Yashariku's Sugar


Sugar Candy made in Senpou Temple, sustaining Yashariku's blessing. Halves max Vitality and Posture, while granting a large Attack Power Boost.

Bite the candy and take the Yashariku stance to impart its inhuman benediction. Forbidden at the temple, this candy was distributed far and wide in exchange for donations towards costly undying research.

Yashariku's Sugar is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to halve max Vitality and Posture, while granting a large Attack Power Boost.



 Yashariku's Sugar Usage

  • Halves max Vitality and Posture, while granting a large Attack Power Boost for 30 seconds.
  • This is increased to 45 seconds with the Devotion skill.
  • Increases Attack Power by 25%, rounding down.
  • Provides double Ako's Sugar Attack Power boost.
  • Note that you can only gain the benefit of ONE Sugar/Spiritfall at a time. Using a different Sugar will simply overwrite the current one.



How to Find Yashariku's Sugar

  • Sold by Blackhat Badger
  • Ashina Depths - 1x can be looted inside the temple of the Mist Noble.
  • Fountainhead Palace - you can pick up 1 from a nearby tree within the large courtyard.
  • After collecting the materials for Kuro, 1x can be found at the back gate of Ashina Castle, across the bridge over the back moat & on the path down to the Serpent Shrine Idol.
  • Drops from phantom Nightjar Ninjas on the platform behind the Hidden Forest idol (the ones who ambush you as you're coming to this idol from Great Ape's Burrow) drop this sugar.
  • Drops from phantom Ashina Samurai behind the Under-Shrine Valley idol on the way to the Headless in the area. They appear when you drop down to the  platform with 3 pyramid looking structures.
  • Drops from the two Dual Wielding Samurai Monkeys right next to the Great Serpent Shrine Idol during late game. During this part of the game in NG, they are difficult to kill, even with max Vitality and 11 attack power. Blow the Finger Whistle to make them fight each other and make the fight trivial.



Yashariku's Sugar Notes & Tips

  • Has double the duration of its Spiritfall counterpart. (no longer true after Patch 1.03)



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