Yashariku's Sugar

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Sugar Candy made in Senpou Temple, sustaining Yashariku's blessing. Halves max Vitality and Posture, while granting a large Attack Power Boost.

Bite the candy and take the Yashariku stance to impart its inhuman benediction. Forbidden at the temple, this candy was distributed far and wide in exchange for donations towards costly undying research.

Yashariku's Sugar is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to halve max Vitality and Posture, while granting a large Attack Power Boost.



 Yashariku's Sugar Usage

  • Increases Attack Power by 25% for vitality damage and 50% for posture damage, but decreases Vitality and Posture by 50% for 30 seconds.
  • Duration is increased to 45 seconds with the Devotion skill.
  • One can only gain the benefit of ONE Sugar at a time, using a different Sugar will simply overwrite the current one.


How to Find Yashariku's Sugar

Chance to drop from Samuari Spirits, Nightjar Ninja Spirits, Elder Monkeys, and Monkeys  (after 2nd invasion).

Ashina Outskirts (2)

Ashina Castle (8)

Sunken Valley (1)

  • 1x underwater before the Riven Cave Idol.

Ashina Depths (4)

Fountainhead Palace (5)

*After collecting the ingredients for Kuro.
**After obtaining the Divine Dragon's Tears.

Yashariku's Sugar Notes & Tips



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    • Anonymous

      due to the finite number of these available per playthrough i don't really touch these outside of gauntlets, the spiritfall does the same thing but you won't run out ever. the other spiritfalls are only good to save you some time farming(or if you use candies enough to need more than three per fight) but the Yashiriku one is all but mandatory if you plan on making the effect a major part of your playstyle.

      • Anonymous

        Even though your posture is decreased, it seems as though your posture regeneration rate remains the same, meaning that you can recover from near broken to no build up twice as fast.

        • Anonymous

          lol love how people say this is useless because one mistake and you're dead. Just don't make mistakes how about that? It's not hard.

          • Anonymous

            Attack increase looks meh but posture is good. Guess the best use for this candy is when boss vitality is half.

            • I've cleaned up the page to make it easier to read and added more locations, for those of us in NG+ who only care about these.

              I read this line on another wiki, can anyone confirm if it's true? Ashina Castle: "To the left from the stairs leading up to the Castle, if Wolf did not acquire it earlier from before the Invasion.".

              • Anonymous

                So is this better to use than Ako's Sugar, I mean will it do more posture damage than Ako's or is Ako's better for posture. Never really quite understood between them. I been using this sugar almost all the time, and Ako's sometimes. But if someone really knows the difference let me know.

                • Anonymous

                  This also drop from the phantom villagers in the area where you fight Long Arm Centipede Sen-Un, after you defeat Great Shinobi Owl. I'm farming it in ng+, with Bell Demon, Virtuous Deed, Most Virtuous Deed and without Kuro's Charm in this area and I got at least one every 2-3 runs.

                  • Anonymous

                    Hoping to stock up on this for NG+4, since I want to do a challenge run utilizing it plus the bell/charm I am already used to. Hopefully I can find farmable enemies that drop it consistently. If anyone does know where this can be farmed, feel free to update the wiki or comment down here.

                    • Anonymous

                      There is a phantom ashina samurai that drops them in the same area where you find the red and white pinwheel

                      • Anonymous

                        pretty useless, considering one mistake and u are dead and most enemies require u to deflect and play defensively.

                        • Anonymous

                          The phantom Nightjar Ninjas on the platform behind the Hidden Forest idol (the ones who ambush you as you're coming to this idol from Great Ape's Burrow) drop this sugar

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