playthroughs providing you have beaten the game and entered New Game Plus at least once on another save file.
  • If given to Kuro at the start of the game, can be reacquired from The Sculptor (who mentions that it was entrusted to him by Emma) by selecting the "avoid additional hardships" dialogue option and then confirming your decision.
    • Note that if you ever choose to take the charm back and return the difficulty to normal, you cannot give it away again and are stuck with it until your next playthrough.   
    • This option to regain the charm remains even after the Sculptor leaves in the final part of the game.


 Kuro's Charm Notes & Tips

  • When selecting "load game" from the main menu any save files where Kuro's Charm has been given away will have an icon to indicate this (note that the other optional difficulty increase, the Bell Demon, does not add a similar icon to the save file).  
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    • Anonymous

      23 Jun 2019 10:34  

      They say you can recover the charm after the Sculptor’s gone but I don’t see the option, all I have is prosthetic upgrades. Am I missing something very obvious?.

      • Anonymous

        17 Jun 2019 14:49  

        "Sekiro needs easy mode", fuk this, they already played easy mode. Just try combine Charmless + Demon Bell in second playthrough, make me like a noob though I cleared this game 4 times before.

        • Anonymous

          29 May 2019 15:11  

          Give it back to Kuro. I have a feeling that From intended this to be the actual difficulty. Your first playthrough is the tutorial.

          • Anonymous

            11 May 2019 13:12  

            I think this would be the default difficulty. The game is so easy without it because block is stupidly OP and you are not punished when you miss deflect. Sekiro is Dark Souls for plebs.

            • Anonymous

              10 May 2019 14:08  

              Hi yes I've beaten Shura and severance ending bosses with this toggle on, ng+7, and ***** this difficulty switch. It's *****ing rom hack difficulty. Either it's punishingly impossible because you didn't bring enough resources, or it's easier than your first run because you figured out the one trick. The easy bosses become the hardest ones and the hard ones easy because the entire difficulty in this game's boss progression is balanced around guarding = easy mode and perilous attacks = hard mode and that kind of gets flipped on its head when you're suddenly punished for less than TAS perfect deflections and the massively generous input windows for perilous counters is suddenly more appealing.

              • Anonymous

                10 May 2019 01:49  

                The chip damage when you guard seems to be 30% of an unguarded hit's damage. tested in NG against a gunman (who did 0 damage when deflecting, so there was no chip damage) and dogs in the ashina outskirts, with demon bell on, and kuro's charm given away (of course). against the gunner my calculation estimated about 31%, against the dogs it ended as 29.5%, so I think it's reasonable to say it's 30%.

                • Anonymous

                  25 Apr 2019 06:33  

                  I kept Kuro's Charm but I'm still noticing an increase in difficulty and definitely and increase in EXP and sen form enemies. Does a NG+ come with an automatic difficulty spike, or did I glitch the game somehow to activate hard mode without giving the charm away?

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Apr 2019 01:36  

                    "The debuff doubles enemy vitality and posture". That doesn't seem right. I think there's a definite increase, but nowhere near that high (editor possibly had Demon Bell on as well?). Someone else in the comments reckons it's around a ~30% increase, which seems closer to what I've seen, but I've not really done any proper testing.

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Apr 2019 07:16  

                      "Not having the charm in your inventory leads to the following hardships according to my testing: - Enemies gain more Vitality and Posture (smth around 30%) - Enemies deal more damage (e.g. all grapple attacks from the chained ogre kill you instantly) - You receive around 20% more Sen - You receive around 15% faster Skill-point-gain - as already mentioned: Blocking physical attacks (basically missing the deflect) makes you take about half of the damage of the attack." Yep ! That is the truth : please update the page ! I'm running an NG game without the bell and i m sure of this part : "Enemies gain more Vitality and Posture (smth around 30%) - Enemies deal more damage (e.g. all grapple attacks from the chained ogre kill you instantly)" I agree that's something about 30 % more Vitality and Posture. I agree they deal more damage (lady butterfly is no more the weak woman she used to be, i had to learn the fight for the first time).

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Apr 2019 14:43  

                        Pretty sure the Mikiri deathblow thing is wrong. Successful Mikiri counters do not award guaranteed deathblows on non boss enemies. A deathblow opportunity after a Mikiri is caused by the Mikiri breaking an enemie's posture.

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Apr 2019 23:40  

                          This is so lame, i finished NG+2 without kuro's charm. I started ng+3 while drunk and forgot to give the charm to kuro. So now i'm stuck playing with the charm, which is WAY too easy once you finish without it. Please make it so that you can give it away any time. This playthrough is going to be boring as*****.

                          • Anonymous

                            17 Apr 2019 23:29  

                            "Sekiro needs an easy mode" How about ***** you, here are two stacking hard modes at the start of the game you pussy :D love it!!

                            • Anonymous

                              16 Apr 2019 22:31  

                              Can you get the charm back after sculptor leaves near the end of the game? I'd assume you can't (and by that point in the game you're already committed to the challenge) but kinda curious as to whether he leaves it at the temple or not.

                              • Anonymous

                                13 Apr 2019 22:11  

                                Updated some of the info (it's automatically acquired at the start of the game once unlocked; has nothing to do with the ornamental letter) and made the "giving it away makes the game harder" bit clearer at the start of the article. I think some of the stuff about it giving exp/sen benefits or doing anything other than adding chip damage to the game is wrong, but that shouldn't be too hard to test later.

                                • Anonymous

                                  10 Apr 2019 20:40  

                                  It appears you get this item even if you start a completely new game; as long as you’ve already beaten the game before. At least I did. I wonder if it’s tied to achievements...

                                  • Anonymous

                                    10 Apr 2019 02:53  

                                    Please, update this page: demon bell + charmless effects stack (on all ng cycles except for the last one). Proof:

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