Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella


A Loaded Umbrella emblazoned with a bright red vermilion bird.
Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

When spread open, it will protect against attacks from all directions. Hold it out while moving to protect from light attacks.
The blessing of the vermilion bird prevents damage from fire-based attacks, and also prevents buildup of "Burn" status.

Spirit Emblem Cost 1

Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella is a Prosthetic Tool Upgrade in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, equipped via the Prosthetic Arm and which can be used alongside the primary weapon, the Kusabimaru, in the other, biological, hand. 


How to use Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella

  • Attacks that deal fire damage will be negated while it's open, and prevents buildup of the "Burn" status.
  • With the Projected Force skill unlocked,  the Umbrella can also be used  offensively. Pressing the attack button while the Umbrella is open will activate a cross slash attack, imbuing your sword with fire for extra damage. Be aware that using this Projected Force attack will over-write and deactivate any weapon buffs you currently have, such as Divine Confetti, the Living Force skill, and Bestowal.
    • Blocking projectiles will cause the Umbrella to smoke. Using Projected Force then will launch a cross-slash projectile. This projectile is not imbued with fire damage. Closing the Umbrella will not stop the smoking, but switching to any non-Loaded Umbrella type prosthetic will.
  • Pressing the block button while the Umbrella is open will spin it, deflecting incoming attacks without needing to close it. This spin costs 1 spirit emblem each time it's used. This also causes a flare along the edge of the tool that has a similar effect to Robert's Firecrackers but at a much shorter range.


Where to find Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella in Sekiro



Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella Notes & TIps



    • Anonymous

      30 Mar 2019 21:10  

      Using this to defend against Red Eyed enemies both defends against their attacks and causes them to recoil in fear for 1-3 seconds, enough time to get some good hits in. It works especially well with Projected Force, as it follows up with a flaming cross-slash. It's very effective and took down the Red Eyed Ashina Elite very quickly for me.

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