Father's Bell Charm


A bell charm previously owned by the Owl.

The Owl held this bell for a long time. Offering it at the Dilapidated Temple may result in seeing a different memory than before.

There's no way of knowing why this protective bell exists. Perhaps the Owl kept it for himself, or perhaps he meant to give it to someone...

Father's Bell Charm is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to return to the Hirata Estate and participate in a different version of the memory.



 Father's Bell Charm Usage

  • It is used to return to the Hirata Estate in a different version of the memory.
  • This item is necessary for the Purification Ending.



How to Find Father's Bell Charm

  • Given by Emma once you have eavesdropped on her and Kuro enough times.
  • See Endings for details on how to do this.


Father's Bell Charm Notes & Tips




  •  The Father's Bell Charm belongs to a longstanding tradition of FromSoftware games including paranormal bells, from the Bells of Awakening One Bell Of Awakening to the Dragon Chime The Dragon Chime Of Darkdiver Grandahl. These instruments were typically used to communicate with other planes of existence,  to summon the dead, or conjure up miracles. The cat bell-like design of the charm reminds of Caitha's Chime Chime Of Caitha - Nahr Alma Equipment, a chime tied to a blood-obsessed covenant  The Brotherhood Of Blood.


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    • Anonymous

      Can I still get this bell charm if I missed 2nd conversation with Emma on top of the stairs and she moved back since?

      • Anonymous

        So... if the intent was to give this bell, assumedly to Sekiro. Then did Father want Sekiro to get the sakura branch do eventually purify Kuro? Was his plan actually taken Sekiro and Kuro into consideration and only failed because Skeiro became Shura?

        • Anonymous

          "from the bells of awakening to the dragon chime" yeah not like there's a much more obvious bell to mention, like the resonant bells from bloodborne, let's go with a miracle chime...?

          • Anonymous

            Is it possible to get this item even though I beat Owl, and then the divine dragon? I didn't realize I could eavesdrop, and I don't want to miss out on two prayer beads :/

            • Anonymous

              I got this item before using the young lord's bell and now I appear to be permanantly locked out of hirata estate; when I approach the golden buddha the sculptor says "You must not present that bell yet. The path to regaining your memory must be walked in the proper order." But there is no option to use the young lord's bell charm first.....

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